Make Money with Adult Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Learn how to make money with adult affiliate marketing without a website in this post.

If you don’t have a website the best way to make money with affiliate marketing is media buying. Another successful way is to get traffic from social media and yet another one is email marketing. However, from all these sites, I prefer most actually having a website.

In the early days making money in the adult industry was almost guaranteed, these days you need long hours of work to just get a chance to earn money.

If you want to earn money in the adult industry you will have to work hard, shortcuts and easy questionable ethics methods are not going to bring you success. The best way to earn with adult affiliate marketing is with a website. Other ways include paid ads, and promoting in social media. There are no shortcuts.

Really? No! Actually there is a shortcut. If you could find a source of traffic which is not your website… That source of traffic are videos on porn sites, a lot of people watch them in a day and if you can upload videos on porn sites and put your affiliate link on the title or in the description, you could get people to sign up to affiliate offers.

There are two problems here: 1. where to find the videos to upload, 2. are affiliate links allowed in those sites?

There is a solution for each of these problems. For the first one, you can download porn videos from other porn sites, which are not watermarked or trademarked by porn companies (amateur videos) or just videos of companies you want to promote with their trademark. And for the second problem the solution is to buy a domain and redirect it to your affiliate link and then put the domain in the videos that you will upload and not your affiliate link.

What this means is that when people will search your domain, they are going to be re-directed to your affiliate link.

This method was originally shared from OnlineAdrian in his BlackHatWorld thread.

And you can read the whole method step by step here.

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