The OnlyFans Payment Processor & How to Create a Site Like OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a popular social media platform for adults.

There is a catch in this operation, it’s not public. It’s for adults only and you can not just browse any other photo and video for free. OnlyFans makes users pay to gain access to accounts.

Why would you pay someone to follow them on social media? When Instagram, Twitter, and Tumbler have no tolerance to nudity, OnlyFans allows users to post explicit content, so OnlyFans is some kind of place where users can pay to see amateur adult content.

Is OnlyFans a Legal Site

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have chosen to serve to the mainstream media and this helps them to operate in every part of the world. There are regions where nude content is allowed and regulated with specific laws, OnlyFans complies to all these laws and regulations, so OnlyFans is a legal site. Users need to prove their identity to sign up. It has zero tolerance against child porn, etc.

OnlyFans Payment Processor

Payments to models are done safely through payment gateways. Onlyfans uses Stripe as their payment processor.

Is OnlyFans Just Another Cam Site or a Porn Site

It’s like Instagram or Facebook which allows all kinds of content. The reason OnlyFans is popular is adult content, but you can also post non-nude content on OnlyFans. But people don’t come here for non adult content. You might not make money if you stick to non-explicit content. OnlyFans is a social media platform popular for adult content, it’s not limited to adult content, but adult content seems to sell well here.

onlyfans payment processor

How Models Make Money on OnlyFans

The platform takes 20% of the commissions and 80% goes to models, it’s one of the few sites which pays such a high percentage to the models. And this is a main reason for its popularity, Models can set their own prices. If you are a model on OnlyFans you must set a competitive fee to increase your earnings.

Apart from this, the platform also includes some other features to make extra money. Users can send private messages to models. They can also send tips to models through the token system.

As a new model, you might face some trouble at first to make money. While a lot of celebrities and influencers are using OnlyFans and making a killing from their popularity, as a beginner on this platform you will have to promote your account to start earning.

Cams girl revenue channels:

  • revenue through model subscriptios
  • selling digital and physical products

You can also make money as an affiliate on sites like OnlyFans by referring new models and users.

What Is the Scope of New Sites Like OnlyFans

Are you aware of the multi-role of sites like OnlyFans and At first, they might be confused for cam sites, however, they are also some great adult marketplaces to sell recorded videos. They are quite popular among cam models for creating fan pages.

What connects these sites to each other is their business model. It’s a great way to capitalize on the opportunities where models can not just rely on the live cam shows but also upload recorded videos on demand and physical products. In short, these sites are the perfect destination for cam models where they can make passive income selling videos and other fetish products.

They offer a hybrid revenue channel. By owning a site like ManyVids or others you can capitalize on all the revenue channels.

The adult marketplace is a billion dollar market. Even mainstream sites like eBay and Amazon are full of sex toys. Why not build a site which combines different adult revenue streams like OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is based on a great business idea. While it is not popular everywhere there are huge potentials for this business idea, for example, creating OnlyFans clone sites for specific regions. The xFans script is a combination of the cutting edge features of OnlyFans and ManyVids.

xfans clone script

How to Create an Adult Site Like OnlyFans

There are turnkey solutions, also called clone scripts which make it possible to create such a site without any coding skills, with the simple installation of the script.

I agree that developing a website from scrach is the best solution for creating a customizable website. But it will take months to create one and the entire process will cost like crazy.

There are already made scripts done by respectable developers. If you agree to do that again you would be reinventing the wheel.

xFans – Create an Adult Marketplace with Different Monetization Features

xFans lets you create a website like OnlyFans and OnlyVids with multiple monetization methods. Each model gets her profile page which she can use to sell videos and merchandise.

xFans will give models many ways to make money. They can sell their individual videos and merchandise.

Users who do not want to subscribe can pay only for the videos they want to see.

With the turnkey script ready to launch your adult marketplace site you can receive fans and sales on the very fast day.

XFans also includes a live webcam feature. The script was build by a cutting-edge tech which includes e-commerce store and transaction based e-content selling.

What’s unique about OnlyFans script? It comes with open source code. You can make money from the first day itself. You don’t need tech expertise to manage your site, your install the script and go live. With dedicated dashboard every model can add monthly subscription based prices for gaining access to her profile.


  • developed on modern MEAN stack
  • highly secure architecture
  • whitelabeld architectire

Read in the next section the features for models, users and admins.

onlyfans payment processor

What Can You do With xFans

It can handle millions of users streaming live. Adult sites get overloaded with traffic, but this script is 10x optimized to handle adult traffic.

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xFans is loaded with power packed features. It incorporates three types of features: admins, users and models.

Admin features:

  • manage users accounts
  • manage commissions from models. Admin can set global or local commission percentages for the models on the site
  • manage on site images and videos. Access to moderate every image or video on the site
  • manage static website pages. Admin can add, delete a static page
  • manage revenue channels. Admin can set up different revenue channels for the models
  • manage payment gateways. The CCBill payment is integrated with xFans
  • manage the e-commerce store. The models can use the store to set up their catalog of products
  • manage the content gallery
  • manage SEO settings: update SEO URL, content and descriptions
  • detailed analytics on the dashboard to comprehend the analytics
  • manage models and their accounts

Users features:

  • purchase digital content
  • purchase merchandise: models can list various products like used panties etc
  • DM to the models: private messages
  • video recommendations based on the browsing history
  • browse model profile: bio, product, videos and other information
  • watch video on demand: it shows uploaded videos in a separate list on the models profile
  • like the videos
  • purchase tokens
  • tip models with tokens

Features for the models:

  • host live cam shows
  • upload videos
  • collect tips from users
  • sell premium video and photos
  • manage orders

How to Monetize Your Adult Marketplace with xFans

You can monetize the site through commissions and sales:

  • commissions from private 1-1 live cam shows
  • commission from model subscription plans
  • commissions from integrated e-commerce marketplace
  • ads revenue: you can put ads on the site

Do regular web hosts allow adult sites? Mostly no. The best approach is finding a dedicated adult hosting provider. I can name a few which are dedicated to adult websites only: the m3server and fast comment are our official hosting partners. You can choose any adult web hosting partner of your choice, but you should check them out first.

onlyfans payment processor

How Much can You Earn

If you have just 20 models on the site, each model charges $10 subscription fee for their profile and a model get 50 subscribers for a month, these are $10,000 only from monthly subscriptions (20 * 10 * 50 = $10,000).

And if a model makes $50 from selling physical and digital products, the calculated revenue are $50 * 20 models * 30 days = $30,000 in revenue a month.

Total revenue = 10,000 + 30,000 = $40,000 per month, which is $2,000 per model

You can get 30% commission which means $600 from each model

600 * 20 models = $12,000

Top websites using xFans platform to run their business:

xFans clone script

To Conclude

At the end of the day, websites like OnlyFans work and gain a lot of traffic. Simply replicating a business idea is not the key, but making some changes and improvement to it can result into a successful business. If you are thinking about a site like OnlyFans think a little beyond: you need to create a site with benefits for both the users and the models.

I would always suggest a turnkey adult marketplace script to create your business. It’s not wise to invest your time and funds doing what has already been done.

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