Selling Sex Toys Online – The Complete Guide

How to Make Money Selling Sex Toys Online

I have started a sex toy business and I’m making more than $2,500/month with it. in 2020 it is one of the fastest growing businesses with very high potential for the future.

Starting a sex toy business is not that difficult, I have done it and you can do it too, I will show you how in this guide.

Why the Sex Toy Business

Sex toys sell like crazy.

The sex toy industry was a 50 billion industry in 2020 with growing projections in the future years. Why not take a part of this growing business?

People are valuing sex toys more and more, they are not anymore just a thing to see in porn, the average person is buying sex toys, some sex shops online and offline have been opened even in underdeveloped countries and in countries which still have a closed mindset towards sex related topics.

The keywords are plenty, every year get launched a new kind of sex toy and the searches for that type of sex toy boom, there are people who are into experimenting with new sex toys, a new kind of pleasure is what a lot of people are searching for.

As with other businesses, in the sex toy industry it is better to go niche than to try to sell sex toys of any kind, yes, the sex toy topic is not niche enough. First of all, there are sex toys for males, females, couples, gay people.

The reasons to go niches that your traffic will be more targeted.

Before you choose your niche, here are some statistics on sex toy usage from September 2017. These can help you know more about the kind of sex toys people are using most.

You can also start a website in only one language targeted only to one country, the opportunities with this strategy are big too.

How to Make Money Selling Sex Toys Online

These are some big companies and some small websites which are into the business of selling sex toys online.

The first thing you need to do before creating your website is searching for keywords.

Try to find keywords which are long tail (with a lot of words in them).

For creating a sex toy website there are two options:


With this option you can sell the products of only one company, this option is ok, but I wouldn’t recommend this option. In this -case the website will handle the drop shipping and you would get a commission of 40-60% on every sale. One disadvantage of this option is that you can’t customize your site as you want it. Some whitelabels are free and others request for a one time payment, and others request a monthly payment too.

Talking about the disadvantages, what you get in return is a ready made website, which I don’t think it’s really worth it because you could create a website yourself very easily, as I will show you.

People’s favorite sex toy script: Check it HERE

THE DEMO looks fabulous: Check the DEMO HERE

Create your own website

You can create your website very easily with WordPress, here are the steps:

  • buy a hosting and a domain (I would recommend Fastcomet, you will get a free domain when you buy the hosting and it supports all kinds of adult content)
  • You can use drop shipping, but I would recommend using affiliate marketing.

When building your website take inspiration from the biggest sex toy websites out there.

How to Create Your Sex Toys Website

Step 1: Buy a Hosting and a Domain

The first thing that you need to do is buy a hosting and a domain, in this step you have to be careful because not all hosting companies support adult related content, including selling adult toys. Fastcomet is the only hosting company which is ok with every type of adult content.

This hosting costs $59 a year and you will get a free domain with it (if you buy a domain separately is costs about $12). It has the greatest technical support and you can be sure that your site will never be down, their support is live 24/7.

You also have to choose a domain for your site, I recommend you choose a .com or a .net because they tend to rank better and also choose a domain without dashes because they tend to rank better, for example: – OK – not so good

To buy the Fastcomet hosting, go to the Fastcomet landing page.

Click on “START” and choose your hosting plan, if you want to create just one site, choose the first option which will cost you $59.

FastComet hosting homepage.

Now you have to choose the duration of your hosting plan, I recommend that you choose one year.

You don’t needs the add ons that they offer, so just uncheck them, they will only raise your price if you buy them and you don’t really need them.

Step 2: Install WordPress

In this part I am going to show you how to install WordPress on the Fastcomet hosting as it can vary from hosting to hosting:

Log in to Fastcoemt account, click on Products –> My/Products –> View Details –> CPanel, like shown in the pictures below:

Scroll down and click on WordPress.

In the Software setup section:

  • Choose protocol – https://
  • Choose domain – write your domain name
  • Directory – leave it empty

Choose a username and password to log into WordPress an click on Install.

Step 3: Buy xMarketplace™ – Adult eCommerce Website Script with Dropshipping API

This is the easiest way to start our sex toy business, you can start selling today with this script, and it comes with a Dropshipping API, which means that you can add more then 70,000 sex toys automatically to your site and start selling them. Your site will work perfectly among all the devices and you won’t need any special technical skills to operate the site, except using WordPress.

Check their Live Demo here.

Buy xMarketplace

Step 4: Sign Up to Sex Toys Affiliate Programs and Promote Them

Choose a couple of adult toys affiliate programs and register on them. List sex toys to your site in the form of an e-commerce site and bring the visitors to the big sites to the toys.

Step 5: Drive Traffic to Your Adult Sex Toy Store

I think that unlike other sites, you have to use PPC (pay-per-click) ads for this kind of business.

People who are searching for a specific sex toy are there to buy it, so people who will land on your website, are very targeted ready to buy customers, you have get as many as these possible, and the way to do this is ppc.

For ppc you don’t have to worry about the competition when searching for keywords, just choose keywords which have a decent amount of traffic. Aim for keywords which have the “buy/purchase” word in them, this way only people who are looking to buy will land on your page.

Trust me, it’s not that difficult to get sales in this business, there are a lot of people who are looking to buy sex toys every day and they would be happy to buy them from you.

Let’s say you spent $100 in PPC and you get 1,000 visitors a day to your site. The average conversion rate for this kind of traffic is 3%, so you would make 30 sales per day. The average commission for one sale is $15, so you would be making 15 x 30 = $450, taking off the expenses, you could easily make $250 per day.

Some Things to Take Into Consideration Before You Start

Selling sex toys online is illegal in some countries like Malaysia and India.

Amazon is selling sex toys in a much lower price than other show, maybe this could be an opportunity for drop shipping, buying on Amazon and selling people with a higher price in you online store.

As with any other website it is Google to check your traffic by using Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which are both free to use.


I hope this article was helpful for you and you can always contact me at


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  3. What are some of the legality issues for operating toy store online and how do we find them out? I assume each state is different with laws and regulations

    • There are some laws for email marketing. Some states prohibit the marketing of certain products. Before utilizing email marketing make sure to find the laws regulating this marketing. There are also laws for using the images and videos of someone. If you intent to use some images for promotion make sure you have the permission for this. There are also laws for miss interpreting a product. Some sex toy sellers present vibrators as body massagers. Make sure that users completely understand what the product is about.
      Then there are laws about the materials being used to produce products. Only sell sex toys which are made with material following the guidelines. Please note, I can’t give you legal advice, if you are planning to start a sex toy business and you need legal advice you should contact a qualified layer.

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