How to Start Selling Sex Toys Online

In this post we are going to talk about how you can get started in the sex toy businesses. Many online gurus tell that starting a sex toy business is the same as starting a regular e-commerce business? But is it really true?

First of all, you cannot use PayPal for transactions related to the adult industry. In fact, the sex toys are a little different, but still you can use PayPal to handle transactions related to a sex toy business only if you are in the US. This is in their policy.

The bottom line is that the technical aspects of creating a sex toy e-commerce site and an e-commerce site in another niche are the same, but the business aspects are not the same. If you use a script specialized to sex toys, like the one offers, you will get the suppliers of the sex toys integrated on the script (that is called an API). So it’s far better to use an e-commerce script built especially to sell sex toys compared to a general one.

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How to start selling sex toys online?

Is starting a sex toy business the same as starting another e-commerce store? It’s not because you can’t use PayPal for adult transactions if you are not in the US. To be honest PayPal doesn’t allow sexually oriented transactions outside of the US. So even if you are in the US if you do transactions with someone out, it would be against the PayPal policy.

Here is a screen shot of their policy in regard to this topic:

So it’s better to rely on services which build your business, not just build you a website when you are building a sex toy business.

xMarketplace is a script which builds you a business which can handle transactions too.

Here are some tips on how to start an adult sex toy store:

1. Analyze the market and the prospects. Analyze new sex toy trends, services provided by the supplies, business models, growth. Think of the market at least 5 years from now.

2. Select a niche for your store. Once you select a niche, study your competitors and see what you can take from them to implement into your business.

3. Select a supplier strategically. You need to keep in mind that there are some packaging guidelines that every sex toy business needs to follow. People prefer to buy sex toys online instead of in store because they want to keep their privacy. There is some hesitation when people buy sex toys and you need to lessen this as much as possible.

4. Select an adult friendly hosting service.

5. Select a packaging partner

6. Create your brand

7. Optimize for the search engines.

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Sex Toy Affiliate Programs

In this section I am going to mention some good sex toys affiliate programs that I have used and my results with them.


Fleshjack/Fleshlight is a company which I have been promoting and I am going to give you a contact of a representative of their marketing team so that you can contact them and take part in their affiliate program. I have been promoting sex toys for 5 years and I can say that Flashjack used to be everywhere with its ads before, but now it has been declining. Their decline is no surprise considering the lack of new products. Their sales have gone to next to nothing.

A few days ago one of my friends wanted to buy a Fleshlight product and he was going to buy it through my affiliate link. He did all the process right: he deleted the cooking on his computer, click on the product and paid for it. But the transaction did not appear in my starts. Through all the years I never had success with this program.

Only once had a sale and then gave up on these guys. I remember that they just reboot their affiliate program and asked everyone to sign up again and change their affiliate links. This has happened more than once.

I don’t even know which is my affiliate link now. I have sent thousands of visitors to their offers over the years and I have just one sale. I didn’t bother to signup again when they asked the last time. I got tired of their BS.

What are your thoughts on Fleshlight?

I am now working with Crakrevenue where among other offers, you can find sex toy offers too. They are the biggest CPS network in the industry.

My Results

Most of my sales from promoting sex toys come from paid advertising, newsletters and blog posts. This is because the big competition from big companies and the difficulty to get organic traffic in this niche.

I recommend selling only a specific sex toy like cook rings, anal toys, BDSM toys etc, narrowing down your niche helps a lot to get sales. And it’s better to start a blog around your niche.

You have the same sources of traffic for a sex toy site like for any other adult site. You can search for your competitors and see how they are promoting their sites. Big companies though get most of the traffic from the search engines. Adding a blog section to your site will improve your SEO.

Also, check out my posts for some free advice:

More ads does’t mean more money, it means less.

A few days ago a guy contacted me asking where to put ads on this site. The first time that someone wants to hire me for showing them where to put the ads. A lot of newbies show ads everywhere on their site and not so newbies too.

So for any newbies reading this, I want to emphasize that more adds annoy your visitors and send them away. Well-selected sponsors and well-placed ads can earn you more revenue.

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