Top Reasons Why Adult Affiliates Will NOT Succeed

You heard about the potential of adult affiliate marketing and you decided to become an adult affiliate. You put the work to it, but still no results or just mediocre ones.

Thousands of new adult sites are created every day. But most webmasters who start a new adult website quit within the first two months.

I am going to go straight about this: making money in the adult industry is not easy, getting traffic to your site is not easy.

Here are nine reasons why adult affiliate marketers fail:

Reason #1: A Free Domain Name

You can definitely create an adult website with a free domain name and if you are willing to create one I would suggest xAggregate, you will simply have to add new videos (there are millions of them online) and manage the site from the admin back end.

No coding is necessary and xAggregate is a content generating machine, videos can be added from popular tube sites just in a few clicks.

With all these videos you will be able to attract a lot of traffic and monetize it through ads.

Your site with xAggregate is going to look like Tubegalore or GiantTube.

Reason #2: The homepage distract people and they never join

There are adult affiliates who lead people to a sign up form and not in a homepage. Crakrevenue has a lot of offers with great landing pages, R18 is good for the Asian niche.

Reason #3: Offers which are free to join but require a credit card number

No one is willing to give their credit card number to offers which are free to join, they of course will think about why is it needed. This looks shady and all people with a little common sense don’t give their credit card number to anyone. Usually a government ID or a driver’s license is used for the age verification process.

As for getting people to sign up for free it is necessary to use a lot of traffic methods, including the ones on social media like Twitter and Tumbrl.

Reason #4: Not using a PLUGIN to monetize their adult WordPress site

The best plugin to monetize your adult site the WP-plugin developed from Crakrevenue and it’s free.

A plugin will allow you to display ads like pop up and pop under on your site.

Crakrevenue plugin


Reason # 5: Not creating quality content

Most webmasters expect to make money fast once they get started. When they don’t make money fast, they quit. There are a lot more adult affiliates getting started, you need to create something unique in order to get the traffic. Google and other search engines will reward you for the hard work.

There is nothing better than quality content. Instead of trying to find tricks to get traffic from your website, do know that the best way to get traffic to your site is to create quality content which visitors will love and will come to your site to watch.

Reason #6: Creating a generic adult site

With a generic adult site you would have to compete against the big porn sites like PornHub and RedTube, it will be too difficult. Instead, it would be wise to create a niche adult site.

Suggested read: Adult Niche Site vs General Tube Site: Which One is Better?

Reason #7: They expect results instantly

The fact is that it takes a few months to start seeing any results from a new website. During the faster months you need to find the motivation to work on your website and not expect to see instant results. However, there are ways to get results a bit faster even in the first month of the life of the website.

One method which I have tried and which proved to be effective was posting the link of my new website to my old website, so I was getting traffic to my new website from my old one. For this to be effective, the page in which you post the link of your new website needs to be very relevant to the topic of your new website. This way you will receive targeted traffic which is very possible to turn into conversions. I have experienced a few conversions using this method during the first month of my new website.

A lot of affiliates give up when they don’t see results during the first month. When you promote a product and you fail to get conversions with it. consider trying a new product. You will discover that some products convert better than other.

It actually IS possible to make money with affiliate marketing. So, if you fail at first, this only means that you haven’t yet found the right path. Sometimes it might feel like a waste of time, but affiliate marketing has the potential to make you passive income in the long run and that’s why it is worth it.

Reason #8: Not treating your online business seriously

A business, online or offline, requires a lot of work. Be willing to put the work into your online business. Work in a hasty manner and do not try to look for shortcuts or tricks to make money faster with your website. If you do the work, you are going to see the results. Follow the advice of the people who have already achieved success in this industry and try new things if you come across of good ideas.

Reason #9: Failing to have an effective system

Schedule time to work on your online business and carefully follow your plan. There are some steps you need to take regularly to see results.

You need to identify the tasks which are necessary to be performed every day, the ones which are necessary to be performed every week and the ones which are necessary to be performed every month for your online business. Adult affiliate marketing is similar to affiliate marketing in any other industry, that’s why some basic knowledge of affiliate marketing is necessary. Consider taking any affiliate marketing training.

Learning on your own will take a lot of time and errors and frustration. You need a coach whom you can ask questions.

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