How to Start an Online Sex Toy Business

Is a Sex Toy Business the Same as a General e-commerce Business

In this article I will not be talking about the profitability and potential of the sex toy business, I assume already know about the possibilities within this business. In this article I am going to focus on the practical aspects of to start a sex toy e-commere business.

Many tech companies that offer general e-commerce solutions claim that you can use the same solutions they offer for creating an adult toys e-commerce site. I complete disagree with this. The technical aspects are the same but the business aspects are not the same.

It’s better to rely on services who help you to start a business and not just a website. I say this because PayPal doesn’t allow adult transactions and this is covered on their terms of service:

paypal against adult transactions

This means that you have to work with another service to replace PayPal in your business model. Also, when you create your sex toy website you first need to do market research and choose a niche in this market. And before starting your business you need to also select a supplier strategically. Unless you manufacture the sex toys in house, you need a supplier for your sex toys. When you choose a supplier you need to take consideration packaging policies, because people prefer online sex toys to in store sex toys because they want to be discreet.

How to Start a Sex Toy Online Store

Step 1 – Analyze the Market and the Future Possibilities

Since suppliers send the products directly to the customers you won’t have control over the quality. Experimenting with different platforms for sex toys will end up with high costs. You could sell on big marketplaces on eBay and Ali express. This is a good way to start this business if you have a limited number of products to sell. Amazon sex toys categories are active only on a few countries. Creating your own website business, however, is a better option and it is very easy to build your adult site because there are ready-made scripts for this.

Adent’s xMarketplace is on of them. It is ready-made with integrated payment solutions and quick set up. The best part is that you can customize your scripts. Here are some unique features of xMarketplace:

  • Integrated drop shipping API
  • Add ons plugins to add features
  • Subscription based revenue

There are a good deal of e-commerce payment solutions, but many of them don’t allow users to sell adult services. Relying on adult-friendly payment solutions is more secure. They guarantee safety against all kind of attacks in the adult industry. Whether you are selling on Amazon or on your website, you must maintain discrete packaging. In short, select a corier and packaging partner who maintains discretion. To promote you site you can use your social media presence, You can check the Facebook pages of the big sex toy brands to get an idea.

Step 2 – Choose a Niche

You must ensure that you are in the niche in which there is not too much competition so that your SEO will be effective to get your site ranked.

All you have to do to choose a niche is going to a big site which sell cam toys and check its categories for ideas of a niche.

Step 3 – Choose the Suppliers

Traditional marketing is not an option for adult sex toy sites. When you build your site and everything is in line you might think that it is ready for sales. However, it is a competitive market out there.

Step 4 – Choose an Online Store Solution

You can sell sex toys on big sites like eBay, Amazon or Ali express. You will have to share your revenue with the platform but you won’t have to deal with shipping. But you can sell sex toys everywhere with mainstream platform, Amazon don’t ship sex toys to some countries, that’s why it’s better to build your own online sex store. Based on you requirements and budget, you can go for a ready-made script. xMarketplace comes with open source code and with just one time payment you can get the source code for good.

Here are some unique features:

  • dropping shipping based
  • dropp shipping API
  • commission model set up
  • manage product categories, orders
  • multimple channels
  • ad based revenue
  • sex toys affiliate programs


You need to make your site mobile friendly, offer discourse coupons and keep looking for ways to stand out from the competition and gain your customer’s trust.

As I promised you, in this article I will talk about the economical ways to start selling sex toys. Choosing the best online store solution is very important when starting your sex toy business.

Many tech companies have offered solutions for creating your adult toy store. But PayPal doesn’t allow transactions which are adult in nature outside of the US. There are differences between creating an e-commerce business and a general business. You have to start your sex toy business the safe way.

The analysis of the current market includes choosing products in demand and suitable tech solutions, potential costs and marketing tactics. All these aspects of sex toy business vary. Don’t start a business for the current market. But think ahead 5 years from now. Are you certain your supplier is capable of delivering the products for longer periods?

