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Adult fan club sites has come up as the new way to consume adult content and a lot of apps like OnlyFans are emerging. OnlyFans is the perfect example how one can blend different business models:

  • adult social media and
  • adult pay site

In short, OnlyFnas allows the users to follow their favorite models and pay for their subscriptions. We have seen various mainstream celebrities signing up to OnlyFans.

apps like OnlyFans

The Business Model

The platform makes money by charging commissions to the models for their earnings. It is somewhat similar to cam sites. But what makes this business unique is that people can follow their famous content creators as it is built in the format of a fun club. Popular influencers have the opportunity to connect the the fans and to engage the users. You can convince a user to pay a huge amount just to get an influecer stripping and moaning his name.

OnlyFans is also a popular social media platform similar to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but unlike them the profiles on OnlyFans are not open to anyone. Users have to pay to watch the model’s content. Why would you pay someone to follow them on social media? It permits explicit content. While Instagram and Facebook have zero tolerance to nudity, OnlyFans allows it.

Other sites which have similar business models like OnlyFans are onlyvids.com and 4my.fans.

Admin Revenue Channels

By capitalizing a site like OnlyFans you cam earn from multiple revenue channels:

  • selling tokens
  • commissions on the earnings on live cam shows
  • commissions on models selling different products
  • ads revenue
  • commissions on subscriptions

Cam Model Revenue Channels:

  • through model subscriptions
  • through selling physical and digital products

Affiliates Revenue Channels

Affiliates bring models and users. They can earn:

  • commissions on the sales of the adult models referred by you
  • commission from the users referred by you

Is OnlyFans a Legal Site?

Facebook and Instagram have chosen to serve to mainstream media and this helps them to operate in every part of the word without any censor. OnlyFans on the other hand, conforms all the laws and regulations for adult content. You have to sign up to browse the site, only 18+ users are allowed to sing up, models need to fill a tax form.

Is OnlyFans a credible site?

It’s completely credible for both models and users on the site. An account is approved only after verification and background check. They have strict rule to guard the users privacy.

While it comes under the adult category, you can say it’s just for adult content, it allows all kind of content from all kinds of users. You can use OnlyFans the way you find it fit. It does not limit you to post only nudes, it is just that people don’t come here for regular selfies, You might not make money if you stick to non-explicit content on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is not just another Chaturabate, it’s a social media platform popular for adult content. It is not limited to adult content, but it’s a platform where users interact.

OnlyFans is one of the few sites which pays huge percentage to the models. Models are free to charge as much as they want for access to their profiles. However, they need to set competitive prices.

People’s choice: Best script to build a site like OnlyFans

Users can send premium DMs to a model. They can send site token. New models can face some trouble making money as new models. As a beginner you will need to promote your profile to get noticed. OnlyFans is a great business idea. There is room for improving the business model and give models more ways to earn money. One can use an OnlyFans script and create an app like OnlyFans with combined features of social media and e-commerce.

This will give models additional ways to make money. They can sell their merchandise.

The adult marketplace is a huge market. To stand out you need to do something like OnlyFans and similar sites have done with their business models. By starting a hybrid like OnlyFans.com you would be covering the following spheres:

  • adult ecommerce marketplace
  • adult phone sex with some customization

How to Create an Adult Marketplace for Fans

You can simply purchase a turnkey script and customize it to fulfill your needs.

There are not very competent scripts available on the market. If you intent starting a hybrid marketplace you can go for an OnlyFans script. Why should you pick a clone script? I agree that developing a website from starch is the best way to create your site as per your desired customization but the entire project will cost a lot. While clone script have been through a lot of research by their developers. A clone script would offer a base to customize the script.

Script to Build a Site Like OnlyFans

xFans is the latest Adent’s solution for creating a website like OnlyFans. Using this script you can set up a highly appealing fan base site for capitalizing on this important trend. Similar to the OnlyFans and ManyVids, xFans was build cutting edge tech which includes integrated payment gateways.

xFans is a fan club site script which has helped a lot of entrepreneurs build social media sites and clip sells site for the adult industry. We have talked about the script in another post. This post is to inform the audience about the release of xFans 2.0. Here are the detailed of the new updated xFans.

Fans can purchase merchandise and fetish products.

xFans Business Model

xFans supports three types of users: models, users and admin. Model get a dedicated admin on their backed where they can manage their profiles and fans. Each model can create a subscription plan and users have to pay to gain access to a model profile. Users can also buy physical products from the model.

