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On November 20, 2020
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xReels is a TikTok clone script made for the adult industry. With xReels you can create your own site like TikTok and monetize it with adult ads networks and adult affiliate programs. It has been set up in a way that your app can be filled with content from the adult affiliate programs. This is a totally passive income way to earn. I highly recommend this script.

In this post I am going to review another great opportunity ta make passive income from the adult industry: creating your own adult app like TikTok. I am certain that you are asking yourself about the practical steps to bring this idea into reality and this is what this article is about. The Adent‘s latest new product launch is called xReels and it is a script for creating an adult app in the model of TikTok.

TikTok is already having great success among users, imagine a TikTok designed specifically for adult content! Without further ado let’s dive in into the features and monetization methods of xReels.

About xReels

Countless competitors have tried to copy the TikTok’s business model.

Video sharing apps are having big success nowadays into the market. xReels is a turnkey script from Adent which is similar to TikTok but for the adult industry. This type of app can attract millions of users just like TikTok. You can also use the script for a non-adult site.

YouPorn has launched its own adult TikTok called SWYP. What makes SWYP interesting is that it offers a custom feed depending on the videos you have watched. xReels is a script which can be used to create an app just like SWYP.

To bring a TikTok experience to the adult industry, Adent created the xReels. xReels is highly optimized for browsing. With this script you can let your visitors share videos just like with TikTok.

When you buy the script you retain complete control over your business without any obligation to Adent. You get a 100% customizable app.
You can adapt your brand identity to it and modify or remove any feature by yourself or a developer hired by you. It is a distraction-free site and you can create different categories in the back end. You have complete control of the website from your admin area.
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What Can You Do with xReals

xReels review

You can create your adult app like TikTok with xReels with many monetization methods, Even though neither the playsore nor the app store allows adult apps, you could market this app outsite of these platforms. You can use xReels for non-adult sites too.

What can users do on the the app? Users can follow other users. Users can record a new video or upload from the existing fields. They can apply filters to existing videos. Users can download videos with your watermark. It also has robust content management system and videos management. You can add, delete or categorize videos as an edmin.

Music management. You can also track and manage the audios uploaded bu the users. The script supports different monetization forms.

The script is well-organized and if you need any modification of the script Adent’s developer’s team can help you with this. xReels is the perfect site to create passive income from adult content. Also, when you buy this script you get lifetime license and access to their future updates.

You can check the live demo of xReels here: live demo

Monetizing – How to Make Money Using xReels

You can integrate ads on your site. You have to sign up in an adult ads network for this. You can prevent the users from skipping the ads for a number of seconds and then show the skip button. It is also integrated with different affiliate programs.

Adent can also add more monetization methods to your site if you ask for a customization.

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  • Fully customizable. You get 100%customizable the source code.
  • Social networking. Users can follow other users.
  • Easy and distraction-free interface.
  • Admin can create different categories where users can categorize their videos.
  • Detailed analytics. Admins can check the analytics of the site.
  • Real-time camera filters
  • Social sharing features to share videos with others
  • Manage background music for the videos
  • Admin can bulk-upload videos from the back end

Pros & Cons


  • Distraction free interface. The videos play automatically so you won’t need to click on play just like on TikTok
  • It can be marketed is TikTok for adult, users already know the model, they would be curious to try a TikTok for adult content
  • Very few competitors with the exact same business model (SWYP created from YouPorn and qwki.xxx are two of them)
  • Great capacity for monetization
  • You can buy xReels with one time payment and you don’t have to make any recurring payments to the company which created this script (Adent)
  • The script is customizable which means that you can make changes to the code
  • Detailed analytics about the app, new users, videos shared etc
  • Prompt after-sales service


  • Google and Android don’t allow adult apps, but you can share it as a search based web app. This only means that users can’t download the app from these platforms but you can send it to them or create a specific web page where you share the app.
  • Like in any other new business your new app needs some marketing to present the product so that people know about its existence


The script costs $1,499 one time payment with no hidden costs. For this price you will get:

  • web app and android app
  • lifetime license
  • free instalation
  • free support for 6 months
  • 100% customizable source code
  • free lifetime upgrades
  • 75% off on VPS hosting
  • free domain

Is it worth it?

Considering the monetization methods and the passive nature of earning with this app, I consider it worth it. Even with a new app with this script it is attainable to make the cost of this script in your first three months. The script supports various monetization methods. You can monetize it with adult ads networks and adult affiliate programs.

The script works and it’s based on an innovative business model. The business model is a proven one (the one of TikTok) and being adapted to the adult industry is the innovative part of this script.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get content? You can get the videos and photos from the adult affiliate programs that you choose to promote. The most important ones have already been integrated on the script. You only have to sign up them and put your affiliate links on the app.

How to market an app built with xReels? The classical ways of marketing adult content that I have described on this blog apply also to marketing your app with xReels.

Additionally, you could contact bloggers to include this app in their article lists of the best adult apps. You could market it on Facebook groups about dating. You could use the porn uploading method to drive users to your app.

You could promote it in your other adult sites if you own any, for example on your tube site. I will write another article in the future on how you can promote an app built with xReels, but for now I will say that all the promotion methods that I have described on this blog also apply to this app.


Making and sharing short videos is very hot today. xReels is an app which works in the model of TikTok for the adult industry.

The script is 100% customizable and with such an app you can attract billions of users who are crazy about short videos. And if you need any further customization, Adent’s developers can help you to make the app more specific to your needs.

With some marketing and with adult affiliate networks this app can be turned into a passive income earning machine.

You simply have to sign in to affiliate programs and adult ad networks and add your affiliate links to monetize this app.

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7 thoughts on “xReels – Adult TikTok Script Review”

  1. This is awesome. Getting to learn more about ways one can make money from rendering adult contents has been a great learning experience for me. From all I have been able to gather and understand from this article, Xreel is a great tool with which one can start his/her adult content based business. The $1,499 one time payment makes it amazing. On the other hand, the cons of this app can be overlooked, as they are normal challenges anyone would face.

  2. What a lovely site u have made. Great work. 

    xReels seems to me to be a suitable tool for making an adult site, but hey, so many people would have already done that. I mean, adult versions of Tiktok must be available by the hundreds. 

    So who would come to my channel? I think there must be other places where xReels can be used more profitably.

    Thanks for a great review though.


    • Hello Aparna, there are not a lot of TikTok clone sites for the adult industry, in fact just the two mentioned in the article. Of course, it can be profitable with proper marketing. 

  3. Wahoo, thank you for another eye-opener. It is good to know that xreel can be used for both adult and non-adult apps. What excites me most is the ability to monetize these apps. Good enough we can do it with ads and also prevent users from skipping the adds. Although Google will not allow adult apps but sharing it as a search based web app will make a lot of difference 

  4. This has been really interesting to read through and I think it’ll be a very good idea to have something as nice as a tiktok for adult contents separately, this will make it safe for adults to use it and also it’ll give people the pleasure they desire. I think the price is really way too expensive. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hello there!, you really have a nice wisdom in trying to get an application like this, like this is so eventful and creative, the reason I said this is because if all app have the adult and normal apps , the children or young teenagers who uses some app will not be exposed to porn pictures while using a certain app. I love the invention of Xreel. Well done man.

  6. Hello there!

    That is really an awesome piece you have there. This is eye-opening article to great opportunities that can help anyone who readily works in an adult industry or aims to work in an adult industry, make more huge passive income at more convenience. I believe this is an opportunity for the wise, I hope they utilize it.

    Thanks for that great guide.


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