How to Start an Adult Business

Do you want to quit your job and start an online business instead? The best approach to this is firstly starting an adult site as your side hustle and then after you start making some money online invest more on it.

Adult Turnkey Scripts

Sites like OnlyFans are killing it these days when thousands of people have their profiles and sell adult content while the creator of sites like this gets rich.

Fortunately, there are some ready-made scripts of different kinds of adult websites which you can use to create a website with little technical effort. Even if you don’t know anything about creating websites you can have your own one with these scripts.

This way you can only focus on the marketing and the content of your site.

While it’s good to wait until you have a great concept of a product in your hands, it’s also better to get started as soon as possible with your website and not leave anything in your plate.

The adult business is a growing one and it is the biggest one on the internet. The majority of internet searches which happen every day are porn related. So, any porn site, with a little creativity, you be enough to make you a full time income. With little cost these days you can start your own porn site and make money, with just some relatively cheap script. And there is no need for developers. Everything related to the technical part is handled by adult scripts and their support teams.

And with the ready-made scripts your site is going to be ready within hours. And you would only need to focus on marketing it. These scripts are called “turnkey solutions”.

Instead of pitching to investors and focusing full-time on raising funds for your adult business idea you can use one of these scripts and you are ready to go with your new adult site.

Customers do not really care about how big your platform is. As long as the product is what they want.

To start your adult business, all you have to do is to decide they kind of business you want, for example: a porn site, a cam site, selling sex toys, an adult membership site etc. offers ready-made turnkey scrips which you can use to create your adult site. It even offers a script of Pinterest for the adult industry, which would create a website like Pinterest just that it is going to be with adult pictures.

Handling Transactions

A turnkey solution takes so much off your shoulders. It is designed specifically with a specific business model in mind. And adult turnkey solutions like those of have also transactions integrated in their scripts which means that customers can pay directly for example for models and every transaction is handles from the script.

For example, one of Adent’s scripts is xCams which is a script meant for creating a cam site.

How to Create a Site with a Ready-Made Script

You can buy from Adent an “open-source” code which you can then develop as you like and adapt it to your specific needs. After you buy the xCams you receive a link with the open source code which you can download. You have to upload the source code on your server, connect it to your domain and complete the installation.

Now, all you have to do is bring a couple of hundreds of users to your site. You don’t have to struggle to invent the wheel yourself and spend month trying to figure out a source code for the kind of website you would like.

Hiring Models

You can launch your adult business within a week with the Adent script. And then the challenging part is getting traffic to your site. If you want to start a website site you will also need models signing up to your site and working on it because no customer would sign up in a site where there are no models.

This is the classic chicken and egg problem: customers don’t sign up to a site where there are no models and models do not sign up to a site where there are no customers. But Adent has solved this problem that a lot of new entrepreneurs experience at the beginning too. They’ve produced a script which embeds videos from other cam sites on your new site.

This means that the models broadcasting for example on Chaturbate will be live on your site too. And when the customer in your site tries to tip the model and has to sign up, they can sign up to Chaturbate too through your Chaturbate affiliate link.

This way you have resolved the problem of getting new models and you can focus on marketing your cam site to get new customers.

This script is called xShows from Adent.

xShows Lite

Big cam sites use Whilelabel APIs which allow you to integrate their model base on your site.

You can earn money simply by directing the users to the original cam site from your site and you could earn money with their affiliate program. They have the pay-per-sign up option and the RevShare. You could earn passive income this way with ‘xShows Lite‘.

xShows Pro

But you don’t have to limit yourself to earning with affiliate marketing, you can also turn to active steams of income. To do this there is a second option which combines a models database from big cam sites and with hiring new models yourself.

For this Adent can help you integrate models from the LiveJasmin AWEmpire network as a Blacklabel. This way you would not have to direct the users to the big cam site, they can watch the model’s show on your site. You would have your own model sing up page, your own tipping system and commission structure.

The script for this approach is called ‘xShows Pro‘.

Here is a demo of xShows Pro which demonstrates how your site is going to look like.

So, if you are looking for a site where you can also be able to hire your own webcam models xShows Pro is for you.

You can contact Adent to AWEmpire API and populate your new website with over 20,000 models. With good SEO and ads you can start making money in weeks and it’s not overestimated to say that you could earn up to $10,000 in a couple of months with no models hired on your account.

After having some transactions and making your website a proved profitable business, you can also try to get the best models in the industry to broadcast on your site. This Adent script avoids for you the deadly loop of having no customers and having no models at the beginning when you first start your new website.

Turnkey solutions are the best way to approach starting a new business. And after you create your site you can customize it as much as you like and add your own ideas to the business model to make it unique.

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