How to Create an Escort Website Business

How to Create an Escort Website Business

Escort agencies have yet to be regulated in a lot countries and this is because they are mistaken for sex trade businesses.

While sex trading is illegal running an escort agency is perfectly legal in Europe. This article is going to answer the question: How to create an escort agency and how to run an escort agency profitably.

Starting an escort business is easy, as it is nowadays to start an adult site, and it can be done from your home. However, it needs a lot of work and as UKNEA also indicates, you need to consider it a full time business, read what they have to say about things you need to consider before starting an escort agency.

Below I have explained all the steps that you need to take to start an escort agency business.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Location is very important in starting an escort business and you need to aim for big cities. Target big cities because big cities have a large number of people living in them and on big cities the mentality of people towards escort services is more positive. They live a more modern lifestyle.

There are also some other things to take into consideration, like choosing locations where tourism is very developed and also where there are a lot of companies where people come to do business. There should be at least some important business companies on your chosen target city.

And it’s also easier to recruit webcam models in big cities. A lot of girls on those cities live alone and are seeking to be independent.

Woman are generally more conservative in small cities. It takes a modern mentality to understand that escorts are not prostitutes.

But let’s not undervalue the competition. Competition may make your earnings more difficult, that’s why you need to offer something unique to set yourself apart from the competition.

However, this industry is far from being saturated and sometimes smaller cities can have big advantages considering that you can rip off the benefits of being the first in the market.

Another factor to take into consideration that you might feel more comfortable working in a know place for you and also it might be beneficial to meet your escorts frequently for generating trust.

And you need to partner with people in the local are like hotels and their employers, travel agents, event organizers.

Step 2: Take Care of the Legal Issues

And when you start about your escort business, you need to firstly take care of some legal issues and then create a website for it. The first thing you should know is that the escort business is banned in some countries. So, the first thing you need to do is to find out if it is banned on your country or not. And after that you have to choose the type of the company you want to create like a partnership, solo business or corporation. You will need a lot of documentation while starting these type of business.

If you are starting it in the US, here are the documents that you will need to prepare:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business License
  • Business Plan
  • Insurance Policy
  • Operating Agreement
  • Employment Agreement

Step 3: Choose a Business Name

Obviously you will need a catchy and interesting name, but I suggest to make sure to include the word “Escort” on it.

Step 4: Insurance Coverage

Like any other business, your business will need an insurance coverage.

Step 5: A Business Plan

Like with any other type of business, you will need a business plan too. It should include everything needed to be done to grow your business. It should include tings like how you are going to grow your capital and attract models and clients.

Step 6: Create a Website

Creating a website is the easiest part of this. There are some escort site scripts available and even an amateur can create a website with these scripts.

One of these scripts is xScorts and you can customize your site as you want it with this script.

Step 7: Recruit Models

Once you have created your website, you need to find webcam models and advertise your business to them. If you need help with anything about your business, contact us for One-on-One Skype coaching.

Models are the most important part of your business as the success of your business is going to depend from the service that they provide. Finding models for your escort business is not that difficult. There are few escorts who are doing their job independently and they would be interested in joining your agency. At the beginning of your business you will need to find models, but after it becomes well-established, models are going to find you.

Create a profile on your site for each of the models. Or you can ask them to create profiles on your site, which you will have control over with the script.

Step 8: Promotion

This kind of business does not need a lot of banners to get promoted as it is a hidden business. You need to promote it at the right places, where as you may guess Internet is primacy for this business. The escort business is a very profitable business and there are a lot of money into this business.

To promote your site you need to check the porn sites which people visit more in your local are and contact them and ask them to promote your site on their website. They might also ask you to promote their site on your and this is a good thing because, you can save a lot of money in promotion this way and just exchange ads with these sites.

Advertise your site on as many porn sites as you can. You can also promote your site on social media.

Planning is very important on this business. You need to create a calendar for each model and tell them where to go and when.

Starting an escort business in not a very difficult job, but like every other business it also requires a lot of effort and hard work to make good money. We offer custom services on website design and development for your escort agency, contact us on

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