TubeAce Review: Are There Better Alternatives?

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On October 22, 2020
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TubeAce is a tube site script. It costs $80. It has all the features that a tube site should have, but it has poor support. Also, it is overpriced for what it offers.

When you want to create an adult site, it is best to use a script which has been created for adult sites. Firstly, using a script that is built for adult sites saves you loads of time. It has things like pornstar directories, photo galleries and keyword importing, for example, already built-in. So you can make your porn site look great while using all of the built-in features to your advantage. Secondly, using a script that was built for an adult site means that visitors to your site will feel right at home. They will instantly recognise the features of your porn site and can just jump on and start enjoying your content.

However, which are the best scripts to use for an adult site? Many people use TubeAce for their adult sites, but is this the best option? Well, here is my experience with TubeAce and why I am leaning towards an alternative.

TubeAce – Hands-on experience


Some features that all adult sites should have


Over-priced for the quality

Technical problems

Unresponsive customer support

I have been using TubeAce on my adult tube site for a while, and I have run into several problems. So many, in fact that I am no longer using TubeAce for my adult sites. TubeAce looks great on the outside and would certainly be a go-to option for most adult sites if they provided everything they claimed. TubeAce offers unlimited support and script updates, which is great. They also have a lot of features that an adult site needs too: pornstar links, video importing and keyword importing, for example.

So, TubeAce should get a thumbs up, right? Especially as they are offering everything an adult site needs for $80, sounds great, right? Well, as I was building my adult site with the TubeAce script, I ran into problems and found their script to be very limiting too. I sent them a message, and I have been waiting for two weeks and still haven’t received a response. So, my adult site is just not moving forward with TubeAce. So, what is the best alternative to TubeAce?

The best alternative


Excellent customer support

Can be used on multiple adult sites

Thousands of plug-ins and themes available


So far none

My alarm bells started ringing about TubeAce when I saw that no other adult tube site on Google was using it. This is when I started seeking an alternative and found WP-script. I am so glad I found this script and will be using it for all of my adult sites from now on. You can choose easy to use themes and choose from loads of plug-ins to easily make any type of porn site that you want. For any adult site creator, WP-script is a must-have, it makes the entire process of making a fantastic adult site easy. Plus, buying the plug-in allows you to use it on up to five adult sites too.

I am using three of their themes right now and their CleanTube Plug-in. I haven’t had any issues with these adult themes. Yet, I know they have exceptional customer support if I do run into any problems. WP-script has so many features too, including access to 68 video sources, pornstar profiles, mobile sites and unlimited websites too.

If you want to use WP-script for your next adult site, there’s a fantastic discount on WP-script right now. That means using the best script for adult sites that I have ever used is ever better! To find out more about making free porn sites and money from those sites, check out my site!

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