How to Make Money with Adult Sites – Adult Business 50% Off Once in a Year

Want to make an adult site but don’t know where to start? This post is going to help you.

Did you know that the porn industry makes more money that the Major Basketball League? I was shocked to know that the majority of the internet websites are porn websites.

The majority of American men aged 18-30 years old watch porn at least once a week and xvideos gets more views than CNN and Twitter. Porn is still the biggest most profitable industry on the Internet and the good news is that these days it is easier than ever to start a porn site.

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You can start a porn site these days with just the help of a script. There are different kinds of adult scripts like the script to build a tube site, the script to build a cam site, a sex toy e-commerce site and many others. Here is a review of them in more detail:

1. xStreamer is a tube script site. It has very good reviews from customers and it rapresetns a secure way to start a tube site. There are other tube scripts on the market, but this one is the most proffessional one with a competitive price. You can read my full review of xStreamer here.

2. xMember is a script with which you can start an adult membership site. It also has an e-commerce option build-in.

3. With xCams you can start a cam site likeChaturbate and LiveJasmin. Read here about how you can get started with it.

4. xAggregate is the best option if you want to start a porn search engine like Read full review here.

5. xMarketplace is an e-commerce script which can be used perfectly to start a sex toy e-commerce tool. This has proven to be the best option to get started after the xStreamer and the xCams scripts. Read here the full guide on how you can start selling sex toys online.

5. xTalk is a script with which you can start a sex chat business. If you think that the phone sex business is dead, read this article with discusses this topic.

6. xPins is a script which operates in the model of Pinterest, but it is only dedicated to adult photos. If Pinterest is successful, a website built with this script can be too. Read this article to find out more about how xPins works.

7. And there is more. The above mentioned scripts are build for newbies so that they can easily build adult sites, but if you worry about how you can start an adult business and make it successful, you need to absolutely follow their adult master class. It’s a great place to learn everything about the adult niche and how to be successful on it, including latest trends and how to be ahead of the competition.

8. The best adult hosting from Adent for just $12.

9. xModel is an adult CMS built just for models who want to create their own webcam modeling site. If you are not sure iif creating your own site as a model is worth it, you can check this post to help you decide better.

10. xMagazines is one of Adent’s newest products and with it you can create an e-commerce site to sell magazines online. ou can sell with it both physical and online  adult magazines.

11. With xFans you can create an adult marketplace like ManyVids and OnlyFans where people can sell thier adult stuff like videos photos etc. It has a high potential if you know how to promote a site like this as the competition for this kind of sites is very low.

Starting a Tube Site

The market of adult material is huge on the internet. However, choosing the right niche to get started is imporant too.

If you don’t know what a niche is, I’m going to oversimplify this for you: a niche is a segment of a big market. Therefore, you need to find porn categories and interest which don’t have much competition from other sites but still get a great deal of searches.

Every year new niches come to the surface. Something which was not meaningful in the past suddenly starts to become a trend.

When you download a video to your porn site make it a point to watch it yourself. Being interested in your niche yourself will make it easier for you to work on it and you will be more motivated to work on it.

How to Monetize Your Site

After you achieve a 1,000 visitors per day milestone, you should start to see your first sales. You will also notice that traffic from some countries converts better then from others.

Contries like India and China do not convert as well as countries like US and UK.

Depending on where you get most of the traffic you can try different offers to promote in your tube site.

Converting from traffic from India and China can be quite challenging, but I sometimes get traffic from them. I would recommend that you promote Crakrevenue smartlinks, but I can’t guarantee that they will convert because every type of traffic and site is different.

It will totally depend on your niche. If you have a niche like big boobs I think it will work best with Chaturbate as they have a lot of busty models on their site.

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