Is OnlyFans Safe? (OnlyFans Review)

About OnlyFans

OnlyFans is an adult social media site.

It is one of the few social media sites which allows users to browse and post adult content without any restrictions. The keyword ‘OnlyFans nude’ is more popular than the keyword ‘onlyfans itself’.

OnlyFans is one of the few sites which pays a high commission to models (80%). The platform also gives extra features to make money on the site. You must face some difficulties to make a lot of money as a new model.

OnlyFans is very similar to the regular social media sites, but it makes users pay to gain access to private content. While other social media sites don’t allow adult content, OnlyFans doesn’t have any restrictions against adult material.

Is OnlyFans a Legal Site?

Facebook and the other social media have chosen to serve to the public, while onlyfans is focused on adult content. There are regions where adult content is legal and is regulated. OnlyFans complies with all the regulations. Being a legal business and being a credible business are completely two different things.

An account is approved only after review. OnlyFans is used by a lot of famous influencers who make quite a lot of money there. You can use OnlyFans the way you see it fit, but it is not only limited to adult content. The thing is that people don’t come here for regular content. OnlyFans is not just another Chaturbate or PornHub, it is not limited to adult content, but adult content sells well here. The platform gets 20% of the commissions, paying 80% to its models.

Models are free to charge as much as they want for their content. There should be a balance between your earning goals and the competition on the site. Apart from these users can send premium DMs to a model and send them tokens which can be converted to money.

OnlyFans is a great business idea. There is opportunity to improve the business model. One can use the xFans script and make their own twick to the business model.

Is OnlyFans a Credible Site?

OnlyFans is credible. It is dealing with sensitive materials but it follows all the regulations and specific laws about adult content. You have to sign up to browse the site, models needs to fill out a W9 follows all form.

OnlyFans is completely credible for the models and users. An account is approved only after verification and background check.

Is OnlyFans Another Cam Site or a Porn Site?

OnlyFans has been build in the models of a social medium. It’s for adults only and you can not browse videos and photos for free. You can compare it with a private account on Instagram where only allowed users can gain access to the content.

Why would you pay someone to follow them on social media? It has explicit content.

While it comes under the adult category you can’t say that it is only about pron videos or live camming. The reason that OnlyFans is popular is adult content but you can post also non-nude content. You might not make money if you only publish non-explicit content on OnlyFans. It’s a social media platform popular for amateur adult content. It’s a platform where real people interact.

How Models Make Money on OnlyFans?

Users pay a fee for accession models profiles. It is the site which pays the highest rates to the models (80%). Models are allowed to set the prices for their content. If you want to make good money, however, you have to set a competitive price.

Models can sell all types of products on OnlyFans. But most of the people who have made a lot of money on OnlyFans were already well-known performers and entertainers.

Create Your OnlyFans Clone Site

There is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to create sites like OnlyFans. For example, xFans is a script with which you can set up an adult social media site like OnlyFans. Fans can buy fetish products on sites like OnlyFans built with xFans. You need to have a working business idea. Simply replication a business idea is no guarantee of success,

At the end of the day sites like OnlyFans gain a lot of traffic. You need something special for the models and the users. Using an adult marketplace script like xFans can help you put your idea into reality.

Adult fan club sites are the new way to consume adult content. OnlyFans is the perfect example of how one can combine features from different business models and come up with a unique business model. The adult nature of the site has allowed a lot of adult entrepreneurs to connect with their fans without any restrictions.

What makes this business unique is its offering. To make things interesting sites like OnlyFans are singing up celebrities. Whether you want to build a social media site like OnlyFans or a clips based site like ManyClips xFans does it all.

Check the xFans Script

How to develop a site like OnlyFans

The xFans script is a combination of features of OnlyFans and ManyVids. This will give models many additional ways to make more money. Adding pay per sale will add more magnetization features to the site as users who are not interested in subscribing can buy only the content they are interested in.

xFans Business Model

xFans supports three types of users: admins, models and fans. Each model can create a subscription plan and put a price to it. Users can also buy physical products from the models.


They can also send messages to the models while subscribed. Only subscribed users can watch videos from the models. They can also mark any videos to watch later. They can view payment history. They can modify personal information.


  • Models can modify bio details anytime.
  • They can create multiple albums and upload videos in bulk and upload pictures in bulk.
  • Sell physical and physical product.
  • Chat will users, followers and other models.
  • Block specific geolocations


  • Can see the list of products ordered by users
  • Geo block
  • Add subscribers to models from the admin pannel
  • General setting of the website
  • Update payment gateways

Build Your Fan Club Based Business Today

Building a website like OnlyFans is a piece of cake. Just get the xFans, install it and you will be ready to attract models and traffic to your site.


Sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids need to be marketed to both models and users. They need to offer additional advantages to each of them. Sites like OnlyFans are not popular for no reason. Users are more and more interested in amateur adult content these days, They are interested on the content of a specific influencer or performer and want to connect with them on a social medium. The OnlyFans business model fulfills this need.

Check the xFans Script

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