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xMagazine is the easiest way to start your site where you can sell magazines online. You can simply use this script and sell magazines online or subscriptions. Try the demo today to experience the features of this script.


sell magazine online

How to Create Your Own Magazine Subscription Based Website to Sell Adult Magazine

If you are impressed from this business and want to create a site to sell adult magazines, xMagazine is a perfect solution for it. It allows you to start selling on the go and it does not demand a developer to create your site. The script supports both individual selling and subscriptions selling. It is customized to align with adult content. The script fully aligns with adult SEO standards. It has integrated payment solutions as PayPal does’t allow any type of adult transactions.

New Product Launch: xMagazine

The primary revenue would be the sales from individual magazines. In addition, you can tweak your site to adapt revenue models like selling packages to read various magazines. You can start selling books or you can offer some free adult magazines as a review and encourage customers to purchase the full version.

You can also sell vintage collections. There are people who collect vintage collections. Not just erotic but regular erotic magazines are a great product to sell.

Here are the ways you can make money with xMagazine script:

  • sell digital porn magazines
  • sell individual copies

You can host the site on any adult site server and you can modify source code.

What Can You Do with xMagazine

You can start your business from any country as there are not GEO restrictions for using this script. You can automate the whole process of selling magazine subscription, shipping physical magazines and downloading digital magazines.

You can create your own online store to sell adult magazines, physical copies of the magazine and digital copies of magazines. You can completely customize the script to adapt to your brand using the source code.

sell magazine online

Revenue Models

  • Earnigns from selling magazine subscriptions
  • Selling individual magazines
  • Customization services from Adent (the company which created the script) to customize your business on your demand

Under the Hood

Adent builds all their products with a team of designers and project managers. They have worked in big named companies like Google and Amazon. The code is based on WordPress and developed with woo-comemrce plugin.

sell magazines online


Adent offers an array of solutions for the adult industry. You can ask them for any sort of customization that comes to your mind. You can reach them with your innovative ideas. Contact Adent

Server Requirements

It’s an open source code and self-hosted. The script is based on WordPress woo-commerce plugin. You can use any server to host your WordPress site.

xMagazine Features

  • It has got superior performance, creative design and attention to details.
  • Fully customizable: it is easy to use and customize, you can change the design scheme, logo, content blogs and other stuff to match your brand.
  • Responsive in any device
  • Do not just sell adult magazines, but also let your users rate the magazines to help other customers to decide.
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Manage email notifications to send users for new magazines listed on the site
  • SEO optimized: you don’t need to worry, it is SEO friendly and capable to bring traffic from many sources
  • Proper category management
  • Preview management: with xMagazine admin can upload a preview of the actual magazine
  • Robust interface to manage orders: you can review a detailed information on the orders and sbscriptions
  • Add as many web pages to your e-commerce site
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Whitelabel script: you can customize the look and feel of your online magazine store

Need a custom solution? Hire Adent’s specialized team. Create a highly profitable and salable e-commerce site which you can use on unlimited sites.

Contact Adent

How Much Does xMagazine Cost?

xMagazine has a one time fee of $199 and here is what it is included:

  • use on unlimited sites
  • free instalation
  • free support
  • free upgrades
  • SEO optimized
  • fully customizable

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Check the demo? Check the demo

How much is the cost? Are there additional fee? It is a one time fee $199, no recurring cost.

Do I need a hosting? You need a domain and VPS servers. VPS server recommendation: m3server

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How to Sell Adult Magazine Subscriptions Online

Everything is available to the global audience via internet.

You may wonder if the digital magazines are substituting physical magazines. But you would be surprised how much people are willing to pay to keep their particular routines.

In this section I will explain how you can sell magazine subscriptions. So, let’s start with the basic of selling adult nude magazines.

Where Can We See Adult Magazines

We can see a massive shift to the adult magazine selling e-commerce sites. The commerce business of selling erotic magazines is receiving a lot of popularity lately. When I mention online stores for adult magazines I mean sites which sell physical and digital magazines.

Some online sites to Sell Adult Magazines

Porn Mags get customers from across the planet.

Places to sell adult magazines: MagazineCafe, Magazine deals, speedy mags. eBay. etsy, nasty magazine

Some brands for adult mags are so popular, I have listed the most popular. Here is a list: playboy, cosmopolitan, finally legal, just 18, the amours, club international

Why Selling Adult Magazines is a Trending Business

It’s a freaking truth: the porn magazines have the capacity to help with fantasies. Look at the top porn magazines lists above. For decades playboy has ruled the magazine industry. Adult jokes and attractive women is not enough anymore. Want to sell magazines online?

Contact Adent.

Besides the adult mags these days short sex stories are a trend. I have a friend who write novels, she tries something different, she wrote a sex story, she published the ebook on Amazon and she received some awesome sells.

Bottom line: erotic literature is a huge arena. There is a huge fan following for the top adult magazine publications.

Tips to Boost Your Magazine Sales

Selling in house publications requires a lot of effort. You don’t have an established audience, you have to build it from the start.

Sell a story

prepare a series of publications and encourage users to subscribe to all at once

release your in house publications in digital and physical products. You can expect most on your revenue from the digital sales.

Once you are popular on a platform like Amazon it won’t be difficult to attract visitors to your site. You just need one viral interview to announce your entrance in the market.

Use adult pay ads to expand your reach. Do some research and find the best ads network for your audience.

It’s OK is one print mag sell for $5, the sales can add up for just a single publication. Use the script resource to build your adult magazine e-commerce site.

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