What Is an Adult Affiliate and How to Make Good Money as an Adult Affiliate

What Is an Adult Affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual linked to a particular product or service as an advertiser or a promoter and gets earns an income for his effort.  An affiliate can decide which program to promote. If you decide to promote an adult program, then you can be called an adult affiliate. What is an adult affiliate? Continue reading to find out more.what is an adult affiliate

An adult affiliate is an individual earning some money by simply promoting an adult website or adult program, product or service. Adult websites usually place videos and images on their websites with the videos and images embedded with links. The affiliate is allowed to place these videos and images on his adult blog. Anyone clicking on these videos and images will be taken back to the adult program’s website. The affiliate is then paid for every visitor that he leads to that adult program.

Many bloggers feel the process is complicated, hence their inability to make some cool money off this program. Many also feel the time, money and effort spent on setting things up may not yield a corresponding profit.

Adding a couple of posts per day can earn you a few hundreds of dollars per day. If you are adding a couple of links per day without making any money, then you need to review how you do things.

In this write-up, you will be held by the hand and taught how to start making money as an adult webmaster. Do you already have an adult blog and it is generating considerable traffic? Then you should follow the tips given here to start making money from that adult blog of yours.

Choose a sponsor

You need to choose an adult website where you can get adult contents to be posted on your website. Or better still, a sponsor is the adult program that you want to promote and earn money doing so.  Before you choose a sponsor, first determine who your visitors are. Who are those that read your blog? What type of adult content do you think they will be interested in? What type of adult content would they love to watch? Look for an adult program that has those preferences and make them your sponsors.

Do you post sexy women on your adult blog or do you post sexy webcam on it? You can make Chaturbate your sponsor. Do you have an adult dating site or your audience love milf women? Then one of the best adult programs to promote on your adult blog is CrakRevenue.

Sign up for their affiliate program

After deciding the program to promote, it is time to sign up for the affiliate program offered by that sponsor. The process involved is very easy and straightforward. You only need to provide the affiliate signup details required by the adult program. Many of the adult programs will accept you automatically after you sign up, while some other ones will want to investigate a new affiliate before accepting him. Crakrevenue, for example, falls in the latter category, whereas Chaturbate accepts affiliates automatically after signup.

Log in to search for content

The adult websites have a series of contents in their library, and you can choose any of the contents to post on your adult blog. What is more, additional contents are added on a regular basis to provide the affiliate with fresh contents to promote. After you have posted the adult image or video on your website, the images will be updated for you anytime new contents are available on the adult website. The adult website, aside from providing you with images and videos to promote, will also provide you with an affiliate link. You are required to embed the images or videos with your affiliate link.

How to use your affiliate link

Most of the adult programs will provide you with two promotion options, which include the following:

  • Promotion of Pay Per Signup (PPS)
  • Promotion of Revenue Share (Rev Share)

In a PPS program, the affiliate is required to send traffic to the adult program, and he gets paid for every person that signs up for the adult program through the affiliate’s link. The amount earned from PPS is flat for each person that signs up; nothing extra is ever given. If you have an adult blog capable of retaining its visitors, you may prefer the Rev Share option to PPS. In the Rev Share option, you will be paid on a monthly basis a share of what the members that signed up through your link pay.

If for example, the Rev Share is 50% and each member has to pay $30 every month for membership renewal, you will end up being paid $15 for every person that registers through your affiliate link in the Rev Share program. You will be paid this amount for as long as the member continues to pay. If you have up to 100 people in the Rev Share from your affiliate link that simply means you can earn some cool $1500 on a monthly basis provided all of them renew their memberships monthly. Bear in mind that you can switch between Rev Share and PPS anytime you like.

How to create your post

If your blog gets consistent traffic on a regular basis, then you can post contents on the website to get them further glued to the site. You can create posts of the videos you have recently added to your adult blog. Do not forget to embed your affiliate link in the image or video posted on your website. Instead of videos or images, you can also add a text link or banner to the website. You should make the content interesting and creative as that you can keep your visitors engaged; this way, you can achieve your affiliate end goal without working so hard.

Features of Chaturbate

Chaturbate combines masturbation with conversation. You can make money on this adult platform as an affiliate by referring models and visitors. Today, it remains one of the largest adult cam platforms.  Each of the chat rooms on Chaturbate is included with a live amateur webcam stream. You can check out hundreds of live masturbation webcams here. You can find various models taking their audience through horny sessions.