Select the business model and calculate the costs for all the aspects mentioned above. Select the supplier strategically.

Step 5- Adult Friendly Hosting and Payment Solutions

Most of the payment solutions are not adult friendly. We saw PayPal at the beginning of this article. Go with secure payment solutions for adult businesses.

For adult hosting, I chose the Wealthy Affiliate hosting to create my sex toy site, it allows a sex toy site. It guarantees safety again all hurdles associated with adult businesses.

As for the payment solutions, xMarketplace is the script which I chose to build my sex toy business and it has the adult payment options integrated on it.

Since choosing a platform is a one time decision, you have to consider each option in detail. You can’t sell sex toys online everywhere through mainstream platforms. If you don’t want to depend on third party businesses to grow your own, then create your own site. I suggest going for open source and open coded scripts as you will have more control on your business.

The best part of being open sourced is that you can customize the code by you or your developer.

There are a good deal of e-commerce scripts in the market, but not of them are not adult friendly. Through many of them state that they allow adult businesses, you can’t know their terms unless you read carefully their terms and conditions. Go for dedicated hosting solutions.

Step 6 – Choose a Packaging Partner and Courieur

You can sell products from other sellers with xMarketplace.

You can select your revenue channels for available options. Discrete packaging is important for a sex toy store. You must maintain the discreet packaging. Don’t give any identifiable sex toy symbol to the courier. Don’t use adult imagery in the corier packaging.

Step 7 – Brand Building

The best place to build brand identity is social media. Follow the platform guidelines regarding adult content. You can check the Facebook pages of big sex toy store like LoveHoney to get a clue.

A brand needs a logo, so create one. You need to prepare a business strategy for the future thinking of the market 5 years from now. Do you think your sellers can commit to a stable partnership?

Your brand strategy needs to be related to your niche. Who are your competitors? How can you promote your products? If you need branding ideas, think about your suppliers and their brands. But as I also mentioned earlier, don’t include the branding in the packaging. People prefer online sex toy stores to physical stores because they want to be discrete.

You need suppliers to send products with your brand identity in the corier packaging.

Step 8 – Search Engine Optimization

You need to rank up on the search results. The script that you used to build your adult toy site needs to be SEO optimized. To ensure you stay in the safe side with SEO, avoid any black hat SEO tactics, they might ruin your business.

Step 9 – Other Marketing Tactics

You should leverage paid advertising and paid promotion to leverage your business especially in the beginning. Traditional marketing is not much of an option for adult sites.

Step 10 – Conversion Rate Optimization

Finally, when you are live and everything is in line, don’t think that your site is ready for sales. SEO and conversion optimization are never ending activities. Make your site mobile-friendly, launch affiliate programs and run customer loyalty programs.


This all you need to start a sex toy business in 2020.

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How to Start an Online Sex Toy Business

The sex toy business is a very lucrative one for the moment as it is not yet a saturated market. However, a lot of new sex toy websites are comming up every day, using the same drop shippers and getting just a different markup on the price. In this article you will learn how to start an online sex toy business and how to sell sex toys.

It is absolutely true that all businesses are built on a great business idea and the sex toy business in not an exception.

The sex toy market is huge and at the time of writting this article the monthly search volume for the keyword “sex toys” is 190,622. The sex toy business has been very lucrative over the past years and it is going to be in the future by no means.

More and more people are becoming more open to this kind of products. The future is promosing.

It is riskier to start a business from scratch than to join a company that is already in existence. However, you should not allow this to bother you if you are bent on doing something for yourself and by yourself instead of slaving for another company. If you must start a business by yourself from scratch, you must be ready to pay the price.

For example, you must be ready to put in long hours to build that business and be ready to fork out some greenbacks, which may be much, depending on the scale of the business you want to start. The same thing applies if you want to start an online sex toy business; you must be ready to put in long hours and also be ready to spend some money. In this write-up, we will open your eyes to some of the other things you must do to make that online sex toy business a profitable one and how you can get to your destination even faster.

