What Is a “Tube” Site? What Makes a Video Site a Tube Site?

What Is a Tube Site?

Well, the perfect examples of tube sites are PornHub and YouPorn.

In tube site you have two roles: the visitors and the channels. Channels are porn companies which use the tube site to promote their content, post videos there and link back to their membership sites. While visitors can search throught videos and fauvorite them.

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Tube site are are websites similar to YouTube, just that they are porn sites. They have a similar likes and comments format like YouTube. As I mentioned before, membership sites use them to promote their content and lead people to their site.

Unlike YouTube, which encourages content generated by the users, most tube sites don’t encourage original content. If someone posts videos from other sites, that’s fine. They wait for the DMCA note to take down a stolen video and in most of the cases they don’t even ban the user who posted it.

These days there are scripts which can mass embed the same videos from other tube sites to a site which makes it very easy to populate a new porn site with the same videos all tube sites have. In the previous paragraph I was talking about stolen videos when the poster removes the logo of the company which posted that video or just recorded cam girls. But mass posting videos which the logos of porn companies which produced them on a tube site is completely fine.

In fact, this is how tube sites are populated with content. And this gives traffic to porn producing companies from the tube site.

How to Create a Tube Site?

As I mentioned before there are a few tube site scripts you can use to build a tube site, which means that you can build the site very easily with just the installation of one script.

These scripts include xStreamer, xwpthemes and wp-script. If you ask me, I think the best one is xStreamer, however, xwpthemes is cheaper if you have a smaller budget.

How to Monetize a Tube Site?

Many tube sites sell they ads space to monetize the traffic that they receive.

I have wrote an article some time ago on all the ways I use to monetize my porn sites in detail, you can find it here.

The Site Is Easy to Manage

A tube site is also easy to manage from the perspective of the site’s owner. Here are some videos which illustrate how easy it is to use and manage. The videos illustrate a site with the xStreamer script.

How to manage comments from admin pannel:

How to set up multilanguage system from admin dashboard:

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