How to Set Up a Webcam Business and Make $40,000 a Month

Live cams are at their peak at the moment. At any given time you are likely to see endless webcam models performing live on these sites. And they are paid well.

You can find there models of all ages and body shapes, couples, transexual etc. Certainly there is place for everyone ready to perform live on this industry.

Considering this, the cam industry is certainly a great business opportunity. In order to make money easily in this industry it is better to focus on a specific niche, let’s say bww woman or whatever porn niche you are into or you think is going to be a great opportunity. You’d be surprised by the high traffic that your camming site would get just in a short time frame.

This article is going to teach you everything you need to know about creating a webcam business.

how to set up a webcam business

How to Set Up a Webcam Business?

There are two aspects of this business that you need to manage: recruiting webcam models and attracting visitors to your site. Then you can monetize your site with ads of sites related to your niche. Ads need to be related to your chosen niche on your site so that the visitors are going to be targeted and more inclined to click on the ads.

These days there is the possibility to embed live webcam shows to your site without having to deal with payment issues like buying tokens or getting the models paid. Those are things which will be dealt by big cam sites. You will just embed the live cam shows on your site.

Yes, that is possible and yes, that is the easiest way for a newbie to make money from this opportunity. The script is called Roboscript and with it you can embed live cam shows to your site, from big cam sites like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin etc.

The key here is to embed only certain cam shows within a specific niche. Like for example, only bww woman and people who are into this niche are going to go to your site instead of Chaturbate to watch them because your site includes only what they want to see. Your site traffic is going to grow fast and you are going to have visitors on your site 24/7.

Now, let’s say the visitor sees a model that he likes and he wants to tip her directly from your site. They would click on buy tokens and they are going to be directed to Chaturbate (or on another similar site), register there with your affiliate link, buy tokens and guess what? You are going to get paid for bringing a new visitor the cam site.

Here is a live Demo of how a site with the RoboScript is going to look like:

All those models that you see are live on other sites, big sites like Chaturbate and others. The script gets your site refreshed every 5 minutes with new models who enter live. The site is likely to rank well in the search engines because visitors would stay long on your site due to the live cams.

If you are OK, with just embeding the videos of big cam sites on your site and making money as their affiliate, go for the Roboscript business model. While if you want to recruit your own cam girls and not just make money as an affiliate but make all the money that the cam sites make, you can check another fully functional cam site script called xCams.

xCams – Adult Live Streaming Webcam Software

xCams makes building a webcam site very easy and you can build it within 24 hours.

Monetization ways like per minutes payments, tipping, group chat and memberships are pre-made. And the script is open source which means that you can personalize it as much as you want.

Here is their live demo:

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About xCams

Users on your site with xCams can buy tokens, buy products and follow models. And studios can have their own stats pages to manage the performance of their models.

Models can perform live and make money and sell their videos and photos.

How Does xCams Work?

A site with xCams can handle thousands of users and models which means unlimited passive income with a site like this. xCams is built to support live videos.

The Monetization Methods

There are several methods you can use to monetize your site with xCams:

  • tips that users send to models
  • per minute billing for 1-on-1 private shows
  • per minute billing for group shows
  • per minute billing for spying on private shows
  • models can sell their videos and photos
  • models can sell digital products like their snapchat or other social appliacation profile

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How Much Money Can You Make with a Basic Webcam Business?

Adult webcam inudustry is growing rapidly day by day and there are thousands of webcam studios and webcam sites around the world. In the most successful cases webcam sites which are run even by a single individual are making up to $40,000 a month.

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