SWYP TikTok Download – The Adult App Like TikTok

From custom-tailored sex toys, believe it or not the adult industry has always been a playground for innovation. One trend in the market is the distraction free videos from TikTok. TikTok offers a balanced and distraction-free video discovery. You can go on sweeping without clicking on the video. A lot of entrepreneurs have tried to steal the business model.

Is SWYP the Adultlike TikTok

YouPorn has launch its own adult TikTok called SWYP. 

YP offers a similar experience to TikTok, but there are a few catches. SWYP is not a native app, it’s an HTML that offers an app like experience. Google and Android have their rules against adult content. SWYP essentially offers a 6 seconds distraction free of videos offered on YouPorn. You can swipe different previews and if you like a video you can swipe left.

What makes SWYP even more interesting that it offers you videos customized to your browsing behavior. 

This is How SWYP Works

It offers a 6 seconds distraction free preview of videos on YouPorn. The videos play automatically so that you don’t need to click play each time just like in TikTok. Depending on categories you search you get a custom experience. You can call this one an adult TikTok. You can download SWYP here. One more such app like SWYP is Qwki.

Looking to Build a TikTok for Adult Videos?

Short videos and video social network has proven to be a trend at the moment. Now, I am certain that you are asking yourself about the complexities of turning this idea into reality.

Are you thinking about a fortune that building such an app will demand for you? Worry not.

Like a lot adult business ideas, Adent has created xReels to bring the tiktok experience to the adult industry,

xReels – the Adult TikTok Script

xReels is TIkTok for adult videos. A lot of video sharing apps have made it into the market. Get xReels today and build your adult video sharing site without writing a single code.

What is xReels? xReels is a script by Adent for making and sharing adult short form videos. It offers a mobile optimized experience. You can customize it to your brand identity. With it you can attract millions of users who are crazy about video sharing apps. You can use xReel for non-adult business too. It comes with cool features such as live recording and real time camera filters.

What can you do with xReels? It offers a native app like experience to users. You can invite users and celebrities to share short videos on your app without any restriction like we see in mainstream apps. You can have your own distraction free tiktok for adult videos.

You can bring the immersive short video trend to the adult industry with this script. xReels is highly optimized for mobile browsing. Get xReels today and share adult short videos and attract a wide audience who appreciates short videos.

It’s not possible to get an adult app published to the app store or play store, but it can be marketed as a search based app like YouPorn did.

Features of xReels

  • 100% customizable to adapt to your brand identity
  • open source code: want additional features? no worries, you get 100% source code to add, delete or modify any features you want
  • multiple upload channels: users can upload videos directly from the phone
  • social media just like TikTok: users can follow other users, share profiles, like videos and share video links on other supported apps
  • swipe: the addiction-free interface similar to tiktok
  • admin can create different categories, users can filter their browsing to show specific categories of videos
  • admin panel: a powerful admin panel with full control of the site
  • Social login and sign up: It allows your users to log in with their Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Instant Push notifications
  • real time camera filters
  • slowmotion and backwards and other cool video options
  • detailed analytics of total number of registered users and videos
  • content management: a robust content management system which tracks all the pages on your site
  • videos management: add, delete or manage video categories
  • view, delete videos: videos are stored in Amazon S3
  • track and manage the audios uploaded by the users on the platform
  • view, delete music files added by the users

How to Make Money Using xReels

The monitezation channel:

  • you can show ads to your users to generate revenue from the platform. SIgn up on an ads network and paste the code on the field in the back end of xReels. You can prevent users from skipping the ads for a certain amount of seconds. The ads will be shown in between videos.
  • Affiliate revenue. You can do affiliate marketing for porn networks and earn. xReels is already integrated with popular affiliate programs
  • Adent can add for you other revenue channels on your demand

If you are running a porn site similar to YouPorn you can use xReels to get massive traffic to your site. 

What Constitutes the xReels Script

You just need to make a one time payment to get the xReels script and own it for good.

With xReels you get:

  • a native android app
  • free installation service
  • customer support
  • free domain
  • 75% off on VPS hosting

xReels is completely worth it to build an app like TikTok and make passive income from porn. Get started today, no hidden costs. One time fee $1499.

Check the demo: link

At an additional cost you can hire Adent’s developers to make customizations to the script. If you are a high skilled programmer you can install this script yourself.

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