How to Start a Webcam Business with Roboscript

What is Roboscripts

Roboscripts is a cam site scripts which embeds directly to your site live cam models from big cam sites like Chaturbate etc.

Cam Sites Integrated with Roboscripts Multi Cam Builder

The Multcam Site Builder works with the following affiliate networks:

  • Chaturbate has a very generous affiliate program: You can earn 20% RevShare for each of your referrals and $50 for every new models referred who makes more than $25. It is one of the world’s most popular cam sites and it can integrate with the Roboscripts, which means that live chaturbate cam models will be directly displayed on your site.

More information about the chaturbate affiliate program

  • Bonga Cash is another site integrated with Roboscrips. Their affiliate program offers the opportunity to make 25% RevShare and up to $4.50 for PPL. Plus it offers 5% of each new model referred earnings.
  • LiveJasmin is another site integrated with Roboscripts and its affiliate program is called AWEmpire. With their affiliate program you can earn up to 60% RevShare and up to $300 PPS.
  • Streamate is another popular camming site which is integrated in Roboscripts.
  • Flirt4Free, a relatively new site who is makiing big changes in the industry.
  • ImLive is another cam site integrated in Roboscripts and their affiliate program is called PusyCash, it’s another proven affiliate success.

To get started with this script you will need a good VPS and a dedicated or semi-dedicated server. You will need MySQL 5.0 or greater, PHP cURL extension and PHP file_get_contents() enabled.

The Roboscript’s Multisite Cam Builder costs $99.99 and it also comes with free installation.

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Setting Up Your Webcam Site with Roboscripts

First of all, the Roboscripts customer support is great. The scripts creator, Nick has help a lot of newbie affiliates to set up their site with Roboscripts.

How to Bring Traffic to Your Site

The best way to bring traffic to your site is through search engine optimization by writing blog posts. There also other ways to bring traffic to your webcam site which are mentioned in this article:

>>How to Promote a Webcam Site<<

With a White label is difficult to rank on Google as its content is considered duplicate. So, you can’t rely on SEO with a white label. That;s why I don’t recommend creating a white label, but using Robiscript instead.

Some affiliates also promote their webcam sites on social media and as ads on porn tubes.

You can also take some pictures of girl from cam sites and post their picture with some texts like “check my live cam on” or something similar. You can post these pictures on social media.

But don’t use screen shots of the models, some models might not like their pictures being posted on social media, you would need their approval. instead find pictures of cam models which are already published on the internet.

You can find some free stock photos of hot girls to use for this.

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