5 Ways You Can Make Money From PornHub


How Much Does PornHub Pay

PornHub pays $3 for 1,000 views

Anyone can register on PornHub as a model and start uploading videos

PornHub pays its models from their Model’s Program

When you first hear about the topic of making money on a porn site, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is performing on porn. But this is not the only way to make money from porn, making money on Pornhub is possible as a webmaster too, by promoting the site or even helping them with the technical aspect of their site.

This article will include the methods you can use make money on PornHub.

PornHub is the largest porn website on the Internet, and this is an indication that you can more easily make money on PornHub compared to other sites. I uploaded some videos on a some different porn sites some time ago and I noticed that the same videos, on Pornhub would get more views compared to other sites. This is because PorhHub is the biggest porn site of them all.

Here is a screen shot of their site statistics from SimilarWeb:

pornhub traffic

Source: SimilarWeb

Here are five ways you can make money on PornHub:

#1 Porn Uploading method – the Easiest Way

chaturbate logo

There is a method that a lot of people are using to make money from porn sites and I am going to explain it here in a few words. This method involves buying a domain and redirectiong it to a webcam affiliate offer (You can find one on Crakrevenue or promote Chaturbate). After this you download porn videos (without trademarks or watermarks) from one porn site and upload them to others adding your domain name in the title and writing something like this after the title: “part 2 on yourdomian.com”

This way people will go from the porn site to the affiliate offer and some of them will create an account, making you affiliate money.

Overall this method sounds pretty good but you will have to be careful to buy your hosting plan from a company which supports adult websites, otherwise there are going to be problems resulting in damaging all your efforts and profits from this method. One of the best hosting platforms which supports adult material is Fastcomet.

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For a detailed guide to this method this article: How to Make Money from Porn Sites with Affiliate Marketing

#2 Upload Videos. Get Paid.

The first method is creating your videos and selling them. In order to make money with this method you have to register to their Model Program.

To take part on this program you have to be verify your account, it’s just like the process of getting verified on any webcam site, just that you will put your videos out there for sale, and not cam live. You will also get paid from the ads that will appear while visitors watch your videos.

Normally, this method is for people who are willing to actively participate in porn. If you are not one of those, keep reading to find out more methods you can make money from PornHub without taking part in porn videos.

#3 If You Are a Hacker

If you understand something about programming you can make money by spotting PornHub vulnerabilities. They have a program which pays hackers for this. Of course, this is for you only if you know how to spot hacking vulnerabilities.

#4 Monetize a PornHub Account

If you have a PornHub account with a lot of friends and views on your videos you can monetize it and I will show you how. Firstly you need to have not hundreds but thousands of followers. Once your profile becomes popular you will get more and more requests in a day.

Obviously it has to be a girl’s account. You can put on your profile that you have started working on a cam site and put there your affiliate link of a cam site. People will register through your link on that cam site and make you money.

#5 Promote on PornHub

You can promote dating offers or 3D porn games on PornHub and similar sites. As you might now 3D porn games are becoming very popular these days, more and more people are promoting them and more and more people are using them.


PornHub is one of the biggest adult sites out there and it gets tons of traffic every day. You can profit from this traffic as a performer and as a webmaster, and also if you understand hacking you can help them with your skills. In my later posts I am going to show you specific ways to apply some of this methods (as a webmaster). 

I encourage you to become a webmaster in this industry because the rewards are really high and also to aim for passive income in all your efforts. Passive income gives you the opportunity to focus on other new methods while some old method that you have applied makes money for you passively.

I already wrote a tutorial  for making passive income on how you can make money by recruiting webcam models, you can find it here:

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And if you want to create a porn tube site instead, follow this guide:

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20 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Make Money From PornHub”

  1. You have a very interesting website here for adults only. I am just wondering how you can make so great a profit with coping the films is there no copy rights to worry about?
    I feel there is vast amounts of money to be made in this business; and was wondering about ways to promote it without running into trouble with like you mentioned hosting and affiliate links for working around this.
    Thanks for the information it is worth taking a look into for sure.


  2. Hello Enxhi,
    What an awesome and exciting website you have! I had no idea someone could make money these ways on a porn site. I’ve heard how big a business porn is and of course that there is so much on the internet. I guess it stands to reason that there are ways to make money off of it other than actually starring in it and uploading it.
    It’s interesting that pornhub pays $3 for 1000 views. Do you happen to know how many views a typical video will get in a month? I’m sure the more exciting it is along with higher quality will help of course.
    Thanks for this informative article!
    Mat A.

    • Hello, thank you for your comment! The number of views a video gets will depend on the videos quality, but also on the keywords that it has in the title and description, as well as on the niche the video is. I can’t say an exact number because it depends from all these factors. 

  3. Well, I certainly was surprised when I opened your site. However, I decided it was worth the look see. I would have never thought of this as a niche, I thought of it more as a international pastime. I know most other countries, in Europe, Amsterdam specifically, porn, the famous windows and stores displaying the toys are very visible. Being from Nevada we have a more flexible attitude on such things. So the questions are, is this a niche because not that many people are doing the affiliate/web stuff? And is that because non-porn people and porn hobby people just don’t have a mindset about what it takes to put up a site? After all, it has been a long time since the movie Boogie Nights was out and the porn movies are still behind closed doors.

    • Yes, one factor that this niche is not so competitive is that not all people are open to get into this business as an affiliate. 

  4. Porn was definitely not on my list of things I want to try, but I can see the value in using skills as a webmaster to promote the site. Even the best in the business is meaningless if they aren’t exposed to the world (pun very, very intended). As someone who has spent a substantial amount of time browsing the internet and learning about the flow of traffic I think this could be a profitable business venture as long a people are horny and lonely (That’s what I call job security).

  5. As a new Pornhub model, I am getting as many new subscribers as I am video views – so far. But it’s been less than 24 hours so we’ll see how it goes. Looking forward to implementing some of your tips. Thanks!


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