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How to Be a Webcam Modeling Agent Guide 2019

Today I am going to share with you one of the best methods to make money online, I highly like this method because it creates fully passive income. The webcam industry has grown very fast in the last years and according to the projections it is going to grow more in the years to come, so it is an industry worth investing.

Now if you are able to invest some money in this method better, but you are going to make money from it without investment too.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online and in this article I am going to show you how.

What is a Webcam Modeling Agent and Why Become One?

You probably know what a webcam model is. As you might know, webcam models make a lot of money online, they probably can make $100-$500 in a day.

Now, a webcam modeling agent is someone who refers new models to webcam sites and gets a percetnage of her earnings for life. You will be surprised when you will know how high this percentage is.

And the very best thing about this method is that what you earn from this method is totally passive income. Once you refer new models for cam sites, you will make a percentage of your model’s earnings for a lifetime.

To start making money with this method you firstly have to sign up to one or more of this sites, which is free.

After you sign up to one of this sites, when you will log in into your new account you will be able to find there your referral link which you will use to promote that site.

Sign Up and Get Your Referral Link

Webcam models make a lot of money, even amateur ones can make a decent amount, and the best ones make $200-500 a day.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to disclose your personal details to webcam models to recruit them, everything is done throgh affiliate links. After you get your referral link you only have to expose it so that a lot of people will sign up throgh it, keep in mind that affiliate linka can be banners too.

Which Sites Offer the Best Rewards to Agents?

There are many sites in which you can sign up ap as an agent, I have found out that the best of them is

Webcam agents on make a percentage of the money that models make, to be precise 20%. So the more money your refered model makes, the more money you are going to make.

You can read about their referral program here.

You will get paid weekly by them through check (if you are in the US) and through Payoneer (if you are outside US).

Payoneer is a card you can use world wide to withdraw money from any ATM, wherever you are.

If you don’t have it, you can apply for it and It will arrive at your home address by mail.

Internet Modeling has a wide range of sites where their models appear, you can check the list of the sites here.

The Potential Earnings with this Method

I know this sounds crazy but after a model signs up through your link, you will get 10% of their LIFETIME income.

What does this mean??!!!

If they earn $200 in a day you will get $20 in that day. And this is without doing anything, and will be recurring, every time they earn something, you will earn 10% of it.

Now imagine if you can get 10 models over time. And if they make, let’s say $200 each in one day, you can earn $20 from each of them, which means $200 for you in a DAY, without doing anything. 100% total income.

If you do this over months, imagine how many models you can refer and how much will be your income from this method. Just imagine!

In the below sections of this article I am going to show you how exactly I get referrals.

Ways to Find New Models

There are a lot of ways to promote your affiliate link, however, in my opinion the best of them all is creating adult blog and promoting your affiliate links there. A lot of girls who are thinking of starting this kind of job will most likey do a quick Google search before getting started to clear their doubts, in hope of finding good information.

That’s where your site comes to place. They find your site and they sign up through your affiliate links. You can find a lot of topics to write about in your blog, the important part is targeting good keywords. Low competition and relatively high traffic keywords.

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Below I am mentioning some additional methods you can use to promote your affiliate links. 

No investment ways:

  1. Promote your referral link on social media like Facebook groups, Twitter
  2. Promote on forums
  3. Comment on blogs
  4. On Omelge and similar sites
  5. Send email to people

If you want to invest:

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Infolinks
  4. Paid ads on some porn sites. You can promote on porn sites by by signing up on TrafficJunky, which is a website which allows you to advertise on some of the biggest porn sites.
  5. Paid ads on Google Adsense
  6. Offline
  7. Ads on Reddit.

How to promote offline

Buy a domain and redirect your domain to your referral link. Then promote your domain offline. You can go to a college area, or just anywhere you go offline you can write your domain along with some line “if you want to make $50 in an hour visit this”. When people will click it, they will be re-directed to your affiliate link. And if they sign in, they become your referral.

If you are in college write your domain on tables, in bathrooms etc.

Some Tips

  • Target low-income countries. If you are from one of those countries, use the fact that you know the language.

Remember that this is one of the most profitable methods ever and you can get 2-3 referrals maybe just from posting on social media or on some forums. 

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