The visitors to Chaturbate are required to tip their favorite models so that the latter can continue exciting them with horny activities. Members, who do not want the excitement to end, will have to send tips to the models so that the horny shows can continue unabated.  What is more, any member that wants something more personal can request for a private show with the model. The website is both sexy and addictive.  It first launched in 2011 and had grown over the years to become a really popular adult community for every participant, both members, and broadcasters (models).

Today, Chaturbate has up to 153,000 twitter followers, which makes the site the most followed of all the cam sites online today. It is also ranked as the 213th most popular websites in the world.

The rooms in are categorized into the following:

  • Couple Cams
  • Male cams
  • Female cams
  • Transgender cams
  • Featured

The couple cams are the most popular of all the cam sites on Chaturbate today. You can equally navigate the website by various geographical locations, like the Philippines, Asian, Russian and Europe.  Sign up on Chaturbate is free, but you will have to pay if you must access premium content on the website. Members will only have to pay $10.99 for 100 tokens on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate affiliate program

The affiliate can earn $1.00 for every free signup.  What is more, you will get paid your affiliate revenue without any email verification.

As a member, you can earn 20% rev share on every token you buy from referral traffic, or you can get paid $1 on every tier 1 signup, $0.10 on tier 2 signup and $0.01 on tier 3 signup.

Every registered user that earns $20 by broadcasting chaturbate will be paid $50. There is no link code required for this.  The affiliate will also be credited if a broadcaster decides to signup under his affiliate link code.

The affiliate will be paid 5% rev-share on every referred webmaster.  There is also no special link code required.

Features of Crakrevenue

Crakrevenue affiliate program will give you access to over 1000 offers. You can make money by promoting any of these offers. The affiliate programs on Crakrevenue are highlighted below:

  • Active affiliate
  • VIP affiliate
  • Elite club

Active affiliate

Its features are highlighted below:

  • Lifetime referral program (5%)
  • The affiliate will have access to hundreds of offers, which can include kick-ass brands
  • The affiliate will have access to a Help Desk

VIP affiliate

  • The affiliate will have access to an annual 3 days Payout Bump
  • There is also access to Exclusive promotions
  • There is also a one-month referral bump of 10%
  • Several exclusive offers are available
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

Elite club

The affiliate will enjoy the following:

  • Memorable Christmas gift
  • Annual 10 days payout bump
  • One-month Referral Bump of 20%.

You can visit here
to learn more about this adult affiliate program and how you can start profiting from it.


The details provided above will help you to start as an adult affiliate.  You can now see that being an adult affiliate is not rocket science.  Be that as it may, you should never stop learning since new strategies come up regularly in the adult affiliate program.  You can learn more about adult affiliate programs here.


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  1. Impressive! I am in the online affiliate marketing business but thought I would start checking out how the adult affiliate business works. I never looked into affiliate programs like Chaturbate or Crakrevenue. 

    Compared to mainstream affiliate programs are there any special rules and regulations to follow when applying to adult affiliate programs?

    Phenomenal post. Keep up the great work

    • Hello Paul, thank you for your comment. On Chaturbate you get approved instantly as an affiliate, you just have to create a regular account and your affiliate link will be included on it. On Crakrevenue, they will review your application and you have to provide them your website so that they can review it’s potential to promote to people. So you have to show them how you plan to promote their offers. If you have an average acceptable website which is able to make money or a feasible strategy to promote them, they are going to approve your account and you can start making money.

  2. I agree that creating adult affiliate business is no rocket science and can be done thanks to your guidance. You’ve also enlightened me about Chaturbate, and I will be reading more of your posts to understand this field even more. There are so many people looking for adult content of all kinds and I am sure I can make good money as an adult affiliate.Cheers

  3. Thanks for this timely information. Sex and porn sell like cracks today. And not until recently I got to know that one can profit from adult stuff. I am not really used to adult things I only visit it once in a while if I want my wife and I to watch it to add spices to our romance. Well this will be a great of making money for people in 2019. Thank God we are not deliberating if the platforms will pay or not. 

    The strategy you have taught us here can even be use to get sales to other non adult products one just need to apply the right application. 

  4. Thanks for your explanation of how the adult affiliate works , The adult industry is having lots of publicity now than before and as a result lots of new entrepreneurs are picking interest in the adult business. Alot of questions have been answered by this post.Are there any differences between the adult affiliate program and the regular affiliate program


    • Hello Zucchi, thank you for your comment. In my experience the main difference between promoting an adult affiliate program and a regular affiliate program is that while promoting an adult product it is easier to get a lot of traffic but it is difficult to make that traffic convert. People will come to your site for the free porn but it is 100x more difficult to make them convert.


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