How Do Adult Dating Apps Make Money in 2021

Today you’ll get to know how you can make money with your own adult dating app in 2018.

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Adult Dating Apps: Facts & Figures

Adult dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and OKCupid are popular among millennials and Gen Z. There are no longer any stigmas and taboos. An estimated 27% of committed relationships are initiated via the internet. And here’s another number – There are more than 20 million matches on dating apps. This means that there are more than 40 million active users. People are looking for one night stands, casual hook-ups and quality relationships.

India, with a population of 1.3 billion, is the 9th largest market for online dating. In progressing economies like India where internet penetration is increasing, the online dating industry is likely to increase multi-fold. According to Statista, revenue in dating services segment amounts to $1714 million USD in 2018. And market value of Tinder is more than $3 billion USD. No doubt, match-making industry is booming and good days are ahead.

It’s a very good time to start your own sex chat business or a niche dating app.

Wondering how to start your own phone sex business?

There is many feature-rich sex chat software. Purchase an app builder that’s scalable, customizable and built on Laravel backend framework. Before delving into nuances, let’s understand the business flow of a sex chat / dating app.

Business Flow

The key stakeholders in a sex chat business are users, models and site / app administrators. So, it’s safe to assert that the complete business flow is a combination of three business flows:

  • User business flow
  • Models business flow
  • Site owner business flow


User Business Flow

User opens the app or visits the dating site. He views the profiles of models. He browses through the list of online models. If he is interested in initiating conversation with his favorite model(s), he has to purchase a token package.

User registration is mandatory. Once he completes his registration and purchases a token package, his profile gets credited with tokens.

Models Business Flow

Models should submit their ID. This is primarily required for age verification. Once the registration is done, they have to upload captivating profile pictures. A brief profile description is also required. Models are paid in tokens. Of course, certain portion of their earnings goes to the site / app admin

Site Owner Business Flow

Site owner overhauls the site design, customization, activity and source code. He enjoys the liberty of deciding token package pricing. He can view the payment history, working hours, chats and recorded shows, and earnings of models.

Other Features

Here’s a checklist of features to help you choose the best sex chat app builder:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Robust technology stack
  • Adult payment gateway
  • Analytics and reports
  • Private messenger
  • Multiple marketing channels
  • Multiple monetization channels
  • Branding and customization

Questions are often asked as to how do adult dating apps make money. In other words, dating app business admins and sex chat business entrepreneurs are interested in understanding the monetization mechanics.

Read on.


Apps like Tinder have many features. However, a vast majority of features are locked. Free versions of dating apps do not have potential match making benefits. Users are required to pay a certain subscription fee to unlock match making features for a specific duration (week / month / quarter).

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that subscriptions are a major source of recurring income. Freemium model is required to entice traffic. Premium subscriptions are required to convert the internet traffic into loyal paying customers.


There are many ways of earnings through advertisements.

App owners accept advertisements from sponsors and third parties. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see too many advertisements in apps. App owners make money through clicks, views and transactions.

To access ad-free version of dating apps, users should pay a certain fee. Here’s an example – Badoo dating app has this feature called Super Powers. Super users aren’t shown any ads.

In-app Purchases

Sometimes, prospects are interested in availing features such as extended radius, profile enhancement and visibility, more daily matches, etc. Prospects are encourages to pay certain fee for such extra perks.

Here’s an example – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold variants of Tinder app let users to rewind and take back their swipe.

In sex chat apps, to strike conversations with models, users are required to purchase conversation tokens. They can pay for virtual gifts as well.


Of course, there are loads of monetization opportunities. There are loads of hurdles as well. Let’s not discount them.

  • It’s not an easy job to attract new users. Dating industry spends a truckload of money to acquire new customers. If your app is just a me-too app, do not expect any positive returns.
  • Retaining the existing customers is easier said than done. If prospects find potential love making partners, they may no longer require your app. At the same time, they may not use your app if they fail to find a potential love making partner. Dating apps are like double edge swords.
  • Let’s take the hetero-sexual majority into consideration. If there aren’t enough women using your dating app, don’t expect men to use your app. The equation is simple – Where there are women, there are men. So, set your sights on acquiring as many beautiful women as possible.
  • Do not continually nag your users to pay for every feature. Ensure that all the basic features can be availed for nothing.
  • Tickle your grey cells to generate niche dating app ideas. Ever thought of starting a dating app that matches people with prospects based on zodiac sign? Is there enough merit and potential in building an adult dating app that connects the most affluent with most prosperous? There are many niche dating app ideas.

Just think!

Do you have any questions or doubts? Feel free to get them clarified. Share your thoughts in the comments. My best wishes are with you and your sex chat business. Use a good sex chat app builder and start your phone sex business today. Cheers!

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