How to Start a Webcam Startup Business and Make $70000 per Month in 2021


How I Started my Webcam Startup Business

Live content industry has blown up over the past two years. Just visit Chaturbate, MyFreeCams etc. At any given time you are likely to come across a lot of models who are live. This industry includes couples and transsexuals. Thanks to the technological advancements and live interaction caming sites are becoming very popular.

In 2016, I stated my first cam site and since then it has grown a lot. I’m often asked how I started my webcam business and how much money I am making. That’s why I decided to share my experience in a step-by-step guide on how to start a webcam business and how much money one can make with it.

How to Start a Webcam Business in 12 Minutes

Nowadays creating a porn site (and a cam site) is easy because some ready-made turnkey scripts exists. One can create a cam site without any coding skills, just by installing the script and the site is ready. The real challenge lies in the marketing, recruiting cam girls and attraction clients to your site.

In this business model there are three stakeholders: models, clients and website owners. Quite a few caming sites have ties with porn production studios. Audiences are required to buy tokens to tip the models. As a matter of fact many models display tip based menus which include different sexual acts. Here’s an example:

how to start a webcam startup business

For top models on the top sites is just a matter of few hours to make an extraordinary living. But not everyone makes thousands of dollars per day.

Most cam girls who are amateur make hundreds of dollars per day. In a few good nights they may make $500. On many bad nights they earn no more than $10.

Step 1 – Learn About the Business Model

Popular webcam sites take 40-50% of the model’s earnings. xCams is a turnkey script that you can use to create your own cam site.

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This software comfortably caters to individual models. Revenue sharing ration is similar to Chaturbate and it can be set up and calculated accordingly. The best way to create your webcam site is with a turnkey script. It takes fewer costs and less time to create.

Cam sites enjoy the priviledge of the content that models offer there to use it for promotional purposes. Cam site owners should collect and verify the ID of cam models. If a cam model is performing with a partner it’s important to verify the ID of the partner.

webcam startup business

Step 2 – Choose a Brand Name

As much as 99.5% of the vocabulary listed in the dictionary is registered as a domain. Before registering a domain check if it is part of another company’s brand name.

There are some different strategies to choose a domain name: 1. Suggest an experience: 2. Use a word that is a combination of two actions: chaturbate: chat + masturbate. 3. Make up a new word: BongaCams. 4. Use your name along as your partner’s name as a domain name.

The task of coming up with a camming site brand name is challenging. Your brand name should sound cool and sexy, convey your niche and represent your offering, not have any mispronunciation and misspelling. Have an URL that works seamlessly. The next step is to create a logo. Your brand name should associated with your brand story. It should elaborate the purpose of your webcam business. There are many cam sites. You should be able to answer the question: how is your webcam business making a difference.

Humans have each a personality with their traits. What’s the brand personality of your webcam business? For example, Brazz is an American company which produces the best HD porn. NaughtyAmerica is known for its sophistication.

Brand message is often associated with a slogan or tagline. All the three elements: brand story, personality and message are the keys to branding. We have covered the first two steps of creating a cam site. Now, one of the most important steps of this business is recruiting cam girls.

Step 3 – Recruit Cam Girls

Most of the cam girls suck. They are just interested in making money.

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Therefore, it’s important to hire the right models. Below are described some places where you can find models to hire:


There are many forums like quora, YahooAnswers etc. Have an interaction with them and hire the deserving candidates.


Attend a few paid cam shows. By attending their paid cam shows you will be able to evaluate their camming skills. Invite those models who have already built an image to themselves. Of course, reputed models charge a higher commission. You should sound authoritative to influence models to join your cam site. Acquaint yourself with the emerging trends and be ready with loads of information.


You can use this network, buy ad space from popular cam sites and use it to recruit models.


You will see here tons of ads from almost any adult entertainment recruiter. For all the right reasons, this paid ads sites is very popular.

But ever since Donald Trump signed the anti-sex trafficking FOSTA and SESTA bill, it’s difficult to see adult related job ads in the online space.

