Never Use Free Adult Host – My Story

I know that a lot of you will call me a fool, but I just got burned by a free adult host and I will never use such service again.

I frequently get emails asking me for a free adult host recommendation, so please read on. I am going to share my story with free hosting sites.

My Story

I built over 10 adult sites with a free host named eases and my sites kept going down after one day or two and last Monday I got an email from them saying that my sites were down because they didn’t receive enough traffic after one month. They had deleted my date becasue they hadn’t received any traffic.

My sites get 200 visitors during that month combined.

Foutunately, I had saved a back up to my private computer and I can now t least move them to another providor.

I have use three other free hosting companies in the past and they were putting ads on my sites, I also used BlogSpot and they also deleted my site for the reason that I was making money from it, which is funny considering that they put ads on my site.

Blogger deleted my website only because I gave a link from it to my other website, can you imagine that?!!! It also deleted my whole account with over 10 blogs, and I wan’t even posting nude pictures there, just some adult text to get backlinks.

You Get What You Pay For

Now the only option is to get a paid hosting only, as they say: you get what you pay for. I had used free hosting in the past, as many people did, but now it doesn’t cost much to buy your own hosting plan and be safe.

I think that all the people getting started online need to read this post.

Avoid Such Services

There are over 100 free hosting services and I think that they will soon die. I build many sites on free hosting services and they got deleted, but I didn’t care about them because I didn’t build serious sites on them, I just built them to get backlinks. I tell everyone to avoid these services for their serious websites at least.

As you can see all your work can go to waste with them.

Free hosting services are really not worth it, they make your site really slow and their services are poor, their customer supprot is sh*t too, if something breaks your site will be down for weeks before they fix it.

And if this wasn’t enough, they put ads to your site, which doesn’t give you space to put your own ads. They are also very hard to rank on Google.

Since you don’t pay them any money they can shut you down any time they want.

I still see people starting up with a free adult hosting and I warn them, but the problem is that they see it as an easy way to get started and they don’t think their posts are worth so much.

I mean, if you don’t think your content is not of such a value, why are you doing this? The whole purpose of an online business is passive income and your content will grow if value and make you money, who knows how much it will make you in a year from now, and even in a month.

It’s like writting a book and then burning it. It makes no sense to me, why would you get started with an easyxsites, while hosting packages cost so little? In my opinion this is plain dumb. If you want to make money off porn get a proper hosting.

A Paid Adult Hosting I Recommend

Fastcomet hosting is great, I have been with them for years now and my experience very good with them. No, they aren’t free. I have learned that in a hosting plan you get what you pay for, we pay a little panny every month to them and we get what we pay for.

Great customer technical support and they owner is very great, and also Stephany at the billing very nice and kind. I had been using free hoting services like 00webhost, easyxsites, blogspot, but they are sh*t compared to they paid hosting plans.

So, to all you people looking for a free hosting service, better get a paid hosting because those so-called free hosting services are nothing like they are advertised, you will just waste your time with them. Getting a domian is really the best options.

If you really don’t have money for a paid hosting at least use hostedtube by pimproll, at least their customer support is better. They are good but I still recommend a paid hosting, you can get one for just $59 a year, which is about $5 a month.

I haven’t personally used hostedtube, but I have heard that they are very difficult to rank, if you want to make mone then $10 a day better get a proper hosting. I spoke with one webmaster who was using this site and he told me that he wasn’t making more than 5 bucks a month with thteir hsoting, and he was adding custom descriptions to his videos for seo.

I am not trying to sell you anything, I speak from my experience and I’ve seen a lot of free hosting sites come and go.

I have heard about the site veniceblogger, they just shut down one day without any announcement and a lot of webmasters lost their sites.


So, my honest opinion for you is: don’t use a free hosting service, if you are doing it just for fun ok, but if not, then no.

Check out my latest posts and if you got any question don’t hasitate to ask me anything.

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