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On November 26, 2020
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M3Server is an adult hosting provider. It has world-class customer support and solid technology. M3Server is my #1 recommendation for hosting your adult sites.

With all the sketchy reviews a lot of bloggers don’t necessarily recommend the best products, but the ones which pay them more. In this post I am going to recommend the host that I use myself on my adult sites, M3Server hosting.

I have signed up with them and tried their support and I base this review on my first-hand experience with them.

About M3Server

M3Server: I have been their customer for 6 years now and i host my most important websites with them. When I signed up with them, their support team took care of the migration of my site as I was using another hosting company.

Let’s be honest M3Server is not the cheapest host you can find, but no one is more reliable than M3Server. If you’re in the need of a cheaper adult hosting check the last section of this post on cheaper M3Server alternatives.

Their support never let me down and their services are amazing. They have been providing a hosting service since 1996. If you have some knowledge as an internet marketer you probably know the importance of a good host. I have learned one important thing as an adult webmaster: if you want to create a successful online business you should invest in a good hosting. If you’re running an online business the last thing you want is to have your website down or your site to be attacked from hackers.

Their customer service is world-class and I know a lot of webmasters who are happy with it. They have a good reputation online.

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  • World-class support team
  • They work with scripts like Macbunny and WP-scripts, which are adult themes
  • Daily backups

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent support
  • Solid software
  • They don’t pressure you to upgrade to higher priced packages
  • They work with adult themes like Macbunny and WP-script
  • Thousands of adult webmasters use it
  • They have a lot of experience with adult sites
  • Server set up is free
  • Easy to use
  • You will be given a single IP address and you are allowed to host as many adult sites at one IP address
  • Control panel is packed with ample resources
  • Data is secure, it’s not a good idea to expose customer data to hackers


  • The pricing is not cheap


The M3Server costs a little more than other hosting providers, but they are trustworthy and their support is world-class. Make sure to use this link to get a discount.

Bandwidth is very important when it comes to adult sites. And up time should be 99,9%. M3Server fulfills all these criteria. It is the very best adult host. I have tested over 30 hosting providers since I am always looking for new homes for my businesses. M3Server is on the first place of my recommendation. I host my most important sites with them.

They are not the cheapest server you can find, but after being with them for a long time, I can say that they are worth every penny.

I learned it the hard way that hosting is really important for your business if you want to be taken seriously by search engines and visitors. It is better to raise your budget a bit and avoid the low quality ones. You will not experience down times and you won’t need to transfer your adult sites from one hosting to another because of low quality.

Some hosting providers like HostGator give high commissions to affiliates to promote them and write paid positive reviews, that’s why they have a lot positive reviews online. So you need to be careful when buying a hosting for your adult sites and not trust every review online.

Cheaper Alternatives

TMDHosting: They don’t offer everything but the support is spectacular. If all you need is a good affordable host for a blog or a tube site I would recommend them.

They got the $2,95 starting package if you are just getting started as an adult webmaster. Whenever I need to raise a ticked the guy gets back to us in two hours.

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Make sure to use this link to get 40% off your first purchase 🙂

HowkHost: You get 3 unlimited SSL certificates with them. I only host small sites with them and their support team goes along their way to solve my problems. HowkHost will not disappoint you if you are looking for a cheap hosting with good support.

Stay away from free hosting. I am sure you all know about Tumbler. In my early years of online site building I build some sites on Tumbler, but when they closed I lost all my earnings.

At least I had learned one thing and that is to use a paid adult hosting.

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Companies that You Should Avoid

Even doing some simple thing as installing WordPress can be a nightmare with some hosting providers. My advice is to avoid these hosting providers:

HostGator. I used to like HostGator, but their support became very bad when HostGator was bought from another company. HostGator offers high commissions for affiliates so that they promote it, so it is not a surprise if you find positive reviews about them online.

You do not want to experience down time every month while their support is completely useless. They must have outsourced the support. They even told me that they no longer host my back-ups on their servers before I transfered my sites to M3Server.

BlueHost. BlueHost doesn’t tolerate pornography and adult sex toys, you are likely to get banned. BlueHost is good for nothing when it comes to porn sites.


Unfortunately every day I see webmasters overlook the importance of a good hosting. Just think about this: let’s say you have a tube site which is doing really good, but your sites gets down from time to time. You lose a lot of customers. That’s why you need a good hosting provider for your adult sites.

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