A New Approach

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Get fliers with a simple message and make $100 in two hours. Fliers should be pasted near college areas. Use email blasts to get targeted leads from user registrations. A few prospects with eventually become your employers. Here are a few aspects to consider:

  • they should be physically appealing
  • good personality
  • skills: communication and camming skills
  • attitude: they should genuinely satisfy their clients
  • models should strive for repeat sales

Step 4 – How to Set Up Your Own Webcam Site

There are two approaches

1. Camming Whitelabel

They are often offered by existing cam sites.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages: they are easy to operate, affordable, there aren’t any hosting expenses. Disadvantages include: the extent of control varies from one caming network to another, there are quite a few popular camming networks that do not allow you to change the color scheme, your site will be occupied with too many unrelated ads.

2. Build Your Own Caming Site with a Turnkey Script

Turnkey scripts let you deploy your caming site in less than a couple of hours. If you are an expert coder you can tweak the code. There are many adult turkey script. Ideally a turnkey script should have the following features:

  • models, site owner, studios and client dashboards
  • payment gateways
  • chat options
  • geo blocking users: models may like to block users from certain locations
  • block users
  • pricing: two types of pricing: site owner and cam girl’s
  • mobile compatability
  • rebrandable customiztion
  • support
  • scalability: handle thousands of users similtaniously

My choice: xCams

The best thing about this approach is that you have complete control over your camming site.

Step 5 – How to Get Traffic to Your Webcam Site

Focus should be in getting a lot of organic traffic. Promote your site on the following social media sites:

  • Switter – the platform was created for escorts and accepts cam models too
  • Sharesome – fans can tip performers using the token system
  • Twitter – there is no denying that Twitter is the most popular adult content friendly social media. There are plenty of Twitter tools you can use to your advantage.
  • Tumbler – this platform supports text and other forms of content
  • Quora – it has a very big community of users. If you are into adult consulting services use this platform to your advantage. There are a lot of adult entertainment registered on this website
  • Reddit – users often create sub-redits and discuss a lot of stuff
  • Snapchat – it is widely used by fitness models, celebrities, and cam models. Many models think that Skype shows can not be recorded and they offer Skype shows. It’s wrong, they can be recorded.

Do not post duplicate messages, do not automate Twitter messages. Better connect with adult entertainments and ask them to share your messages. Site aesthetics can not be ignored. Answer questions on Reddit and Quora, and promote your site. If you are providing adult consulting services share links to your Facebook page. SEO is important.

Step 6 – Make Money

For all intents and purposes if cam owners use 40-50 cam girls they can easily earn $70000 per month. Organize contests. Contests improve activity on live camming sites. Such a huge sizable income can not be achieved in a day or two. That’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to start a webcam business and make $70000 per month.

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6 thoughts on “How to Start a Webcam Startup Business and Make $70000 per Month in 2021”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in setting up a webcam business.

    You certainly have clearly stepped out exactly what steps need to be taken, which appear to be quite straightforward.  There certainly appears to be a lot of money to be made in this field.

    I definitely think that creating your own website, so that you are in total control is the way to go.

  2. Always wondered how these webcam sites gets setup. It sounds easy to setup. But, I believe the models you work with might be challenge. I assume of course the models get a cut out of the sales as well since they are the ones in the videos and the site owner just provide the platform where the model showcase herself? This type of business must be lucrative.

    • The business is very lucrative. Yes, the models get a share of the money made, and also the site owner gets a cut for providing the platform. There’s potential for passive income 

  3. Interesting. I see many ads for cam girls on Twitter – side note, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as Switter 😉 I always wondered how much they made doing that, and I figured that it was probably a lot. Does a cam girl ever wonder what type of man is watching her? I would wonder about it, but that’s just me 🙂 You do have to be creative when you come up with a good domain name, many are surely already taken. Chaturbate sounds awesome, is that one taken?

    • Hello Christine, it’s a really good business opportunity. Some domain names are taken, but by being creative one can find a good one.


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