Features for the Front End Users

  • Subscription: subscription to a certain model
  • Buy e-commerce products
  • Send messages to the models once subscribed
  • Acess control: only subscribed users can watch the videos of a model
  • Favourite videos list
  • Mark any videos to watch later
  • modify personal information

Features for the Fron End Models

  • upload profile pictures
  • tag models to collaborate and benefit from enhanced visibility
  • create albums
  • bulk upload photos and vidoes
  • share video clips from subscribed fans
  • video for sale: mark any video for sale
  • schedule a time for an uploaded video to become available
  • upload and sell physical and digital products
  • update bio information
  • chat with users, followers and other models
  • keep track of earnings
  • block users from accessing the profile
  • subscription settings: put preferred subscription price on the memberships
  • update the delivery status
  • block specific Geo locations

Features for the Back End Admin

  • upload photos and video list from the admin panel
  • upload physical products and digital for sale
  • Geo block for individual models
  • order management
  • update the delivery status on the behalf of the models
  • view the subscriber’s list of the models
  • update the payment gateway setting

At first sites like OnlyFans can be confused for cam sites but on closer look they are also adult marketplaces.

What’s Unique About the xFans Script?

The script can be customized and is very easy to use. You don’t need tech expertise to manage your site. Just install the script and go live. It can host thousands of on demands videos and each model can set monthly or yearly subscription plans.

Build You Fans Club Business Today

Building a website like OnlyFans is a piece of cake using xFans. You won’t have to waste you time and money re0inventing the wheel. Check the xFans demo.

It’s exactly the same as running a social media site. Simply replicating a business idea is not the key. Be advice that sites like OnlyFans work only when you offer something special for the models and users at the same time.

People’s choice: Best script to build a site like OnlyFans

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  1. Stuff like this and a turnkey porn site are always good money makers. There’s a lot of those “N” tube sites that have bots crawl the latest porn in various keywords and categories. Stuff like that is good because its literally just about curation and waiting. You can leave those sites up for a year or so and it’ll just make residual income from the horniness of the itnernet.

  2. I can honestly say I have never heard of the social media sites you have discussed here. I am intrigued by the money side of this subject. It is interesting to know that a. people pay for this type of entertainment and b. It is a great source of residual income. As I am always looking to improve my portfolio I will consider this in the near future.

  3. Well this is definitely an article that I was not expecting to run into today ha ha. It’s crazy with my random Google searches will take me to, I have wondered how lucrative an of an idea it is to get into this whole porn industry stuff. It’s not my deal but it is definitely interesting, and this has been an interesting read. Thank you for this information

  4. What makes these apps different from most?

    How did you come up with your unique competitive advantages?

    I like how comprehensive, thorough, enlightening, you present the aforementioned apps. I found this to be an incredibly intriguing read that was shockingly ethical and conscientious. Most times you just hear about people using adult apps. Rarely do you hear about how to build adult apps the right, truly adult way. I think your post is quite legitimate in this regard.

  5. What makes these apps unique is that they are funclubs for the adult industry like OnlyFans. They can be very profitable is marketed correctly.
    Every business is different and clearly OnlyFans has come up with a lot of competitive advantages to secure the position that it has in the market today and its high profits during 2020. If one decides to create a similar site they can definitely earn a lot and maybe come up with a different tweek to secure a distinguished part of the market.

  6. Hello there! Was not expecting to run into this topic. I can see how this business can really do well though. I guess it might just be the alternative for others to meet their needs while practicing social distancing during this time of COVID right? Thanks for this informative post.

  7. This industry will always be a money maker regardless if there is a pandemic or not, This really sparks interest and will always be a good model for an online business, it kinda reminds me of models like lotto, for example, people will always be tempted to win something or satisfy their needs. Thanks for this article

  8. Thanks for your post. I didn’t know there were adult apps. Are they on Google Play, or is some other host hosting them?  What I like about the apps, I can specifically follow my favorite adult entertainer.  Question: Is OnlyFans a credible site? My concern is that if I subscribe, my information will go to strange people and I’ll start getting spam. 

    • Hello Salisha, 

      No they are not on Google Play as google play doesn’t allow adult apps you you can download them through a simple Google search and download them on their sales pages. 

      OnlyFans is a credible site as it follows all the laws and regulations for this type of industry. It has a good of reputation too and a lot of celebrities are on OnlyFans.

  9. Not an App for my phone, but I can see where some would like to have apps built like what you describe. They say the only way to really make money with the Internet is through…. “adult type content”. It has certainly made it easier for people to interact with others that appreciate that content. I hope you are able to achieve your goals. 

    • Rich, adult type content is not the only way to make money online, however, according to by experiences it has been the fast way to make money online and I definitely made more compared to other niches even that I put less work into it

  10. I hadn’t realized you can buy scripts for the foundation of a website, but it makes sense that you can. I’m sure there is a huge market for adult content and if you can find an unsatisfied niche you can easily make a lot of money. I can think of a couple off the top of my head though I personally don’t have interest in making a site like this. Definitely a valuable shortcut if you can afford it.


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