Is SEXTING Dead? Are People Willing to Pay for Sexting?

Is Sexting Dead?

Contrary to what most people think, sexting is alive and it’s alive more than ever before. Now, especially the milenials never go outside to meet a friend, instead they sext if they like someone. Most of the population is on their phones 24/7.

But that’s something important we need to cover: how to make money from sexting? How to provide value to them so they are willing to pay for sexting? Think about the woman they see online: porn, live sex, they would like to sext with them. Arousr gets woman and men on they platform and they pay to sext with each other.

The concept is proven but we need to come up with some entrepreneurial idea. How to get beautiful woman to our platform? If you can offer college girls extra cash for sexting, will they be interested? Do you think the guys would like to sext privately with them? Here is the business model: you need a mobile and web application. Users would be able to add models using their username.

The girls can be absolutely anonymous, so both parties can have maximum protection while making a sustainable income. After the model sends him, three messages it’s over unless the user wants to pay to continue chatting to the model. He pays, she earns and you earn. Easy for him, easy for her, super easy for you. How to create something like that? You can create your app yourself which will costs you a ton of time and money, but there is a ready-made script called xChat. Using it you would be able to create something like we just talked about. To see the complete flowcharts, click here.

Adult chat apps

People are already familiar with sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams etc. Here is a quick run down on the best adult chat apps.

#1 Saurcy Time

You can connect with models from all around the world. One of the best thing about this chat app is that there are no recurring or membership charges. This app is compatible with iPad and iPhone

#2 Camfrog

It has more than a million users and it is free. Of course there is a premium version with advanced features in the app store. Cam frog also has a dedicated tutorial to help beginners get started. If you are on Facebook you can directly log in with Facebook. The free version contains some ads, while the premium version doesn’t. Use this app to your advantage and the premium version is absolutely fun to use.


This app shows real time lovers due to its features. If you have a thing for European beauties this app is definitely for you. However, there are some down sides: User profiles lack information and often they are not reactive to messages. There are quite a few bugs as well. However, it is updated and most of the areas are fixed. Registration is free and you can log in with Facebook, Twitter or email.

#4 Hot or Not

No age verification process. That’s sad even 13 years can register on the chat, but they can’t share the photos with users over 18. If you are a parent you need to be worried if your child is on this app. This app was started as a website 10 years ago and today it is being used by many prospects.

#5 Badoo

This app can be used on Desktops, but content is not moderated, so it is pretty common to see sexually explicit photos now and then. The user is required to share his location. User interface is intuitive.

My #1 Adult Sexting Script: xChat


xChat – Launch Your Own Sexting App Business

xChat comes with popular chatting features similar to whatsup.

  • open source code
  • easy to get started
  • no coding skills needed
  • it’s intuitive, makes chatting fun and addictive

xChat has two types and accounts:

  • model
  • users

After signing in they are able to customize their experience by adding a bio and photos, viewing the current tokens and tokens earned.

pay for sexting

Easy Cash Out

For every token that the models earn you will get a commission. Once they ask to withdraw their money they will be processed and sent to them.

Popular token system:

Set token system, the more the users talk the more they spend. After they are hooked with the model with free tokens they will love to continue the conversation.

Download xChat features list

Admin panel:

Admins have access to reporting tool, view number of tokens earned by models. They can set model commission percentages.

User friendly design:

Easy and intuitive navigation, it’s layout is clear and concise much like what’s up. Because of its friendly design customers will be less unlikely to uninstall.


The app is build with advanced security system, there won’t be fake addresses or phone numbers in the system. The system was created by tech industry experts.

Key features:

  • chat between users
  • invite phone contacts: this viral marketing tecni
  • easy set up
  • user profiles: favorite profile features
  • models and users can add images, bio and payment details
  • set commission structure
  • set your own prices on token prices
  • inital free tokens: once they start a naughty conversation they will want to buy tokens
pay for sexting

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check the demo?

User demo:

Admin dashboard:


Password: 123

What is the Payment Gateway:

What are the Server requirements:

For installation

  • node js: v12.x
  • ffmprg
  • redis 3.x
  • mongodb > 3.6
  • nginx 1.4
  • graphickmagic >1.3
  • pm2
  1. API server: port 8080
  2. Web server: port 8081
  3. Admin server: port 8082

Recommended hosting provider: m3server

What Payment Gateways is used in Android and iOS App? CCBill

What if the user loses the phone or sim card? They can send an email to the admin

Will I get access to future upgrades? Yes

Can I add phone calling and video calling feature? Yes, Adent can customize it

Can I add my logo and branding? Yes.

The software will be installed on your server and installation is free.

How Much does xChat cost? It costs $399. Below you can see what is included in the package:

pay for sexting

If the idea of starting a sexting app sounds cool to you please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I respond to every comment and I would love to see yours too.

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