How to Get Free Sign Ups for an Adult Affiliate Program

You need sign ups for an adult affiliate program. The sign up is free and the content is good, you want to get more leads but you don’t know how to get free sign ups. I have been there.

1. Go niche. When I first signed up to Chaturbate as an affiliate, I thought that it would be so easy to get new leads every day since the sign up process is free and who wouldn’t want to watch naked girls on webcam for free and be able to chat with them.

But while I could get the occasional sign ups, it was difficult to get more than that. After some trial and error I understood that the most important part about getting leads was to go niche. What is a niche? A niche is a very specific segment of people with very specific preferences, in this case a porn category.

Driving targeted traffic is important to get significant leads and this challenging to be done if you are promoting very general type of porn. To get the free sign ups just try to promote the affiliate offer on your site and get as much targeted traffic as possible.

2. Forums. You can also try posing on porn forums, smalls videos in the type of gifs are accepted. You can watermark them.

3. Reddit. Another significant way to get traffic is to promote on Reddit. You have to first identify all the subreddits which are related to your niche. Do not only promote your content, contribute the the sub-reddits to gain people’s trust and attention. Provide not to broad and useful information with quality content.

People want to watch porn and the traffic will be growing in the future with the growth of the population and the internet connection in new places on the Earth. Maybe the next big thing in the industry is going to be virtual reality, so promoting something new is a good idea to get leads, as a lot of people are going to try something new just out of curiosity, there sign up for free. 

4. Profiles of hot girls on dating sites. You could create profiles of hot girls on dating sites and share your affiliate link there.

5. Porn uploading method. So this site is great: $1 per sign up. You can certainly get people to sign up, but if you spend time chatting with people online and then referring them to Chaturbate, this might take a lot of your time. Instead, there is an easier way to get people to sign up without much effort. You can upload a porn video on sites like PornHub and xvideos and refer people from there.

For this you need to own a domain (and a hosting plan) because you can’t just post an affiliate link on the video’s title and description. While you can put the domain name on the title of the video and re-direct the domain name to your affiliate link (a domain name is simply a .com in case you don’t know, or .co .org and other domain extensions)

This way you could get people to sign up through your link without having to pretend to be a horny girl to get guys to sign up. The question now is where to get the videos to upload on porn sites. You can download them online on other porn sites, simply make sure that they don’t have watermarks on them or porn companies which own them might accuse you for copyright issues.

However, after you upload a bunch on videos on porn sites, I would recommend to try RevShare instead of PPC. With RevShare you are going to get a percentage of the money that your referrals spend on models.

6. Create your own webcam site. There are a lot of software online which can be used to create and manage your cam site. One of this scritps is the Roboscript, a script which can make live cam girls from Chaturbate and other cam sites appear on your site as embedded there. You don’t need hosting bandwidth because the live cams will be embedded on your site and it can easily be operated on WordPress.

You can read more about how to create your own cam site here. And there is no other thing you need to do to get traffic to your site because the sctipt is SEO optimized, but adding a blog to your site can help with SEO.

You can as well use other ways to promote your sites like the ones I mentioned on this article:

How to promote a cam site

If you decide to create a blog for your site, needless to say, do not put duplicate content, as this damages SEO, everything you write on it needs to be unique. Do not put irrelevant stuff out there and do not automate tweets, this generally makes more harm than good to your site.

Here is the estimated income of a cam site owner:

One thing to notice: if you create your own site create your own brand name, never use the name of another cam site on the name of your brand or you might be subject to copyright. Just make sure you use a perfect catchy brand name.

7. Tinder. Another out of the box way to get free sign ups to a cam site is to use tinder. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Create a profile on Tinder. I would recommend 21-23 years old in order to get as many views as possible:

You can purchase the Tinder Plus membership but this is optional.

Step 2: Buy a domain name and a hosting. Try to choose one similar to your Tinder name account.

Step 3: Redirect your domain name to your affiliate link.

Step 4: Complete your bio on Tinder. Make it believable and put your affiliate link in the bio somewhere along the lines.

This method is not going to make you rich overnight, but it works to make some decent income if you put work into it.

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