Best Adult AdSpy Pricing and Features Review – PowerAdSpy vs WhatsRunWhere vs. Adbeat

People buy what they see or hear a lot and that’s why ads exist.

Ads are everywhere. Ads are a great way for publicity. You need to see your competitors closely and if it means stealing their audience away, so be it. What are ads spying tools? Ad spying tools help you to steal your competitor’s market away. They help you know your audience better. We all know that the adult entertainment industry is huge and with new competitors entering every day.

Ads are everywhere, blogs, YouTube, adult websites. Just running an ad blindly is not the right thing to do. You must take measures to stay ahead of the competition. You can’t just go and present yourself in the market unprepared. We will be comparing the best 3 tools for spying on ads.

adspy pricing

#1 PowerAdSpy

Poweradsspy will check what is working for your competitors.

Poweradspy is a great tool for every marketer. Poweradspy is very good to spy in Facebook ads, Instagram and native ads. You can search ads by keywords and domains. It can make you discover insights providing their data. It offers demographics examples, suggests keywords, boost ROI tremendously, complete support. A lot of companies design their marketing strategy depending on what their competitors are doing.

It has a huge database with data from 15+ countries. You can sort the results by newest or the ones with the most engagement. You can filter by CTA, country, language, age and ads position.

Poweradspy focuses also on video creators. With Poweradspy all you need to do is to check which strategies are most successful among your competitors. It will show you the analytic and the original ad. Subscribing will give you a notification every time that an advertiser posts an ad. With Poweradspy you can save so much time just by finding profitable niches.

PowerAdSpy review

Poweradspy pricing plans

Weather you are marketing on Facebook Google, YouTube or Instagram you are covered. You can choose any plan and pay only from the social media platform that you plan to show your ads.

Free: 20 searches on all 4 social networks with no restrictions on search filters

Basic: unlimited searched on Facebook but with limited searches with filters. Try it free for $1 and then pay

Standard: unlimited Facebook and Instagram searches. Try it for $7 and then $99 promo

Premium: unlimited searches and available filters on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Platunim: everything on the premium plan, including access to the Google Network
Tatinum: this plan includes all the above plus it unlocks native content. Try it for $7 and then pay $229

Palladium: Includes the GDN
poweradspy pricing

There is the possibility to scale and only pay for the social media you plan to show your ads. To get the most out of Poweradsly you would need the premium package.


  • See live ads posts
  • See huge data from 15+ countries
  • Search with keywords. You can search advertisers competitor domains
  • Bookmark ads
  • Engagement oriented details. Segmenting the ads will help you to find the best ads for your niche
  • Video ads analysis
  • GEO targeted. They have a massive database about the Geo targets of your competitors
  • CTA. They will help you know the best performing CTA
  • Landing pages. It can identify the best performing landing pages
  • With PowerAdSpy you will save a lot of money by using the insight from the competitor analysis
  • There’s a chrome extension of PowerAdSpy that users can use
  • The filters are extremely useful
  • Having everything all in one place


  • The free version is very limited

#2 WhatRunsWhere

It has a vast database which can help you run you campaigns better. You can use it to spy on your competitor’s text and mobile ads. You can get a $329/month plan which is their higher priced plan which includes every of its features. You can use their database to make your campaigns better. They are covering more than 90 advertising networks. They are one of the oldest players in this field.

They also have an enterprise plan that you can get after contacting them.

WhatRunsWhere Pricing

The basic plan costs $299/month and the full coverage plan costs $399.The Enterprise plan is available on case by case basis.

It lets you discover which ads perform best and create profitable campaigns.


  • Hepls you check which products are having success for your competitors
  • You can spy on your competitor’s adult ads
  • Let’s you have the level of success your competitors are having
  • Able to target your audience better
  • You can spy on mobile ads
  • They keep increasing their reach
  • They are covering a lot of networks on more than 15 countries


  • Their prices starts at $170 which includes only mobile ads spying

whatrunswhere spying tool

#3 Adbeat

They have data from networks, like Google Display Network. Pricing is similar when it comes to Adbeat. The basic plan starts at $219/month, $399/month is the next plan, and you can contact them for a negotiation and demo. The data that you can access is up to one year old. If you want also some customer analysis data.

They also have data from mobile devices.

Adbeat Pricing

adbeat pricing


  • Data from mobile devices too
  • If you are looking for more refined data, they have data from Google Display Network


  • The data is up to one year old, but if you need older data you can contact them


All three of these services have their pros and cons, but when it comes to choosing the best ad spy tool for your business I suggest Poweradspy. Their higher priced planes may be a bit costly, but they also have plans for everyone and every price point. When it comes to data and reach you are going to get the best price for your money.

In this world of online competition you need to have the best product online to make it in the market. We hope we cleared all your doubts about an ad spy tool.

The sole reason of an ad is not just getting sales, but it is also to let people know about your product. Ads are everywhere and they are a great way for publicity. You need to check your competitors to see what is working for them and what is not. Ad spy tools allow you to spy on your competitors ad campaigns, you can use the data that your competitors and improve ads. This is why I mentioned this tools on this post where I compared the best ads tool.

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