How to Make Money with Chaturbate as an Affiliate

Chaturbate is the best adult affiliate program that has been making me money for years. It is well known that Chaturbate has the best conversion rates and it has been making millions for a lot of affiliates during the last years.

Chaturbate has the highest number of users and I recommend that you promote their Revshare program, you will get 20% of all the money spent by your referrals for life. And if you want to broadcast, you can start making money right away.

The best way to promote Chaturbate is through your adult webcam site. If you don’t have one, you can create one using this tutorial.

How to Create a Webcam Website (Best Cam Site Script): Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

You can also put Chaturbate ads on your porn site, if you have one. I have tried a lot of webcam affiliate programs and I have to say that Chaturbate is the best converting one.


My Experience with Chaturbate

Here are my Chaturbate earnings in the month of July 2018, I earn by referring members and webcam models, as I have indicated in the picture:

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Chaturbate is a leader in this industry and its program made a lot of millionaires over the years. My experience has beed very much the best with this company. I have 20 webcam sites and I promote Chaturbate in all of them, I have made 5 figures with Chaturbate over the years, and no, I am not an expert and I have’t spend to much money on SEO, to be exact I spent about $100 a year on backlinks.

And I just spent one or two hours a day working on it.

You can make tons of money with this program, but don’t expect to start earning right away from revshare, you will have to refer a number of members who spend money on models. Imagine if you get just 10 guys who spend let’s say $200 a month, you could make $400 from them.

At this point I earn about 4k a month with them and the payments are always on time. They are easy to work with and they have a lot of options to promote. At first, I used to make just a couple of bucks a month but as my sites grew, I started getting more and more traffic and more and more commissions.

Chaturbate vs Other Webcam Affiliate Programs

Even that they pay less than some other sites on commissions, their offers convert a lot better, I did come split tests and I have made more money with them compared to some other affiliate programs.

Their conversion rate in 2018 is not as good as it used to be, which is normal for affiliate programs which start to mature and get more and more populated, but still they are my number one site to promote. They are free to join and the sign up process is very easy.

I am a bit surprised that I was not able to get as good earnings with BongaCams since their sign up process is free too. But I think that they are kind of dishonest because I have sent them a lot of traffic and the conversions were not as good.

Buying Traffic

I have been an adult affiliate for so many years and I can say that there is no easy way to get a lot of adult traffic fast and for free. Social media is good for this but their traffic does not convert as good as organic traffic.

I would suggest that you create your own webcam site with great content on it which users love and ranks well in the search engines. Nothing converts better than organic traffic on your site. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to get traffic from SEO only. Also I want to mention that this post will help you to get more traffic to your adult site:

How to Promote a Webcam Site to Get More Traffic

I have also created a post on how to create a webcam adult site, if you are promoting adult webcam sponsors, this is what I highly recommend:

How to Make Your Own Webcam Site: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Newbies

You just have to add a plugin and it will automatically populate your site with live webcam models (the ones who are broadcasting on the biggest cam sites live) and it will update with new models every few minutes. If you would like to see better SEO results you would have to SEO the titles and descriptions and add some keyword rich blog posts.

I have created my sites with the Roboscript (mentioned in the post) and I am getting more and more traffic on them. Social media traffic works but nowhere near as very targeted traffic from Google.

Forget about buying traffic, only very experienced affiliates who have tested thinks over and over are able to make money with bought traffic, most affiliates fail miserably. SEO takes time to show results and you might need to learn how to do it, if you don’t know, but it really pays of in the end and you will be happy with your earnings.


Chaturbate is the best converting webcam affiliate program, I have used them for years and I never had a problem getting paid by them. Nothing bad to say about this company, they are doing things the right way.

They have all kind of webcams and models are choosing them because they have a lot of members which pay, it’s easier to make money on Chaturbate, even an amatour could. If you are with Chaturbate and your traffic is not convertiong, then your traffic is the problem, no other affiliate program will convert better then them.

Sign Up on Chaturbate Here and Start Earning Online

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