How to Start Sex Toy Drop Shipping

Sexual revolution has taken the world by storm. Do not be surprised that many of the young, sexually active young women around are fidgeting in their seats and wishing they had a sex toy to satisfy their prevailing sexual urges. Things even get worse when you mention sex toy in their hearing. You can test run this fact by mentioning sex toy to your female friends, and you will be greeted with blushing and giggling; it does not matter if the women are single, in a relationship or even married.

Aside from the blushing and giggling, you will also find them registering interest and curiosity, especially those among them that have never used a sex toy before. And the curiosity will, of course, drive them to want to experiment with it and get to experience what other women have been experiencing with sex toys.

Studies show that up to 44% out of women from 18 and 60 years of age have experimented with adult sex toys. What is more, the number is increasing by the day as the intrigued, but silent ones, are also eager to have a go at it.

Many of the newcomers are somewhat confused about where and how to start their sex toy experimentation especially considering  the numerous varieties of adult sex toys on sale out there today, some of which are:

  • Masturbation toys
  • Penis rings
  • Sexercises
  • Nipple toys
  • Dildos
  • Vibrators

Many of those using and are planning to use adult sex toys prefer to do it discretely lest their mom know what they are up to. Be that as it may, using adult sex toys can be educational and fun-filled. 

The money making opportunity in sex toy business cannot be overemphasized. You can venture into it today with an assurance of smiling to the bank more often.

Start your own store

If you plan to go into the adult sex toys sales business, then xMarketplace is one of the best tools for you.  In this section of this write-up, you will learn a couple of things about what makes this software to stand out.

What xMarketplace offers?

Everything required for your next adult toy store business is provided by xMarketplace. The features in this software are numerous, and the platform already has various sex toys that can help you make some quick money.  You can equally choose from any of the adult toy drop shippers already available on the platform. The platform will equally give you access to numerous adult payment processors so that you can easily receive payments for the items sold through your xMarketplace platform.

Furthermore, the platform is built on a WordPress framework, which is a top platform for website application. The platform equally uses MySQL for all its database backend. xMarketplace makes it easy for all and sundry to sell their adult toys online; it is an e-commerce software with a difference.  The platform is built on seamless sync, which means it can be synced across all types of devices, provided those devices are mobile-enabled.  Its cutting-edge technology makes the software to stand out from the crowd. The software is synced operating systems like iOS, Android and even Web.

start drop shipping sex toys

Some of its features are highlighted below

  • The design is highly responsive:  The highly responsive design of this e-commerce software makes it stand out from the crowd. As hinted earlier, the software can be accessed across multiple operating systems and computer devices, be it desktop, laptop, Android mobile device or iOS mobile device. Consequently, your adult sex toys e-commerce platform can be accessed from any internet enabled mobile device, which will bring in more sales than ever imagined. The platform makes use of bootstrap three responsive systems, which contributes a lot to its responsiveness. The page is also always pixel-perfect on every device that connects to it.
  • Drop shipping API: Additionally, xMarketplace features several drop shipping API for adult toys you will have access to more than 100,000 item inventory from ECN and IVD.  Also, you can select any adult sex toy from over 500 vendors on this platform. You will have a 100% control over the specific prices of the items on sale. Your buyers can also benefit from discreet shipping services.
  • Adult Payment Gateway: xMarketplace equally features Paymentwall integration that gives you access to over 120 payment gateways in more than 200 countries. Your CCBill account can also be integrated with Paymentwall very easily.  Paymentwall gateway enables you to set up onetime payment, virtual currency, digital goods, and subscriptions. Furthermore, the paymentwall gateway comes with mobile SDK, which eases the process of integrating the platform and its payment system with iOS and Android apps.
  • Robust admin functionality: Besides, xMarketplace is built to be robust e-commerce software to the core. The admin backend is one of the most powerful you can ever find among other e-commerce software around. The backend gives you complete control of all the system so that you can manipulate it any which way you like. The admin functionality gives you the freedom to create unlimited sub-admin access so that others can also participate in managing the business on your behalf. It also helps you to manage every end user on your xMarketplace platform easily.
  • SEO Optimized: You may not believe it, but xMarketplace is also SEO optimized for adult products. The URL structure is search engine friendly, which will be to your advantage. The URL structure is constructed for better ranking in search engines and better indexing. Also, the software enables you to add keywords, descriptions and Meta title easily for every product you have listed for sale on your platform. The in-built sitemaps XML feed also provides a better organization on the platform.
  • XML, CSV importer: xMarketplace features bulk upload opportunity along with the drop shipping API in it. The feature is made possible by its CSV and XML feed. The bulk upload module enables the end users to upload products directly to the site very easily. The feature supports marketplace feeds, shopping cart feed, and standard feed.
  • Coupon code: xMarketplace comes with a coupon code module to enable end users to provide a discount coupon on the products they have on sale. The said coupon can be in the form of a percentage or a flat price. This feature allows the end user to create unlimited coupons and also set an expiry time for each of them.
  • Ratings and reviews: Also, your visitors and customers can easily provide ratings and reviews about your products and services on your xMarketplace platform. The reviews provided here are similar to those you will find on Amazon. The reviews can help other users to make informed decisions on whether or not to buy their adult sex toys from your xMarketplace platform. Also, those who buy things from your platform will only have the opportunity to rate and review what they have bought.      
  • Smart Search Filters:  The Smart and advanced product search filter available on the platform equally makes things easy for those who buy things from you. With the aid of the smart search filter, the visitor can easily filter the various products you have listed for sale based on ratings, reviews, locations, category, subcategory, color, and even price.
  • CMS Management: With this feature, you can easily design and edit the static page on your store website. The feature equally allows you to add several main pages and sub-pages in the website.
  • Analytics integration: It provides you with an option for Google analytics configuration in the website. You can easily provide your analytics from the admin backend for Google webmaster console code integration.
  • Multiple languages: The feature makes it easy to permit multiple language translations on your platform. You can add any of the languages supported on the platform from the admin backend. You can also configure these languages to reflect in the front end interface.
  • Newsletter management: This is yet another unique feature of the platform. This feature makes it possible to send several emails to your visitors to intimate them of the new products you have on sale. You can develop an email template, edit it or add new ones as you wish using this feature. 

Furthermore, you can easily manage your orders, products, and invoices from the admin backend.  You can configure payments as you desire here also. Additionally, the admin backends ease the process of sending newsletters to your subscribers. It also helps you to organize your products into categories and sub-categories. You can access and manage the drop shipping API featured in this e-commerce platform. The possibilities are simply endless.

Buy Now!

Aside from the above, some of the other features that make xMarketplace to stand out are:

  • Export sales report         
  • Buyer Seller Chat Module
  • Multi-Currency Module
  • Geo Location Filter

Other platforms you can consider

Aside from xMarketplace, you can also go for a couple of other platforms to advertise and sell your adult sex toys; these other platforms are:

  • Shopify: It is straightforward to use
  • Magento: It is an open-source platform built on PHP.  It supports web platform system and can generate multiple pages with customized themes.       


You do not need much money to kick-start your own adult sex toys drop shipping business; xMarketplace has simplified the entire process for you. The many features available on this platform and its unique modules are designed to make your online business to run smoothly and also help you to smile to the bank more often than ever.  If other systems have failed you in the past, this one is designed to succeed where others have failed. What is more, it is affordable and will never put a hole in your pocket.   

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