How to Recruit Webcam Models: How I Made $900 In 9 Days Recruiting Cam Models on Chaturbate

2021 UPDATE: I now recruit webcam models with an automated cam script.

How to Recruit Webcam Models Guide

I have been making money in the adult niche for more than 3 years now and one of the ways which makes me profits is recruiting new webcam models to Chaturbate. A lot of people have asked me about the way I use to recruit new models. That’s why I decided to write this blog and explain you all the method that I use and my earnings proof.

Chaturbate is a webcam site and it has its affiliate program too, in which you can participate and get paid $50 for every new model you refer to this site, once the model makes $20. Now in this article I am going to show how you can take advantage of this program and how well it has worked for me.

What You Have to Do to Make this Work

Recently Badoo introduced a new feature and I spotted some girls there looking for attention and of course, money. With a few hours of work a day I have been able to recruit 4-5 models a week and I will show you my results (with proof) below.

Here are the steps that you need to take:

  1. Create an email account and a tweeter account, make them look real, add some pictures (preferably on the US).
  2. Create a Badoo account, confirm your identity with Tweeter and Instagram and go to the Live Streaming feature of Badoo. (do all this from your lap top)
  3. Chat with girls and ask them to post their Instagram in the common chat so they will get more followers
  4. Once you have her Instagram send her a message there explaining that you make a lot of money (try to avoid words like money, sex, cam on Instagram, otherwise they will ban you)
  5. Ask for her Google chat, email or Skype account so you can talk about that
  6. Tell her that she doesn’t have to get naked, only showing her feet or ass will make her money
  7. Drop her your affiliate link
  8. Tell her to sign immediately from your link, tell her to try that now and see how fast she can make the first couple of bucks

Here is a picture of my earnings proof!

What is The Best Way to Recruit Webcam Models

Feel free to share this method! I hope you will make as much as I make!

Don’t Do This

When learning about an affiliate program, some people think about cheating the system by signing up themselves with their affiliate links.

An idea that some people have is creating chaturbate accounts from your affiliate link, send them $20 in earnings and get $50 for referring them to the site. You would also get 20% as Rev share. I don’t know if this would work since each model requires a verification, in the first place.

However, this is a bad idea, I don’t really like this kind of things, it’s not sustainable. Your account could get banned and in this case you will lose all the money that you spent.

Why This Method Works

You probably have gone on Tinder and noticed girls who are looking for “sugar daddies”. They are clearly down for money. Can you see how easy it is to post as a girl and show them how you are making money?

You see from the screen shot above that in the 1st of July I had 108 hits and 2 Broadcasters. In fact, you have to message a number of girls before one of them signs up. So this does take some work and you can also consider the opportunity to scale this method by outsourcing some of the work.

I work with this method no more than 2-3 hours a day, and I contact about 20-25 girls a day (I mean get to the Instagram phase with 20-25 girls a day).

You have to spot the slutty ones, open the Live chat and if you see that she is a good girl don’t even bother. Some girls are easier to spot than others.

Getting into the porn/webcam industry might be considered risky for most of the girls, you just have to find the right ones who wouldn’t care.

Or if you see they are in a dilemma, you can show them a video like this one which will clear out some aspect of this job for them:

A few questions people have asked me when I showed them this method:

Why don’t you recruit girls directly on Instagram?

Well, you can’t know if they are slutty enough, on Badoo you can see them in Live chat and spot the ones you would get started as cam models.

How to Solve Badoo Photo Verification?

Verify your account immediately with Google +, Tweeter of Instagram. If you verify your account immediately, there will be no cookies in your account of other websites.

After you create your account, wait at least a week before starting to apply this method, while play the badoo match game to make it look real.

Badoo requires photo verification to verify that you are the same user, doing some hand shakes. Don’t get discouraged by this: in my experience 70% of the time your account will pass the photo verification with Google +, Tweeter of Instagram. If not, create another account and re-try. (Clear the cookies before)

Or you can try the same method with Meetme or Tinder. Users on Badoo will sometimes report you as spam or fake account.

I use tineye to make sure that the pictures that I use in my profile are not indexed, so they will not ban me.

Using this method you don’t have to send them some spam messages on Badoo because you will send them to Instagram and you will message them there.


I am not doing this method anymore because I am working with a lot of other methods which I will share on this blog too, but if you work 18 hours on this method you could make $1000 per day. I have tried other methods to recruit webcam models but this method works the best because girls on Badoo Live chat are really dumb and desperately seeking attention.

When you first get started trying to recruit webcam models might seem difficult to get new models, despite that opportunities are there. There are girls who are willing to make money camming and this kind of apps like Badoo and Tinder are the best places to find them.

People want money. Woman too. Millions of women sell their bodies for money.

I started messaging girls on Badoo just one week before taking the screen shot that I have posted on this post and if I did it, you can do it too.

If you target the right people you can get these results really fast. The conversions that you see on the screen shot may come from me chatting with those girls one week before or even 10 days before, but I promise you that they all come from this method.

Just take a look at the Badoo Live chat and you will see how dumb these girls are!

There are a lot of student girls who pay their studies with camming on BongaCams or Chaturbate in developed countries, the opportunities in less developed ones might be even higher.

The key is to find the right person who needs money and explain the details really well, rather than trying to spam the entire world and hoping to get a single lead. I am emphasizing this because a lot of people who have tried this method or a variation of it, claim that it doesn’t work, but you have to do it the right way before judging a method.

Sign Up on Chaturbate

If you have any questions about this method you can comment below, feel free to share this method and I hope you will make as much as I do or more!

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