Top 4 Best Adult Tube Scripts for an Adult Tube Website

Top 4 Best Adult Tube Scripts for an Adult Website

A regular occurrence of failed adult payment gateways, lack of control and third party-attacks are only a few pitfalls that occur within the entertainment industry, especially with adult tube sites.

The solution which seems to have been realized was to use adult tube scripts for adult tube websites. The use of an adult tube script allows users to produce an adult tube site and make money.


Top 4 Most Popular Adult Tube Scripts

Here, I am going to review the features of the best adult tube scripts which have been at the forefront of the adult site industry. There are a whole host of adult tube scripts available and 4 have been picked out as worthwhile choices.

Below are currently the Top 4 best adult tube scripts:


  • xStreamer is one of the most popular scripts in the adult entertainment industry and has been identified as one of the most reliable and trustworthy tube scripts, for these reasons:
    • Continuous Updates and Improvements to ensure security and cutting-edge technology.
    • Hosting Content on a Global Scale to increase your regular traffic and help your adult tube site grow.
    • Content Quality that allows basic users to upload Standard Definition (SD) and premium users to upload High Definition (HD) quality, available in various video formats.

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Mechbunny Tube Script

  • Mechbunny is a relatively new integration in the adult entertainment industry, that offers cutting-edge technology that helps to create mainstream tube sites. Their tube script has proven itself on sites pushing in access of 40 million-page views a day. Some other prominent features include:
    • Supported with SEO that ensures more incoming traffic
    • Customized software that is 99% encoded to allow you to produce the adult site you wish to see
    • Responsive Templates to keep up with latest trends, features and add-ons.
    • Good Performance Capabilities which generates multi-million views per day

KVS – Kernel Video Scripts

  • KVS is one of the oldest yet useful configuration scripts on the entertainment market today. KVS scripts has all the prominent settings and add-ons available, including an administration panel that allows you stay in control of your personal, content and video settings. Let’s look at a few of its features:
    • Enable protection for video download which ensures third party links attempting hotlinking will be blocked and site protection is triggered.
    • Effective Customization options including the use of different site templates & additional fields to enhance your adult site visibility
    • Configuration of Videos in one single format. Standard videos can be private or public that are played on one specific video format in FLV.
    • Lack of resolution areas if the script does not continue to be compatible to the tube site and requires further updates. It is recommended that a new script is created from scratch.

AVS – Adult Video Scripts

  • AVS is designed to allow subscribers and users to upload videos in a wide range of formats.
    • Configuration of Videos in multiple formats including AVI, WMV QuickTime, FLV and 3GP.
    • Retrieve Adult Videos from other Adult sites and use them in your own adult site through the available Adult only domain
    • Good expansion opportunities with the memory and bandwidth to handle multiple adult tube sites.
    • Technical Support available to assist with any issues relating to hosting concerns.

My #1 Adult Tube Script: xStreamer


The Most Popular Choice

The xStreamer, its top features and spectacular add-ons makes this tube script the top of the selection chain. There are many kinds of xStreamer plug-ins, add-ons, and software, which can be found at here!

Why xStreamer? Although above the above section identifies the prominent features the xStreamer brings, below details my self-reviews on why else xStreamer is so good, and the best choice:

1. Assistance and Support Is Always At hand

Technical Support? Really? Yes! An issue which has gripped the entertainment industry is to how to keep secure, keep away from bugs and general technical issues. The developers at xStreamer are at hand to support you for any issues you have, with instant resolution. xStreamer is a leading turnkey software with and all issues are kept strictly internal. Customer issues are logged with the Technical Support team with developers at hand to instantly resolve experienced issues.

2. Administrator Privileges

Something that counters the problems that were previously realized. The use of administrator privileges ensures the secure protection of your IP address, or prescribe you with a random IP address so you are unrecognizable on the internet. This is handled by the Administration Panel to help you take down unrecognizable or sensitive content immediately.

3. Customization Available

Regular updates of xStreamer are always available, and it is important to capitalize on the option. The extensive customization features available help you to maintain diversity and uniqueness with your website, so make the most of the updated templates available. These templates are available in HTML and PHP, but the eye-catching content comes with the use of HTML elements to build features and continue to create modular pages.

4. Use reliable payment gateways

Adult transactions are always in the spotlight and most of the time, transactions fail to go through. PayPal is known to be the worst at letting transactions pass through. But no fear, xStreamer offers multiple payment gateways including Epay and Paywall as add-ons to your adult site. For reliability, it is recommended to use one of these two.

5. Regular Updates & Improvements

As mentioned before, there are always regular updates available to prop up your adult site. Cutting-edge technology is natural these days as it continues to evolve. So why should you not make the most of it? This is equally important especially if you have a rich customer base. The last thing you want is to lose customers due to a dull site that offers nothing. xStreamer are always mindful of evolving technology and always look to develop features catered to adult tube sites. You also receive regular updates on what’s coming next. This only promotes continuous improvement and what’s more, most of its features are absolutely free.

6. Content Quality

xStreamer offers all video formats with prominent HD and SD quality formats. The SD content is catered for free or casual users, whereas the premium users can enjoy exclusive HD content. Subscribers can view videos in many different formats such as AVI, WMV, 3GP, and FLV to name a few. Some adult scripts only use certain video formats which becomes difficult for users and can be a deterrent for customers.

7. Interact with the Community

xStreamer offers the chance for all customers & subscribers to internally interact with each other on chat forums. Users can send messages to users and discuss general things. You can build your own forum and act as the admin to ensure restriction in discussions and to ensure it meets guidelines. One advantage for technical support is that certain issues can be logged in the forum and can be resolved through the community forums. A very worthwhile option to promote togetherness between all subscribers and users.

8. Focus on Growing

When building and growing your adult tube site, rely on xStreamer and its team to perform all the necessary bottlenecks and technicalities to help you grow your site. Just focus on growing your content and xStreamer is ready to support.

My #1 Adult Tube Script: xStreamer


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