Jelqing Techniques for Length – Complete Guide to Jelqing (2021)

Complete Guide to Jelqing

Most men are not happy with the size and width of their penis.

This is because most of them urge to have the manhood that is portrayed in porn film. It is not easy to get an extra inch or two in your manhood especially if you are not longer a teenager and your body is not growing anymore.

Some physical exercises might help if you are also looking for enhancing the length of your penis. Today we are going to talk about a technique which is completely natural.

In lame language it is referred as just another technique of jerking off. It is an effective way of stimulating your penis which might help it to grow a little. Oppression needs to be applied from the base to the tip of your penis. This technique has been used since ancient times. You can even use some tools to increase the pressure. Some sex toy companies have even come up with some jelqing tools of their own. The process of jelqing is a simple physical exercise.

1. Warm Up

It is always necessary to warm up before doing any for of exercise and this applies to jelpqing as well. You can start by enjoying a luxurious bath in a bath tub.

Warm water also sooths the stress out of your penis. Your dick gets ready for the exercise after a hot bath. Some men like to jelq their penis while it is completely dry while some others might need some oil. The dry jelpqing technique is especially helpful for the uncircumcised men as it helps them to enjoy the process even more.

Jelqing Techniques for Length

You can also use some creams that are especially stimulated for inducing growth in the penile tissues. They can contain ingredients that increase your libido. They also help in the recovery process after subjecting your cook to continuous pressure. Reduces friction and inflammation. Constant friction may result in inflammation and redness in the skin of your penis. Enhances lubrication. An increase in lubrication allows you to stoke your penis without any issues.

Serums or creams will give you a smooth, soft and rejuvenating skin. Stimulates eraction. Jerking creams are formulated with ingredients that are used in treating erectile dysfunction. Therefore, these serums give you stronger erections that last longer.

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2. Stimulate the Penis

Make sure that you don’t use too much force or grip because everything takes time and so will your penis to reach maximum erection. Once your penis has reached a semi-erect stage follow this steps to master the art of jelpqing:

  • do not apply any force on the glans as it might lead to pain and discomfort
  • also, it is recommended to not exceed extra pressure on the shaft on the first day
  • do not indulge on too many strokes on day 1
  • you can increase the strokes steadily as you get familiar with this stretching excercise
  • you can use the o-shape tachnique
  • you can simply grip you penis with your ring finger and middle finger
  • you can experience with one grip a day to see which technique works best for you
  • you can skip your regular masturbation session while performing this routine. This is because masturbation put a certain amount of strain in your penile tissue.
  • perform it like any other exercise set that you are required to perform in the gym

These are just the basic steps that you need to follow to master the art of jelqing. You will have to discover the special technique that will work for you, Some men like to sit on their bed which jelqing.

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