Dropshippig Sextoys: The SIMPLEST Way To Start an Adult Toy Business Online

Dropshipping can be a very lucrative business if you choose the right niche and the right products to sell. Let’s show you how dropshipping sextoys works and how you can start your own business in this niche.

The simpliest way to start an adult toy business online is to create your website with an ecommerce script. I’d like to recommend xMarketplace as it is a script created specifically for an adult toy business.

Its business model works based on drop shipping and it has included in the script automatically sex toys from big manufacturers, to which you can change the price and do seo on your own.

So, the website will be ready-made with this script and the only things you would need to focus is on marketing it.

xMarketplace includes embedded more than 70,000 wholesale adult products from big companies.

It is a fully automated business so you can set it and forget it, while customers will order from your site and companies will deliver the products to them. The sex toy business is a very lucrative business these days as a lot of people are buying sex toys and the best place to order them is online.

xMarketplace was created by adult veterans to give anyone the abilty to run a successful sex toy business. It is build with advanced technology but you don’t need to be tech savvy in order to operate it.

It has a lot of excellent features to help you create a very successful business and make sales. Of course your website is going to work well on all devices.

Try the demo here to see how a website with xMarketplace looks like:


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You can start your website from any country because there are no geo restrictions.

Even if you have your own inventory xMarketplace can be of use, you can manage products there and add new products. It will just make your website look more beautiful and professional and you can leverage your earnings by the products which are already embedded on it.

Whoever thought of this sex toy business idea must have been a genius.

Did you know that there are hundreds of sex toys available? And that in 2020 is this industry was a 50 billion dollars industry?

Check xMarketplace

I was astonished when I first looked at this statistics. Crazy! And I thought why not open my own sex toy store. Well, I did my research and I found out that starting a sex toy business is different from starting a porn site. Must of newly started sites are crap and the only ones which seem to work are the ones made with xMarketplace.

It has every feature necessary to run a successful sex toy business.

It has the drop shipping API and the adult payment gateaway integrated on it.

How to get targeted traffic to your adult toy website?

One of the most common ways to generate targeted traffic is by content marketing. Writing interesting and controversial articles will help. Among the social media platforms, Twitter has the highest ROI for the adult industry, Facebook doesn’t work well for this industry,

Promoting sex toys is agains Twitter guidelines, however, a lot of people are promoting sex toys on Twitter through the live feed.

You can also use paid traffic, some of the networks which work best are Traffic junky and AdXpansion.

How to Start a Sex Toy Business

First of all, like in any other business you  need to determine your niche and your target buyers. The more you narrow down you niche, the better will be you chances to succeed on it.

The sex toy market is huge and so are the competitors, you will never make it if you atempt to sell all kinds of sex toys to all kinds of people. Instead you need to focus on a specific sub-category of sex toys.

Then you need to attract traffic to your website business. As far as my experience in the sax toy business, SEO is pointless in this industry, it’s all about PPC. It’s about $1 to make $1.5. If you spend $100 in PPC you are going to get 1,000 visitors to your site. With this kind of traffic the minimum conversion would be 2%. And on average each sale would be $15.

And never go for a white label website, it is much better is you create your own website-brand.

All your marketing budget will be spend for their drop shipping products and you wouldn’t be able to scale. All your marketing budget will be useful only for the current month and after that it will go to waste.


Moreover, why would you give them 40% of your sales? And the price you would have to pay for thse kind of websites is $4.500, which is pretty high for a low quality website.

It is not easy to find a viable e-commerce solution for your sex toy business.

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Check xMarketplace

2 thoughts on “Dropshippig Sextoys: The SIMPLEST Way To Start an Adult Toy Business Online”

  1. Wow, I never thought of starting a business around sex toys. If I’m going to confess, I actually have a toy myself (don’t tell anyone lol). The truth is, I prefer going to the physical store since I want to see everything and be able to touch those toys that I’m curious about. Now, if there’s confidentiality when it comes to purchasing a toy online, then I would consider buying a toy online, Do adult toy stores guarantee that?

    By the way, I love that you’re courageous enough to put up this site about adult businesses. That there’s no shame in creating one and anyone can make a fortune out of it.

    • Hi Dominic, 

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience on the topic. Stores which sell sex toys guarantee privacy for their customers because that’s an important part of their business. 

      Creating adult businesses on the internet has proven to be the most profitable type of business for me. I have created businesses online on other niches too so I can compare the results. 


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