How Selling Magazine Online Subscrptions Works (2021 Guide)

The porn magazines have a way of impending the pleasure in a more imaginative way than watching a porn video. If you think that no one buys porn magazines anymore, look at the top porn magazines and you might change your perception on porn magazines.

I have a friend who writes novels, once she took her novel characters and write a short erotic story. The saying sex sells came to reality and she received some awesome sells. Bottom line: erotic literature is a huge arena. The porn magazines have a huge fan following, especially the most well-known adult mags. is one of these.

How I Started my e-Commerce Business Selling Adult Magazines

You might wonder if the trend to sell digital magazines are replacing the physical magazines. However, adult nude magazines are loved by their audience and people buy them across physical and digital products. In this article I will explain how i started by adult magazine business selling digital and physical magazines.

We can see a massive shift in the customer base to the adult magazines selling in e-commerce sites. The commerce model of selling magazines is gaining in popularity among the audience.

Whenever I mention online stores in this article I indicate the availability for adult magazines.

Some online sites I sell adult magazines: magazine cafe, magazine discount center, magazine deals, eBay, mercury, etsy, masty magazine.

There are many sites which sell digital porn magazines.

I was impressed by the success of adult magazine business, so I decided to start my own porn magazine business.

How to Start Your Own Adult Magazine Online Store in 12 Minutes

Step 1 – Check Adult Magazine Brands which You Can Promote

These are some popular magazine brands which have their own sites for selling in house publications.

  • playboy
  • cosmopolitan
  • finaly legal
  • just 18
  • artur
  • oddy part magazine
  • escort
  • club international

Step 2 – Create Your Website with xMagazine

sell adult magazine

You don’t need to be an expert coder to create your site and sell magazines online, you can simply use this script to build your own magazine store to sell physical and digital magazines.

Try the demo today to experience the features of these scripts. You can start your business from any country as there are no Geo restrictions for using this script. You can automate the whole process of shipping physical magazines and downloading physical magazines. It comes with features like shipping discretely to the customer’s address. It has been build from tech experts in the adult industry.

You can make money with this script by selling adult magazines. It’s fully customizable as it is open source. You can change content blocks, logo and other visual parameters to fit your brand.

  • upvote or down vote the magaziens
  • seo optimized: it’s seo friendly
  • category management: it helps visitors to find magazines quickly and efficiently.
  • preview management
  • order management: robust interface to manage the subscriptions
  • smart search filters: integrated search filters to find maagazine
  • sell unlimited magazines
  • analytics integration: integrate Google Analytics
  • whitelabel script: the script is fully customizable
  • export sales reports by setting custom date ranges

With xMagazine you can create your own online site to sell adult magazines and also recurring subscriptions. You can sell digital copies of the magazine and derived them through files in their email. You can customize the script of xMagazine according to your needs using the open source code.

Revenue models

It offers a direct revenue channel in the for of earnings selling your magazine subscriptions. You can set up recurring income by selling adult magazine subscriptions. Adent (the company which create this site) also provides services to customize your site according to your needs if you have any idea to add more revenue channels to it.

They build their adult products in house in house with their team. Their team has worked with some high growing start-ups. The queries are super fast and the code is based on the WordPress Framework. It is developed on Woo-commerce plugin.


Adent offers an array of solutions for the adult industry. You can ask them for any sort of customization that comes to your mind. Their team will analyze it and create the site according to your specific needs.

Server requeirements

It’s open source code and self-hosted. You can choose to host it on any web server of your choice.

Check the demo here:

The cost is a one time fee $199, no recurring costs. And also you need a hosting and a domain. Hosting recommendation: m3server

xMagazine – eCommerce Script to Sell Magazines Online


Step 3 – Make Money

Customers can look at the magazines and buy them in an e-commerce site. The primary revenue stream would be subscriptions. You can sell subscription packages with multiple magazines. You can sell magazines from third party or sell e-books for short sex stories. You can offer some free adult magazines as a preview and encourage customers to purchase the full version.

The fans would not mind spending a little extra for pics. You can sell vintage magazines for fans who collect them. Now just erotic but also general magazines.

Step 4 – Boost Your Sales

Selling in house publications require a lot of effort because you don’t poses an established audience. You can sell a series of erotic stories and encourage the audience to subscribe to all the series at once.

Digital and printed: release your in house publications in digital and physical format. You can expect most of the revenue from the digital sales. Once you’re popular on a popular on a platform like Amazon, you can attract visitors to your sites. Try getting interviews of adult performers to publish them on your magazine. Know your audience, study their preferences and use the knowledge to better market the magazines.

You can also use paid ads. Do some research and find the best ads network for your audience. It’s OK if one print mag sells for $5, if you have hundreds of customers it will add up, Just imagine the added value from multiple applications on your site. Use the script mentioned in this article to build your e-commerce site for selling adult magazines.

xMagazine – eCommerce Script to Sell Magazines Online


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