Revenue Streams for an Adult Fun Club Membership Site

OnlyFans is primarily a platform for everyone from artists to singers, cooks, guitarists etc, but it is majorly known for trading nudes. It allows models to charge subscription fees to users, conduct live streams and receive tips from the fans. OnlyFans is expected to pay more than 2 billion dollars to its models worldwide. It really had a big growth during the pandemic.

A lot of mainstream celebrities joined it. Today OnlyFans has more than 85 million users and 1 million creators. According to these statistics OnlyFans must have generated more than 400 million dollars for itself in 2020. It has offered a way to make money for a lot of people during the pandemic.

Revenue Model

OnlyFans is designed as an adult subscription site which allows models to earn directly by the subscribers. Although a payoneer, OnlyFans is not the only one on this space. If you check the following sites you can see how they are similar to OnlyFans business model: FanCentro, ManyVids etc. In fact, even before OnlyFans, Patreon was responsible to stimulating the creator community.

Why is it important to have multiple revenue channels?

One of the keys to OnlyFans success is that it has multiple revenue channels for the creators. The more the creators earn, the more the platform earns too. Fans pay subscription fees to follow their favorite creators. Premium subscribers get access to the content of the creators. Some creators push their subscribers to other review streams:

– paying extra to buy more explicit videos and photos

– custom videos: some fans love to seek their favorite creators wearing or doing special acts. Fans pay extra for custom requests.

– Fans can chat with creators by paying per messages sent to or received by the creators.

– one on one face cam, private and group video chats

– ecommerce selling: sell physical products like panties and signed photographs

– referrals: creators and fans can invite other people on the platform as fans or creators in return they get a percentage of their earnings

To make money on the site you don’t have to stick to the subscriptions alone. For example, some people don’t want to purchase a subscription fee but they might pay for requesting a custom video. Even porn giants like PornHub are now actively using camming as one service to add as a revenue stream.

xFans by Adent

It is a script to create a site like OnlyFans by simply installing the code of xFans and you set up an advanced website like OnlyFans without having to spend a lot of time and dollars. It is the quickest and most affordable way to create such a site. It is open source so you can customize the script as you want. The best part is that you are not required to pay any recurring fee to keep this script. You can buy the code and use it to create as many sites as you like. Be it adult social media, adult camming, adult e-commerce, you can monetize your platform the way you want.

At the moment xFans supports the following monetization methods:

  • revenue from model’s subscriptions
  • live streams
  • for send private messages to the models
  • custom videos on request
  • revenue from selling digital and physical product
  • referral income
  • other revenue streams will be added

You can buy the xFans script now and Adent will update it for you when the new version of xFans gets released.

More on OnlyFans and its Business Model

Was OnlyFans build as a social media site for exclusively selling nudes? It’s very similar to the regular social media sites like Facebook Twitter and Instagram however, it’s not public. The profiles are not open for everyone, it’s for adult only and you cannot browse the site for free. The site asks for a subscription fee.

You can compare it with a private account on Instagram where only allowed users can see the photos.

OnlyFans Nudes – What the hell? 

I know what you might be saying to yourself now. Why would you pay someone to follow them on social media. It’s because of the explicit content. OnlyFans allows users to search explicit content without any type of restrictions.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have chosen to serve to the mainstream media. While OnlyFans is dealing with sensitive material. However, its operation is entirely legal. Not every state or nation has banned porn and adult content. OnlyFans comply with all the regulations. You have to sign up to browse the site and it has zero tolerance against child porn.

Is OnlyFans a credible site? OnlyFans has a great name and it’s completely credible for both users and models on the site. Users need to prove their identity to sign up as a model or general user. Payment to the models are done through safe payment gateways. It is used by various high profile influencers. OnlyFans is not just for webcam modeling or porn videos. It’s more like Instagram and Facebook which allows all kind of content from all kinds of users. While the reason OnlyFans is popular is its adult content it doesn’t limit you to post only nude content. It’s just that people don’t come on OnlyFans for regular selfies. You might not make money or accumulate enough subscribers if you stick to non explicit content on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is not just another Chaturbate or PornHub. Also, it is not limited to adult content, but adult just performs well here. It’s a platform where people interact.

How OnlyFans Makes Money

The primary way OnlyFans makes money is from its model’s subscriptions. Teh site gets a percentage to its models’s subscriptions. OnlyFans is one of the few sites which pays a high percentage to their models. Models are free to charge as much subscription fee they want.

However, it is also a fact that you must set a competitive fee if you want to encourage maximum subscriptions.

People’s choice: best software to build sites like OnlyFans

Appart from this the platform offers other ways to make extra money. Users can send private messages to models on payment. Most of the people who have made huge money on OnlyFans were already popular on other media.

Onlyfans is a great business idea. There is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to start sites like OnlyFans. One can use an OnlyFans script as a base and inculcate some unique business ideas into it. One can use this script to create a platform with combined features of social media and e-commerce. This will give models many additional ways to make more money. They can put on sales their videos and merchandise. Users who do not want to subscribe can pay only for the content they want to see.

To Conclude

Websites like OnlyFans do work and get some good traffic. You need to acquire a user base and for this to happen you need to have a good business idea. Be advised that sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids work only when you have a balance for both the models and general users. If you are thinking for a site like OnlyFans think a little beyond. Using a script like xFans is a win-win for both the models and the users.

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