Best Adult Affiliate Programs for a Killer Conversion Rate!

To the adult webmaster, conversions are everything because it’s true that sex sells and you might have a lot of traffic even in a new adult site, but it’s also true that people come to most adult sites for free porn. So it’s a lot more difficult to convert the adult traffic. On this article I am going to show you the affiliate programs which in my experience have converted the best. Keep reading on…

First of all,

What Is a Good Conversion Ratio?

Conversions will indicate you about the effectivity of a specific affiliate program. I have tried a lot of adult sponsors to determine which ones converted the best for my traffic. A 1:1000 conversion rate is a pretty decent one for adult webmasters. If they are capable of getting thousands of clicks, this conversion rate is going to give a high profit.

A better conversion rate is 1:500, an excellent one is 1:250.

However, the amoung of pay per conversion is important too in an adult affiliate program. There are affiliate programs which pay more per conversions, so you will be able to make the money faster.

So, Which is The Best and Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Program?

If you are good at SEO and have high quality traffic, I suggest you promote Chaturbate.

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How to Make Money with Chaturbate as an Affiliate

Depending on your adult traffic, Crakrevenue is a good one too. On Crakrevenue you can choose among a lot of different affiliate offers to promote. So, if your website is on a specific niche, you can choose a very specific offer to that niche.

I have posted my earnnings below. Here is a screen shot of onw month earnings on Crakrevenue: 

Click here to become a Crakrevenue Affiliate!

Crakrevenue has a lot of cam offers to choose from.

The Hotest Adult Trends Revealed

As an adult affiliate marketer I constantly seek for the new trends. I have concluded that the new offers introduced, sometimes are more lucrative, becuase no one is promoting them yet, and becuase the old ones are about to be saturated.

Camming Affiliate Offers

Do you know who loves camgirls? Well the data says that aq lot of people do. Here is a screen shoot of the traffic on Chaturbate:

And here is another showing the traffic on MyFreeCams:

As you can see there is a big opporunity in promoting camming offers. At any given day there are thousands of cam models going live into these sites.

Why would someone not take advantage of this massive opportunity?

For every person you referr, you get a 20-30% of the money that they send to models, and this is for life. This means that if someone spends $100 a month on models, you make $20 from that person. But imagine having 10 or 20 or more referrals who spend more than that. You could make a high amount of passive income. However, there are also other payment options like:

  • PPL: with PPL you get a one time payment every time that you referr someone who fills a forlm like name and email address on these sites. The commission for PPL is $0.5-$5 depending on the cam site and the country of the person referred.
  • PPS: you get paid a bigger commission when someone not just registers on the site but also enters their credit card information or makes a purchase. The commission for PPS is generally $20-$30.

generally, speaking, if you are a newbie and you want to make money fast, I recommend going with PPL, RevShare is the best but is requires some time to show results.

Here are some Crakrevenue offers in the camming niche that you can promote:

  • Live Jasmin
  • Bonga Cams
  • Visit-X
  • X-Cams
  • Amateur Community

Dating Offers

While a lot of offers see a decline in traffic and revenue during the summer and holiday season, dating offers are immune to this.

Here are some Crakrevenue offers in the dating niche:

  • Local Hookups Now
  • SexSearch
  • XFlirt
  • Free Snapteens PPS


Suveys, even that they are new at the affiliate marketing world, they are getting a lot of traffic which has increased a lot during the last year. They generate more interaction that old-fashioned pop ups.

Here’s a screen shot of the Crakrevenue top offers of the moment:

As you can see, most of them are cam offers and dating offers, while surveys are not in the top 8 offers, but they are emrginging.

Another emerging trend are adult games.

Virtual reality is a new upcomming trend which is not yet very developed. Virtual reality headphones are booming in sales.

How to Choose Which Programs to Promote?

Choose the programs which are compatible with you niche. Think about what sites your audience would be willing to watch on payment or what interests to your audience and choose based on that.

You can also make little experimets by promoting one offer for some time and another for the same amount of time later and compare which of them converts best with your traffic.

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