Target Sub-Niches

As in evey other market it is better to go niche. If you choose a specific kind of sex toys and focus only in promoting them on your site, then chances are that you are going to rule that market. Target no more than two sub-niches. This is the quickest road to profits. When you target only one or two sub-niches, your website will receive targeted traffic which is going to convert well.

There are several niches you can venture into in the sex toy business. If you must make profit fast, then you must find the right niche. What about selling an all-natural product or even essential oils? This niche may seem to be small, but very few adult toy marketers have ever thought of venturing into this niche. Being underserved makes it a potential money-spinner.  You can then expand to other areas from here.

You can equally go for 100% medical grade silicone sex toys or those made of glass, wood or those that are rechargeable; all these sex toys belong to the non-toxic group of sex toys. They are also eco-friendly, and many people will find it welcoming. You can equally go for sex toys related to themes like BDSM or LGBTQ when picking a niche.

Build your brands using private labelling

After you have bought the sex toy from the manufacturer, you can add your quality, unique logo to it to make it your own brand. It will improve the quality of your products in the eyes of the potential buyer. It will lend an air of exclusivity to the item and bring about an increase in customer loyalty and a higher margin.

You can contract a graphic artist or professional designer to do this for you. It will cost you some more money of course, but it is a sure-fire way to promote your brand further since it will add a desirable uniqueness to your business.

Build your authority

Aside from just selling sex toys, you should also not forget to get some education or enlightenment about the sex toy industry; you should equally learn as much as possible about sexuality in general.  Having a strong information base will further help you in product marketing and brand promotion.

Potential buyers almost always prefer to buy from sellers that have proved themselves to be informed sellers.  You can easily enlighten and empower your potential customers if you get enlightened yourself.  Aside from selling these products, you can equally offer sex education. You can get more clients if you are offering free sex education.  Such free education will increase the trust this potential customer shave in you, and they will prefer to patronize you than any other seller.

Annonymous packaging

Annonymous packaging is one of the most important parts of a sex toy store. So, it’s important to check for this in a drop shipper. In the end, this is what makes people be more likely to buy sex toys online than offline.

Shortcut to wealth in the sex toy business

It is left to you to either start the business from scratch or to jumpstart the business for fast profit by buying into the opportunities made available by called xMarketplace. xMarketplace is a unique script especially developed for those who want to go into adult commerce dropshipping.  It is about the simplest route to starting and making a consistent profit from selling adult toys out there today.

What are the features that make xMarketplace the best tool to kick start your adult marketing business? Continue reading to find out.

It’s unique features

The script comes preloaded with more than 70,000 adult products all at wholesale prices. These sex toys are also available for drop shippers and these drop shippers are ready to ship the items to any country of the world; there are no geo-restrictions.

Furthermore, xMarketplace comes with compelling automation options so that your business can run seamlessly without your direct involvement.  This option will help you to automate the entire process of selling the products, managing your inventory and even discreet shipping to the specific addresses of your buyers.   Some of the many features include:

  • XML CSV importer
  • Adult payment gateways
  • Drop shipping API
  • A robust adult payment gateway
  • Full customization
  • Highly responsive design
  • Dropshipping API
  • Adult payment gateway
  • Robust admin functionality
  • SEO Optimization
  • XML, CSV importer
  • Coupon codes
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Smart search filters
  • CMS management
  • Analytics integration

This script is a creation of market leaders in the adult industry, and they have simplified the entire process to give everyone an opportunity to operate an adult store online successfully. Additionally, the script is available in different languages and you can add any other language of your liking to it. The customer care service is top-notch.

The agents are professional and friendly; they are equally knowledgeable and can provide answers to any query you may have regarding this script. While xMarketplace is about the best helpful tool for a sex toy dropshipper, it is also one of the most affordable tools out there, and there is a 100% assurance that you will get top value for your money. You can check here
to learn more about this unique script.

How to Promote Your Sex Toy Business

Promoting is the most difficult part of an online business as it is difficult to get traffic to your site, especially in the beginnig. Check this article to learn how to promote your sex toy business.

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