Free Adult Tube Theme for WordPress

Last updated December 2020.

Lately people have been asking me about the free adult tube themes for WordPress. Themes are responsible for the design of a website and the design is important because it is how your site will look like, but not as important and content. The design of a site affects search engine rankings. But don’t worry if you don’t have any design skills. Some of the people who have it the hardest in making money in this industry are those coming from marketing or design backgrounds and these days it is very easy to build a site with no design skills, with the help of simple themes.

Free Fully Responsive Adult Theme

I use WordPress exclusively these days. I can write a post about a sponsored content in just under one hour. Adding call to actions takes me about 10 minutes. Thanks to you can get a free tube theme. This theme is called XWPTube WordPress Video Theme.

It has a responsive design and you can import videos from big porn sites with the Importer plugin. If you want you can check the live demo on their site. You can get this theme for free for a limited time. I strongly believe that the content is and will always be the king no matter how good your site looks.

I just installed this theme on my new porn tube site, it is easy to use. It is free, but you have to add your credit card. Do not worry, there are no cross sales.

If you have any issues with the theme and site, you can contact the owner. I like ZingTube from xwpthemes too, I recommend it because it has adds at the top and bottom. It is super easy to work with. If you find it difficult to import videos in this theme, you can contact me for help.

About XWPTube WordPress Video Theme

If you are newbie I recommend you build your site using WordPress. Adult webmasters love WordPress. I simply have no time to code the CSS, so I use WordPress on all my sites.

It has a responsive design which performs well in all devices. Most importantly, this theme comes with a clean and optimized source code so your site can rank good on the search engines.

Using this free theme you can build your adult affiliate site. It is very easy to use even as a newbie as it is WordPress based. For tube sites videos are the most important aspect, so this is a theme for you if you are planning to create a tube site. You can import tons of videos to your site thanks to the Importer plugin, which you can also find on the xwpthemes site.

Your site will get a lot of traffic for the search engines with this theme.

How to Get the XWPTube WordPress Video Theme for Free

In order to get this video theme for free you need to follow these simple steps: Go to Click on themes and choose the XWPTube WordPress Video Theme, click add to cart. This is a limited offer, so hurry up. I think this theme will do the job for your new tube site as content and not the theme is the most important aspect of an online business.

You can get a very hosting cheap plan on just $3/per month from M3Server. I got this theme for my lesbian site, it looks very cool and I plan to use it on other sites as well. If you read this post after some months, maybe this theme will not be free anymore, in this case just check the site as they have giveaways often as well as some tube themes for very low prices.

The site looks good with this theme as it has ads at the top, ads at the bottom of the site don’t seem to do very well. I strongly believe that the content is the king as fresh content is the most important part for an online business.

You can also buy the domain from Namecheap, it is very cheap. If you experience any issue with the theme installation you can comment here. If they don’t offer this theme for free, take a look at their site ( and check the other themes and also get the Kenplayer and Kentransformer plugin.


The themes of xwpthemes, they are fully responsive themes, pretty fast and super easy to work with. Also, make sure to also get the Keyplayer and Kentransformer plugins from xwpthemes, they are definitely the best plugins out there for tube sites. So, this is where you can find free themes for tube sites.

The design of a site affects the SEO, but do not get discouraged if you have no design background. As you can see all you need are some simple tools to make you look like a guru. To upload videos to your site you can use the Importer plugin from xwpthemes too. The meat of the porn tube sites are the videos. Thanks to xwpthemes you can get this tube theme for free. It can be used to create any video site. You can import tons of videos to your site xvideos importer plugin.

It comes with a clean and optimized source code so you site will rank good on the search engines. And if this theme is no longer free, you can check the other themes on, they have giveaways often.

Also, make sure that your hosting provider allows adult content on their servers or your site can be deleted. You can get a very cheap hosting plan on just $3/month from M3Server. I got this theme in one of my sites and it looks pretty cool. If you experince any problems with the theme, comment here. The theme is very easy to use so make sure to take advantage from this giveaway. Also the Keyplayer and Keyimporter pro plugin can save a lot of time for webmasters. And do not worry, even if you are required to put your credit card details when you get the free theme, there will not be any cross sales.

The theme is fully responsive, pretty fast and super easy to work with. The Kenplayer transporter hides ads on the tube sites and dones’t directly direct the users to the big tube sites, but users will watch the videos on your site, for more information on how this all works read my complete guide on how to build a porn site.

Feel free to build your adult tube site with this theme, but remember to add content on a daily basis. In the mean time check the latest articles from the Adult Money Methods blog.

I hope you find my post helpful. Best of luck!

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