How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Adult Website

Choosing a domain name for your adult website is a very important initial decision when you first create a new adult site. I have created this list of criteria you can use when choosing a name for your adult site.

Your domain name is a representation of your services that’s why you need to be careful when selecting one. When it domes the adult industry more often than no the domain that you have your eyes after is already taken.

#1 Choose a Short Domain Name

The number one mistake a lot of people make when buying a domain name is using a lot of words in the domain name. Try to use no more than two words in your domain name.

If you choose a long name it would be difficult for your visitors to remember your address.

Definitely use keyword tools to search which domains will get you more traffic. If there is no keyword available, then choose a domain that is memorable.

Simple domain names will help you have more success in marketing your site.

One work domain names will always receive the highest amount of traffic. Finding one of these domain is really difficult. These kinds of domain will get traffic from people who type a domain name without having any idea where this search will take them.

But these domains are very hard to find. If by chance you find a domain with one work which is not taken, jump into the opportunity.

#2 Easy to Remember and Catchy

It is really important to have a memorable domain. Do your research before choosing your domain. If not a lot of keywords are available, choose a simple, easy to remember domain name.

I prefer choosing one or two words domain name. You need to choose a brandable domain. If you go with a brandable name it will be easier for your visitors to remember it.

You don’t want something boring, think of synonyms of words to come up with a catchy domain name. Think about how the words in the domain name will look together.

Also, think of colloquial terms which would make good domain names.

#3 Choose Only a .com If Possible

In some cases you can use also a .org. The number of .com domains is shrinking daily, but with a little creativity you can come up with a good domain name.

Don’t buy domains in other extension when there already an exact domain in .com. Your website would look like a cheap copy. You even may lose customers to them.

What are you looking for? Type it in the comments so we can help with suggestions.

.com is a good idea if you are targeting the whole world, while you can use country specific domain names if you are targeting specific countries. But if you use a country-specific domain name which is the exact same of a big porn site in .com you might end up looking as a partner of the bigger site.

#4 Don’t Use Brand Names in Your Domain

You are not allowed to pick domain names with brand names in it because you can get in trouble for copyright issues. You can not use any part of trade marks in any part of your domain.

Make sure you check there is no similar domain when choosing yours.

#5 Reflects Your Website Niche

Think long term. If you’re starting an adult blog, you can easily come up with a domain name. But on the long term you might expand your website into a video’s site.

Domain name does slightly influence SEO. You have to make sure to include the niche you are in in your domain name.

Pick out the exact niche you want to be in and choose a domain name which reflect that.

Nothing beats having one of the keywords you are trying to rank in your domain name. Google Planner is a great tool to use to find ideas for your domain name. Google Trends is another very good tools for comparing the interest for a particular keyword or phrase over time.

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Buying a Domain vs Registering a New Domain Name

Having an old domain name will not guarantee good rankings. If the domain name had been receiving traffic for a long time, this is a valuable domain. But if the domain was only registered years ago without receiving any traffic, this domain doesn’t have any value.

Places to Buy Established Domains

Flippa has been a good alternative to buy adult domains, but it doesn’t allow adult domains anymore.

If you are going to buy a domain, you also need to take into consideration the past of the domain, the traffic it is getting and particularly if it has been black listed.

Domain parking is also a solution for some domain owners who don’t know what to do with their domains. There’s really no wright or wrong approach.

You might become a successful domain broker and buy and sell domains, if you think you can succeed on this path.


You just need to be creative when choosing a domain name. The name of the domain name is a factor affecting the search results. The domain name for your adult site needs to be catchy and reflect what your site is about.

So, this is my main criteria for choosing a domain name, what is yours?

NameCheap domain is my favorite register.

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If you need any advice in choosing your domain name, then leave a comment below.

Choosing a domain for your site is like choosing a name for your child. I hope this post was helpful you in choosing a domain name for your site.

Thanks for reading!

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