Becoming a Financial Dominant and Making Easy Money (2021)

How I Became a Financial Dominant

I will share my experience as a financial dominatrix. I have been a financial dominatrix for a long time. I got into this work because I like having control over everything. In this business you need to clearly identify who are the time wasters and who are the real submissives.

I will further explain how I got successful into this field. There is more and more power over men in this job but it takes a lot of effort to be into it. For people in charge of everything at work, often financial submission is their thing. Many people become money slaves because they feel this is the only way to attract the attention of girls.

Case Study: Amanda Ross is the editor of “Babe” which is a girl’s website. She was always a writer and never meant to be a financial dominatrix. She came over the topic of financial domination, wrote an article and had guys begging to send her some money. At the end she mentioned about her Venmo account and the Amazon wishlist to have her followers send her money.

How to become a camgirl

Becoming a Financial Dominant

How to Be a Financial Dominatrix – Make $10,000 in a Week

The exact process includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Make Yourself Known Online

Open an account on Twitter along with any other findom website like Another way to find pay pigs is to create your own website. We would recommend having a Twitter account firstly and then going on for other means. This will make your profile known as a findom and will definitely get you a lot of followers.

Becoming a Financial Dominant

Step 2 – Choose a Financial Domination Site

You can start by finding verified subs through these sites. PornHub ModelHub is my favorite. IWantClips is another one that I recommend. ManyVids is a good choice too. Clips4Sale too. FanCentro is another one. And lately OnlyFans has become very popular.

Step 3 – Find a Loyal Submissive

Interaction for a person is very important. This work may seem easy but you have to take some basic action of knowing people and giving them some attention. If you don’t spend time interacting with them you are likely to lose a lot of honest subs. Do not entertain the time wasters at all.

The ones who really want to be your financial submissives will talk to you themselves.

Men Share Their Experience of Being Submissive

There are many men out there who would do everything to keep you happy as a findom. One man shares how much he enjoys being a money slave. He gave away his money to those ladies who would make him do very degrading things like walking like a dog for her. These are big words for people who are looking to becoming a financial dominatrix.

Step 4 – Have a Contract

Some findom may not consider to have a contract for their submissives. However, if you want to start on this field smoothly do the first thing first. This is essential at the beginning as a findom may come across a lot of time wasters.

Step 5 – Start Your Work as a Financial Dominatrix

Yes, we will call it work because everything we do for money is called work even if it is bossing around.

Step 6 – Start Budgeting

You need to have access over all the receipts and expenses of your submissive and make a budget for them. This is what you are being paid for, bossing around. Take care of that. I am sure you are loving this guide on how to be a findom up to now.

Step 7 – Know what They Want

If your submissive wants some serious abuse than do that part. As a financial dominatrix it is essential to know the reason why someone wants to be your financial submissive.

Step 8 – Never Assume Your Clients are Not Smart

Often they are the person at the top of their company. They may be having bad relationships with their loved one. Understand their reasons and take care of it.

Step 9 – Focus on Your Clips. Pictures and Words

There should be sensuality but only to the extent that it will convince your submissive to pay you more but not in exchange of sexual materials. PrincessLion is into financial domination for quite a long time and she calls herself a findom legend and tells everybody that she is going to drain their pockets. There are many men out there who are likely to fall prey to her harsh and kinky words. She is earning a good amount only by selling her clips.

princess lyne

Step 10 – Blackmailing

Some money slaves love being blackmailed. They want to fear that their mistress will leak a lot of material about them publicly. This may arouse them. This work is a science and art both.

Step 11 – Make a Website

Through this you will get more popularity. Post about your subs there as this will make them feel more appreciated. Work hard on your pictures, art and website.

Step 12 – Avoid Receiving Money with PayPal

Paypal may close your account with a lot of money in there without warning. This is because PayPal does not allow adult transactions.

Final Worlds

Becoming a Financial Dominant

Findom should be a person who is willing to give attention to their subs. They want someone to understand them and manage their finances. Be a findom if you get a kink by controlling. Never get into this field if you are not genually interested in this work. If taking control is in your blood then nothing can stop you from being a successful findom. If you are ready to compromise a little in personal relationships, then this work is for you. Spending the whole day calculating the finances of a third person can keep you away from your loved ones. You should also have enough knowledge about fetishes. Financial domination is also about getting aquantined with a person’s fetishes. It can include being ordered to do certain things.

One women explains that often people find a findom to get away from the responsibility of managing their finances altogether. Miss Gigi says that the human ATM process is much more than it looks. She says that the relationship between a dominatrix and her subs is one of a verbal abuse.

It takes more to a girl to become a financial dominatrix than being bossy to men. You can treat your financial submissive how you like, be yourself and earn a lot of money. There is a lot of money in the world of financial domination. The money slaves love giving their money to their findom. Overall, this work is something to have fun in and it can be the start of good relationships and friendships. Becoming an online dominatrix will be the best decision of this year for you. If you find this article helpful please share is with your other female friends so they will take advantage of this opportunity too.

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