How to Make Money on Chaturbate as an Affiliate or a Webcam Model

As the title suggests, there are two ways to make money on Chaturbate: as an affiliate or as a webcam model. Even though this sites is dedicated to affiliates, I am going to share with you some knowledge about making money as a webcam model on Chaturbate too; please sign up through my affiliate link is you are not a member yet.

Why I Suggest Chaturbate to Make Money as a Webcam Girl

In my opinion Chaturbate is the best wecam site compared to other webcam sites. On other webcam sites you have to wait for someone to take you on private while on Chaturbate you don’t have to wait and you can just perform while others tip you. People can ask you for privates too.

Chatubate by far is the most popular webcam site out of all the adult live sex webcam sites. They rank with the top tube sites like PornHub. However, Chatubate is a webcam site. Now there are actually two ways of earning money on Chatubate.

The first way you can earn money on Chatubate is by broadcasting yourself live on your own webcam. If you have never webcammed and are interested in trying it, Chaturbate has the most traffic over all the other webcam sites. They currently rank at #67 in the United States and #143 Globally.  If you know anything about Alexa and website ranking, those numbers are phenomenal.

If you want to webcam, you simply need a good laptop, good internet, and a good webcam. I would suggest looking at Chatubate to get ideas and see what other models are doing to bring in a lot of viewers to their rooms and rake in all those tokens. For starters, you need a good quality HD webcam. The most recommended webcam amongst cammers is the Logitech C920.

It’s an external webcam and is high definition and with good lighting, will make you really pop on screen. You really never want to use a built-in webcam, because sites are all streaming in HD. If your not in HD, you really won’t get too much traffic.  You can find the C920 for under $50 on sites like Amazon or eBay.

Secondly, you need a good laptop. Most webcam models use laptops that are i7 processors. The reason an i7 processor is important is that your FPS or Frames Per Second matter. A high frame per second value appears as smoother, more professional video. A low number may look choppy. That will impact who stays in your free chatroom.

Lastly, you need to have very good internet. You should be streaming at upload speeds of 10 Mbps and download of 100 Mbps. This will improve your round trip time and your bitrate. Streaming at a higher bitrate delivers better overall audio/video quality. The round trip time you want to minimize the data transfer time between your computer and their servers will reduce the delay in your chat room.

Once you have that setup, you will simply send over identification showing your over 18 years of age and set up how you would like to be paid. From there you can stream and earn money by earning tokens. Chatubate is a tipping site. So, they use the token system.

Each token is worth 5 cents each to the model. So you can ask for things like 100 tokens for a boob flash, 500 tokens to give a blow job on a dildo or set a goal for a countdown show. You can also except private shows and group shows for up to 90 tokens per minute. So, if you would like to get more information on how to make money in the adult industry visit my page at

One interesting thing about Chaturbate is that after you register on it, the first 7 days you are going to be featured on the first page. Well this is very important to use and if you are very desperate for money fast, this is the best way to make a lot of money fast. Cam all day for those 7 days and make money fast.

Never give someone you What’s up because they can track your number and they can find your address.

Your Cam Can Always Be Recorded

First of all keep in mind that people can record your shows and put them on porn sites. So if you don’t want to be identified, only show your body and not your face, of you can show them separately like showing only your face at the beginning, just you looking at the computer, and then shoowing only your body. They would not be able to prove that it is your body.

An Amateur Girl Can Earn a Lot of Money

Certainly, it’s an easy way to make money while also relaxing.

Everyone is different, but in my opinion and from my experience an amateur girl can easily make $10-$20 on Chaturbate in a day (while being online only two hours).

Well, a lot of girl on Chaturbate make a lot more, but I am talking about realistic expectations for the average girl here. And obviously the easiest way to make the money is with private shows. So, set your private show rate to 6 or 12 tokens per minute and wait for men to contact you asking if you can wear something special or do something special for them on cam or simply get naked for them on cam.

How Much Do Webcam Models Make

I personally make $300-$1000 a month. I do it just for fun. This is for maybe 30 to 40 hours per month or so.

As for private shows you can set your own price per minutes and you can set your price as low as 6 tokens per minute, which I would recommend setting it to 12. 6 tokens per minute is the lowest in the industry compared to other cam sites.

Becoming an Affiliate

So that for one is one way you can earn money with Chatubate. The second alternative is you can be an affiliate for Chatubate. An affiliate is someone who advertises for the website and earns a commission. One of the oldest and most popular Chatubate affiliate programs is getting free sign-ups.

Each free signup is $1.00 each. So, think about that, if you could send traffic to the website via advertising on your adult website, and 100 people visit Chatubate and signup, you just made $100.00.  Of course, no website, wants junk traffic.  So, as an affiliate, it is your job to find quality traffic to send to the website.  If a website finds out your sending them garbage and bots, you will lose your earnings and your account will be banned.

There is also, 20% rev share, broadcaster signups can you earn you $50 after the model earns their first $20, and then there is 5% rev-share for webmasters. So, if you would like to learn more about how to earn money as a Chatubate affiliate, visit my page at this article for more information.

Here’s a great video guide on how to recruit cam models:

These are two rather easy methods for making some side cash with the most popular webcam site right now. Chatubate has thousands of models streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This site started off in February of 2011 and is now the number one website, so that tells you something right there. This beats out websites that have been around for over twenty years. So, remember visit my site and you can get more information there on how to make money with Chatubate.

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