Sex Toy eCommerce 101 – Starting Out

I’ve talked about sex toy e-commerce in the past.

Perhaps you want to re-sell sex toys. There are so many options to working with e-commerce and do sex toy drop shipping.

I assume you are already aware of the potentials of the sex toy industry.

An Overview of Sex Toy ecommerce

So, e-commerce basically is when you sell your “own products” online. When I say your own products I mean you can manufacture products, white level products. You can drop ship of manufacture sex toys.

Drop shipping is where you sell other people’s products. Sex toy e-commerce is growing immensely on the last years.

Experts predict that by the end of 2020, so by the end of the month sex toy sales expected to reach USD 29.0 billion in 2020.

The average shopping card abandonment rate is about 69%. Card abandonment is that they go through the entire process and when it’s time to pay they leave. Typically, when someone gets to that point and they see the shipping and the tags and all that kind of stuff, but chances are they entered their email address already.

The system would recognize that that person left, and they will send them an email an hour later where they basically say “hey. where did you go”. Depending on whether you are using shoppify or wo-commerce there are ways to implement the card abandonment marketing. I’m sure that covid is another reason for increasing the mobile phone ordering. China was the biggest e-commerce market in 2019. The increase in statistics of sex toy sales from 2019 to 2020 is insane.

There are over 2 billion digital buyers in the world. There is a fairly large amount of people who want to buy sex toys online. Because a lot of people say the sex toy business is over saturated. If you can find the right angle and do marketing the right ways the sex toy e-commerce business can be very profitable. You can sell anything with the right kind of marketing.

It’s just crazy what can be sold. The marketing is what makes a product sell. Especially if you have affiliate marketing experience you can do this.

Why Sell Sex Toys

If you are selling sex toys you are paying someone to manufacture it.

Landed cost: how much it costs you per unit to deliver it. Typically, sex toys are manufactures oversees. You can have an affiliate program. Semi-automated fulfilment to your site, you are going to get notified, you need to buy that products at your wholesale supplier. You pay that manufacture for $70, you enter your customer’s address and they ship it for you under your own label and your own brand.

If you automate that process through your website there can be full automation there. You can start doing semi automated fulfillment and then do fully automated fulfillment. If you’re doing drop shipping you don’t actually own the rights to it because there other people with their e-commerce store and sell that product.

You can have a really good sex toy business and do quite well. I would recommend starting small and determining what is going to work for you. Just do your research.

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Determining What Is on Trend

On trend basically means what’s happening in the world.

1. Look yourself what you’ve purchased yourself and your friends have bought.

2. Check social media. It’s a whole ecosystem in itself. But the problem with sex toys is that often advertising sex toys is not allowed in most social media site. However, reditt is one of the social media sites which allows adult content. See what other sex toys stores are doing. What ads are they showing?

3. Watch cam shows for ideas of sex toys that they are using.

4. Your own preferences in sex toys.

5. Google Trends. That is a place where you can type in a topic and you can see and determine what is typically popular. Google Trends is good for keywords as well.

I did my research and in the below section I share smart sex toys presented in the market in 2020 which are likely to be on trend in 2021.

Sex Toys in Trends in 2021

Unfortunately, sex toys industry does not get the light lime it deserves. That’s why tech enthusiasts hardly get a grasp of the latest evolution in this industry.

smart sex toys

Smart sex toys

Truth is sex and pleasure have always been around and humans have been trying to control the experience. The discovery of the dildo and Kama sutra make this point clears. A little away from the mainstream fame, sex toys in the 2020 created a buzz among the enthusiasts. Following is a list of the most smart sex toys which came out in 2020.

Lora DiCarlo Baci

Lora di Carlo is one of the most will know names in the sex industry. It is a robot which mimics the human mouth touch. It is set to give clitoral pleasure closed to the human touch. The product represents itself not a sex toy, but as a women’s wellness product.

Woman who can’t reach orgasm even after arousal can find this product helpful. Market price: $290

Lora DiCarlo Onda

It looks like a vibrator dildo but it is not one. It is a g sport simulator. Onda is one of the most innovative g sport simulators in the market currently. Market price: $290

Crave Vesper Ring

Crave Vesper is quite popular among users because of the way they design their products. Their new vespa rings are an addition to their line. Made from stainless steel the magnificent rings are available in two sites. Despite being small, these rings can deliver high vibrations at different seed and intensity. Market price $199

Lioness Generation 2

You can find one of the best implementation of the AI in the sex toys wellness industry. With generation 2 they have moved several steps forward. The company has data and the app can suggest the users the steps to get the best orgasms. Market price: $229

Lovesense Max 2

Lovesense is already a prominent name among women. Lovesense Max 2 is an enhanced version of their male masturbatory aid. You can use it with a VR headset. You can use it with VR games. Market price: $119

MyHixed Mad

MyHixed Mad is it more than a male masturator. It is also marketed as a product which can cure male sexual problems like premature ejaculation. With its companion app you can select from different programs.

Satisfies Curvy 2+

It’s something which is going to make phone sex even more erotic. The latest version supports the app controls. If also works with voice commands. Market price: $50

Ohmibod Blue Motion Nex 3

Considering the innovations in the sex toy market it is clear that this industry is growing fast.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for answers to the questions on how to start a sex toy business stick to this space as we regularly share articles on earning money in the adult industry. You can always get in touch with us.

Places to Find Sex Toys to Sell

There are a ton of places that are available to purchase sex toys. So, list that I’m going to show you are the most popular place and it’s more geared to drop shipping.

1. Alibaba. Alibaba is a manufacturing and wholesaler network that is where wholesalers and manufactures can sell their products. Meaning, you go these and search for a product, and you can see different producers of that product.

2. Aliexpress. It’s like Alibaba but it’s more geared to drop shipping. There is actually plugin called Alidropship, what is does is that it grabs products from Alibaba and adds it to your site, with the descriptions etc.

3. Obelo. The have a plugin for woo-commerce and a plugin for shopify

4. Wholesale2b. It’s more geared towards buying in bulk.

5. WorldWide Brands. They are a network of places you can do drop shipping and they have an education platform too.

Among these places I would start with Oberlo or Aliexpress.

6. xMarketplace. It is a script which includes a sex toy API.

sex toy e-commerce

Many companies state that starting sex toy business is the same as e-commerce. But the fact is that PayPal doesn’t allow transactions for sexually oriented transactions outside of the US. The technological aspects of starting an e-commerce site are the same with an adult toys e-commerce site, but the business aspects are not the same. That’s why I recommend using the xMarketplace script which has been specifically designed for drop shipping sex toys.

It’s better to rely on services which assists you to building up your business and not just setting up your site.


Best Adult e-Commerce Website Script with Droppshipping API: xMarketplace


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