How to Make Money Using Kik: An Adult Guide to Earning at a Speed of Chat

As a teenager, chatting with strangers on Omelge was my favourite pass time.

How Models Make Money with Kik Sexting

Making money online sounds like nothing new to our ears. But to make money by sexting? Now that’s a side hustle we don’t get to hear everyday.

Sexting is indeed a business. Oh yes it is! What you only need to know is the right platform for you to start it right away. Worry not, we’re here to help you out!

This is where Kik comes into the narrative. It is a popular messaging app which will allow users to make connections and text with other people over your phone. That pretty much sounds great to start a sexting business.

But before we proceed, I’m just excited to say that there is an exciting gift that awaits you at the end of the article! Make sure to check it out!

Getting started with Kik:

Kik differentiates itself with other competitor’s apps through a distinctive yet controversial approach— as it targets a specific demographic. With this, the app likely appeals to the teenage crowd because of its emphasis on privacy and anonymity.

Truth be told, the app is known by many users to be very popular for sexting. However, it is important to take note that technically speaking Kik is not an adult business app. And that is the reason why making money directly using Kik, is just difficult.

As Kik’s features fall in line with current texting standards, you can use the following four methods below to monetize and make money with Kik messenger online:

1. Works Like A SnapChat Takeover

If you have ever heard of stories of models who are making money by selling their account access to people, then Kik works in just a similiar manner.

2. Cam sites

This next method is through selling your account access to cam sites— allowing token based payments from the users. With users buying tokens on these sites will then make payments for your Kik messenger access through the same tokens they use for tipping the cam models.

3. Custom product listing

It’s like listing a custom digital product on an eCommerce site to receive direct payments from the clients.

As mentioned earlier, there are limitations when it comes to making money using this app alone.

1. First thing, this app is primary a personal messaging app developed for personal usage. Kik is not for business, and is not meant for monetizing. This limits users for as there is no inbuilt payment option for getting paid or even managing subscriptions.

2. In connection with the first one, arises unreliable third party subscriptions. This means that you have to manage the account access and user subscriptions manually.

3. Third, its just camning sites dont allow it. not allow selling or promotion of any form of outside property. With this, most of such sites will ban you if you even try selling a Kik account during a cam session.

But worry not, with all the limitations mentioned on the list, led us to developing the xChat solution, which is the perfect way to resolve such concerns.

make money using kik

xChat – a Solution for the Sexting Business

Imagine having full control with your sexting business, with no limitations like what’s mentioned earlier. The thing about xChat is that it is an open-source sexting app builder, crafted out of years of observations, through research and inputs from veterans in the industry.

What is xChat?

xChat is your key to create and launch your own custom sexting app and start a sex chat business. Oh but its different this time. As I say business, I do not mean sexting with the individuals.

Now, you can be your own boss in the adult industry! Through launching a sexting app, all adult industry professionals and models will be able to make use of, sex-chatting and also making money.

xChat: What are its Quality Features?

Model Sign-Up

  • It lets model to sign-up and create their usernames, and set-up their model profile.

Normal User

  • It lets individual users sign-up, buy tokens, and spend it on sexting with the models.

Admin Panel

You have access to a versatile admin panel that can be used to view the reports, see models’ earnings, set token rates, set charges-per-message, and personalize features for the users.

Integrated payment

  • You can make payouts to the models using redemption dashboard and integrated admin-to-models PayPal payout system. Admin commission will be deducted as per rates setup by you.


  • Monetization channel is pay-per-message.

Token System

  • You can create your own token packages which users can buy tokens and use to sext with the models.

Reverse token revenue system

  • No token deduction if users send a message to the models. Deduction only when the model replies back. Saves the depletion of tokens if models do not reply to the users.

Custom Commission System

You can decide about the commission level that models are going to get paid.

Why Models Would Love It

Oh! This is what you should be on the lookout for. It is built perfectly with all the Kik’s limitations eliminated, at least the models who depend on Kik messenger online would love your app too.

1. It has a use-friendly interface—

Offering more intuitive and easy navigation for a sexting activity, xChat features exceptional features from these general messengers too.

This includes features like, live typing, clean layout, integrated payments, password-free login, earning reports, and easy cash out make this app a perfect combination of sexting and popular texting apps.

2. It has an advanced layer of privacy—

XChat serves as a life-saver for its interface and program does not share the model’s personal information. Blocking option is also available for all users too.

3. It has an Impenetrable—

This is what models would surely love. Fact is, nobody likes to have their sense of online security be taken away from them. With this, the experts who have worked for popular names requiring impenetrable privacy controls created the app. Techs like Native Java, Objective C and MEAN Stack have been used to offer the best security features.

xModel: The Perfect Turn-key Membership for Models with Live Streaming

As we provide more viable options for you to start earning online, it is important to know that xModel is just a way for models to start a paid membership site!

Imagine having an easy-to-navigate turn-key solution specifically made for porn stars, cam girls, and internet models to have access to an instant and fast live streaming, member customization options.

Yes, that is exactly how xModel works. You just have to simply install it and you’ll have all these great features. And the best part? It has amazing monetization channels packed with the most popular paid membership features.

Through this powerful software, you’ll have more ways to get paid with the ability to sell tokens, membership tiers, physical products, and videos.

Truly, xModel is highly-stable, secure, and scalable where models can create their paid membership site— right away!

What is xModel, and who needs it?

This incredible software was created by industry veterans to give you all the tools you need to run a successful modeling business online.

For any model that is trying to brand themselves and grow their fanbase online, this is for you!

It is made so that anyone could use it no matter their tech knowledge.

This made making money with xModel simple. The interface is just clean, and you can personalize it to your heart’s desire.

In line with this, it’s built with multiple monetization options already installed so that you’ll be equipped with the tools to earn the money you just rightfully deserve.

What you can expect with xModel:

  • Paid membership subscription options
  • eCommerce store integration
  • Live webcam streaming with a virtual token system
  • Social feed integration
  • Custom blog module
  • Calendar events
  • Multiple payment gateways and more

Because it comes stocked with popular features like token payments, e-commerce integration, and live streaming, models will have everything they need to grow their business—fans will truly love it too!

Lets do a short recap:

In the messaging industry, it is for a fact that Kik, SnapChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the biggest names that most people would know about. However, these apps are not build them for the kind of privacy, that is very much needed for making money on sexting with other users.

There will always be fear of getting banned, and or loosing your data, and money which you’ve worked hard for so long. All these apps can only be used for just the temporary arrangements, as models have to find third-party monetization channels just to make money.

Hence, that is what xChat is made for. This is the time where you become an entrepreneur, of a unexplored and growing niche!

This is how you adopt to the trend used by models to make money with Kik messenger online and other sources, but better! The app is not only made for sexting but also allows personalized and integrated monetization channels to make money.

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